26 Meanings When You Dream about Bats

Have you recently had a vivid dream that has stuck with you and left you feeling intrigued? Most of us dream several times a night, but the images and themes are often forgotten when we wake up. However, if the images from your dreams linger, this could indicate that they hold an important message.

Bats are associated with nighttime and are often considered to be dark and mysterious. Although they are sometimes associated with death, the message could well just be that you need to make a significant change. So, let’s take a look at 26 meanings when you dream about bats.

Meanings When You Dream About Bats

General Meanings When You Dream about Bats

These nocturnal mammals play a prominent role in many legends and myths. For centuries, people have seen them as an omen of something bad on the horizon. So, let’s find out what dreams about bats symbolize, starting with…


These nocturnal creatures are often a symbol of negativity. Seeing bats while dreaming can indicate that you are about to go through a very tough time. You are likely to feel overwhelmed by the challenge in front of you and feel like giving up. However, this can be a spiritual message to keep going and find the inner strength you need to succeed.


Like other creatures that come out at night, bats can be a symbol of darkness. You may be going through a dark period in your waking life and feel anxious and sad as a result.

Seeing these mammals while dreaming can be a reminder that light is coming and you will recover. It’s time to surround yourself with the people who will care for you and support you through this tough time. 

Rebirth or a new beginning

In some cases, this dream can actually have a positive message. These mammals can also symbolize rebirth or a new beginning if you have the right attitude. The message could be that you have the chance to recover from trauma if you make time for self-care. 

A warning of future adversities

This symbol is seen in many cultures as a bad omen. Bats can be a warning of adversities that you will be faced with in the near future. Instead of being anxious, you should plan ahead so that you can overcome the challenges heading your way. 

Different Religious Meanings When You Dream about Bats

Many animals have significant meanings in different religions. In some cases, these creatures can represent an important message or warning. 

Here are the dream interpretations of bats in different religions.   

The meaning for Muslims

Many Muslims believe that dreaming about a bat is a symbol of your bad deeds in the waking world. These mammals can be a manifestation of the guilt you feel but are choosing to ignore. 

It implies that you are guilty of doing harm to other people and need to make amends. This is a call to action to be more mindful and take responsibility for your actions. 

The meaning for Christians

The Bible makes numerous references to bats being “impure birds.” These flying mammals are generally considered to be an omen of tragedy, such as an incurable disease or simply bad habits. The Christian belief is that a prayer should be made for guidance when you see these mammals while dreaming. 

The meaning for Hindus

Most Hindus believe that dreaming about bats serves as a warning about a bad influence in your life. This is usually a rival who is determined to destroy you when you are about to achieve success. 

If you see them in a nighttime setting, you need to take extra care in your waking life. However, dreaming of seeing a bat in the daylight is a message that you will defeat your enemy. 

26 Specific Meanings When You Dream About Bats

Although there are general themes, the specific details of your dreams can have an impact on what it means when you dream of bats. It is important to try to remember as many details as possible and work out which ones are significant. So, here are some more specific interpretations for different scenarios. 

1. Dreaming of a large group of bats

This represents an upcoming change in your waking life. It is a message that you need to prepare for the change and work to defeat the feeling of negativity. It will be much easier to adapt to the change if you approach it with positivity and keep loved ones close. 

If the group was flying, it indicates that the change will have a negative impact. You are likely to work hard to overcome any challenges that come with the change. The overriding message is that you need to remove negativity from your life, including negative people.  

2. Dreaming of a bat flying

Seeing a bat in flight in your dream also indicates that problems are on the horizon. However, these problems or challenges are likely to be easy to overcome. Although they may appear daunting at the time, they will be resolved easily if you remain positive and focused. 

3. Dreaming of a bat flying inside of you

This is an unusual dream and is likely to make you feel weird and uncomfortable when you wake up. This is usually a bad omen and a warning of something bad and potentially dangerous on the horizon. You need to be extra vigilant in the near future and take steps to protect yourself. 

4. Dreaming of bats hanging from the wall

This scenario, both in the dreaming and waking world, is seen to be a bad omen. It tends to indicate that someone close to you will suffer from bad health in the near future. It can also be a warning of financial ruin on the horizon.

If you have this dream, it is important to take the time to reach out to the people closest to you. A loved one may need your help to overcome a serious illness or financial crisis. Simply spending time with this person and showing that you care could make a big difference. 

5. Dreaming of catching a bat

This carries a positive message that you should hold onto in your waking life. The meaning is that you will soon overcome the challenges and worries you have been facing. Certain enemies in your life will be removed, and the future will soon be bright. 

When you dream of catching a bat, it means that, instead of running from your problems, you have turned and faced them. You took control of the situation and took the necessary steps to overcome it. As a result, it will soon be time to celebrate your achievement and relax a little. 

6. Dreaming of bats chasing you

Being chased by an animal or person when you are dreaming has a specific message. The general warning is that there is something in your waking life that you need to pay attention to. Although you have been trying to ignore the issue, you need to stop running and face it.

Being chased by bats in a dream gives the general theme a more specific meaning. It usually indicates that someone you are attracted to is giving you mixed signals. It can indicate that you need to take a step back and get to know the person better. The overall message is to look before you leap and trust your intuition to guide you. 

7. Dreaming of large bats in your home

Size plays an important part in the dreaming world and signifies the size of your problems. This is an omen that there are significant problems in your home and with your family. You need to work hard to overcome these problems and unite your family. 

This could also be a warning that one of your family members will fall seriously ill soon. However, it is important to remain positive to help overcome this illness and any connected problems. If you allow negativity into your life, this problem could turn into a tragedy. 

8. Dreaming of vampire bats 

People in your waking life who demand all your time and attention are known as energy vampires. These people often leave you feeling tired and drain you of your positive energy. This scenario, when you are dreaming, is a warning from your subconscious mind.

The message is that someone in your waking life is taking advantage of you. They may be manipulating you to take control of situations and abuse your kindness. It’s time to review your relationships carefully and distance yourself from energy vampires. 

9. Dreaming of dead bats

Experiencing death in some form when you are dreaming is generally seen as a bad omen. It often indicates that there are negative people in your life. Although you may have done a lot to help these people, they do not appreciate you.

However, seeing dead bats while dreaming can actually be a good omen. This indicates that you have managed to defeat or overcome certain threats and challenges. This is a sign that the danger has passed, and you can now relax. 

10. Dreaming of killing a bat

This is often your subconscious mind’s way of sorting through your experiences in the waking world. You may have been working hard recently to remove negativity from your life. This scenario, while you are asleep, is a message that you have overcome your challenges.

However, it can also be a message that you are also unintentionally hurting people close to you. It can be a warning to stop and think before you speak or act. If you tend to be impulsive, it is a good idea to take this message to heart. 

11. Dreaming of being afraid of bats

It is not uncommon to feel strong emotions when you are asleep. These emotions are often connected to the way you feel in the waking world. The fear may be connected with a trauma that you are still trying to process.

Alternatively, this can be a warning that you will have an accident soon. However, you will recover from this accident fairly quickly and easily. Still, it is a good idea to be a little more attentive in the next few days.

12. Dreaming of a bat nest

This indicates that you are going to be angry about something in the near future. The location of the nest indicates the area of your life the anger will come from. For example, if you saw the nest in your home, this means that a family member will do something that angers you.  

13. Dreaming of a black bat 

Black bats are generally considered to be a symbol of bad luck. This bad luck will affect an area of your personal life in the near future. Although it may feel severe at the time, this period of bad luck will not last long. 

This omen could also be a warning about negative thoughts in your waking life. You may be ignoring situations that are having a negative impact on your life. It’s time to do some soul searching and take steps to banish this negativity. 

14. Dreaming of a white bat

This is another bad omen that typically symbolizes the death of a loved one. This is likely to be your partner or a family member. The death will probably be the result of a long-term illness or old age.

If a close family member is elderly or sick, it’s time to spend some quality time with them. Set aside some time to make some lasting memories that will comfort you after the person dies. Although death may be inevitable, you need to let go of regret and work on acceptance. 

15. Dreaming of a brown bat

Seeing brown animals, in general, indicates that you tend to be impulsive and make decisions blindly. You also may have some dark feelings that you have been ignoring and hiding away. It’s time to reevaluate the way you make decisions and take a good look at your true feelings.

Taking the time for reflection and self-assessment can help you find the cause of these issues. You might find that you are allowing fear and bad experiences from the past to rule your decision-making process. Speaking about these issues with a close friend could allow you to see things more clearly. 

16. Dreaming of a green bat

Seeing green animals when you are dreaming is usually symbolic of your communication skills. This is usually a message that you need to make the effort to communicate more. Instead of shying away from potential conflict, you need to talk about issues calmly and rationally. 

Certain people in your life may be avoiding telling you what they really think of you. It’s time to follow your intuition to discover the truth. Although there might be some difficult conversations in your future, initiating them will lead to inner peace. 

17. Dreaming of a red bat 

Dreaming about a red bat is an unusual scenario that comes with a serious warning. This is a symbol of darkness and negative emotions inside yourself that you have been ignoring. These emotions are likely to be connected to strong jealousy and hatred buried in your heart.

If you see this symbol while you’re dreaming, it’s a message to do some soul searching. If you ignore the message, these negative emotions will fester and have a serious negative impact on your life. You need to address these feelings and let go of negativity so that you can be happier and healthier. 

18. Dreaming of bat wings

Seeing the wings of a bat in a dream carries a significant message that you need to pay close attention to. The message is usually that you are being held back by your inability to make decisions quickly. This could result in missed opportunities or making loved ones feel unwanted.

The deeper message of dreaming about bat wings is that you can rely on your intuition to guide you to the right decisions. There is no need to spend hours or even days weighing up the pros and cons of every choice. You need to set doubts aside and grab opportunities with both hands. 

19. Dreaming of a bat biting you

Being bitten by a bat when you are dreaming is usually a bad omen. It is often a warning that you will face significant financial problems in the near future. As a result, you may lose all your savings and even your job. Fortunately, this message gives you time to plan for the future and find different ways to support yourself.

Another interpretation is that someone in your life is betraying you. They could be spreading a rumor about you that might have serious consequences. It’s time to take action and surround yourself with people you know you can trust. 

20. Dreaming of a bat attacking you

This is a bad omen, and it indicates that someone close to you will betray you soon. This is likely to be someone you have told a lot of your secrets to. This person is likely to be jealous of your success and wants to destroy you in some way.

dream about a bat attacking you can also be a message that you need to be more careful about who you trust. If you have been acting a bit recklessly lately, it’s time to reevaluate. Your risky behavior may have consequences, and you need to make amends for your actions. 

21. Dreaming of bats flying in the daytime

In some cultures, this is a good omen and indicates that good fortune is on the way. However, in others, this indicates that you feel stuck in your waking life and unable to act. Your refusal to step out of your comfort zone means that you might attract negative attention.

This is likely to be a message that you need to keep moving forward with your life. Failing to act when necessary can put you directly in the path of danger. If you need a little help, there are sure to be people close to you who will assist you. 

22. Dreaming of bat poop

If you have recently received money or goods illegally, you may be feeling guilty about it. Seeing poop when dreaming is usually a symbol of something unclean and dishonest. 

If you are unable to return the illegal goods, you need to find a way to use them for good. Donating to charity is the best way to transform your potential bad luck and do something positive. 

23. Dreaming of a baby bat

This is usually a symbol of self-improvement and personal growth. It can indicate that you need to put more effort into working on yourself. This particularly relates to spiritual growth and indicates that you still have work to do. 

24. Dreaming of a fruit bat

Although fruit bats appear cute and harmless, they often carry serious diseases. This is a direct message that you need to be more cautious and observant in your waking life. Someone close to you who appears harmless may actually have ill intentions that can be dangerous. 

25. Dreaming of a talking bat

This is believed to carry an important message that you need to pay attention to. It is usually connected to an important event in your life that could be either positive or negative. You need to find the courage to rise to the challenge and prepare for this event.

To interpret the meaning of a dream about a talking bat, you need to try and remember what was said to you while you were dreaming. There could be a more detailed message that is waiting to be understood. You may find that there is a good opportunity if you pay attention to your surroundings in the waking world.

26. Dreaming of a crying bat

The emotion that you witnessed in this dream is a representation of your own sadness in the waking world. It can also represent disappointment and other types of negative emotions. You could be going through a very difficult time, which your subconscious manifests while you are asleep.

Your Subconscious

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Meanings When You Dream about Bats – Final Thoughts

Dreaming about a bat is often an omen that something negative is about to happen. This may directly impact your life, or affect a close friend or family member. It is a good idea to be a little more vigilant and seek help from loved ones if you need it.

However, the specific interpretation can vary widely according to the exact details of the dream about bats. Factors such as size, color, location, and your emotions during the dream all play a role. When considering all these elements, you may find that you were actually being sent a positive message.

Sweet dreams!

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