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What’s Next

While the Rockridge Institute closed in April 2008, the Institute’s staff remain committed to fulfilling the progressive vision it advocated and are available for consultations, trainings, and speaking engagements.

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Explore these archives of resources created by Rockridge staff and the Rockridge Nation community throughout the active lifetime of the Institute.

Articles Published on the Rockridge Institute Website
Research articles covering a broad range of concerns faced by progressives.

Rockridge Nation Blog Posts
Discussions of framing, progressive values, and other topics of interest.

Responses to Ask Rockridge Questions
Responses by Rockridge staff to questions submitted by members of the progressive community.

Thinking Points Discussions
Archive of weekly discussions inspired by the progressive manual, Thinking Points.

Planning for A New Web Community
Google group discussion, led by Rockridge Nation members, to create a new site that preserves the Rockridge Nation web community.

Contributions by Rockridge Nation Members