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Thinking Points

“Thinking Points is a must-read for anyone who doesn’t want speaking out to become a dying art.”

—Arianna Huffington
The Huffington Post

Thinking Points: Communicating our American Values and Vision is George Lakoff and the Rockridge Institute’s handbook for the grassroots progressive community. You, the progressive community, have expressed a need for a short, easy-to-read systematic account of the progressive vision, for the morals and principles that apply across issue areas, and for all the essentials of framing. That, along with extensive argument analysis and an important new explanation of the so-called political center, is what we’ve written. We are confident that this book will empower progressives to express themselves in an authentic, values-driven fashion.

The book is available to order online at Powells, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Cody’s Books and in bookstores across the country, and has a list price of $12.