22 Meanings when you Dream about Bears

The subconscious is a funny old place. And that’s no more obvious than in dreams. We’ve all woken up confused after a dream about teeth falling out or a mysterious face from our past, haven’t we?

And a surprisingly common topic for dreams is bears! But what does it all mean? Well, let’s take a closer look at 22 meanings when you dream about bears.

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What Does It Mean When You Dream about Bears?

Where’s the bear?

The location of the bear plays a big part in the meaning of the dream. Sometimes the bear is out in its natural habitat. But they also pop up in unusual places, such as your living room!

1. A bear outside your house

Is that bear on the prowl in your garden? Then perhaps you’re worried about something. A bear outside your house is a scary thing and a way of your subconscious telling you about your fears.

What else is going on in your life? Is something making you feel concerned or insecure? This bear is a signal that you’re worried about harm, either physically or emotionally.

2. A bear in your house

A bear outside is a terrifying thing. But you might be surprised to hear that a bear in your home is a good sign! A bear protects its home, and maybe you want to as well.

Bears are often associated with a feminine presence. This could be an authority figure in your life, such as a mother, a wife, or a female teacher. The bear is here to tell you that you feel comforted by this person, and trust them to protect you.

3. A bear that is up a tree

Dreaming of a bear in a tree is another positive meaning. A bear needs strength to climb that tree. It has stability and poise, and feels safe and supported by the branches.

The bear is here to tell you that you’re feeling good. There’s harmony and balance in your life. It can also be a sign of good health and mental stability.

4. A bear in a forest

Dreaming of a bear in a forest has a similar interpretation to a bear in a tree. The forest is where the bear is happiest. It’s the bear’s home, the place it feels most comfortable.

In this situation, you are the bear. Everything is going well in your life. You’re content and calm, safe in the knowledge that there’s nothing to trouble you.

5. A bear in a trap

Are you starting an exciting new project? Having a few doubts? A trapped bear in your dream might be a reflection of this.

This is particularly true if your new venture involves a financial commitment. Investing is a scary business. The bear trap is here to remind you of any potential pitfalls.

What is the bear doing?

Sometimes the bear’s location doesn’t matter. You need to focus on the bears’ actions, not where it is. So, up next in my list of 22 Meanings when you Dream about Bears, what is that bear up to?

1. A talking bear

There could be a couple of reasons that your new bear friend is chatting with you in a dream. Often, it has very little to do with the bear itself. Listen to what he’s saying to you – it’s usually something your subconscious is thinking.

However, the bear could also be taking the form of your spirit guide. By visiting your dreams, he’s bringing you guidance and wisdom. Trust what he has to say, as it could be something important.

2. A sleeping bear

A bear at rest is another great sign. It means you feel at peace. Nothing is worrying you, and your life is calm.

It can also be a reminder to take a look at your life. A sleeping bear can signify introspection. Perhaps there’s something in your life you need to reflect on and make a change.

3. Let sleeping bears lie…

But if you try to disturb that bear, it may mean there’s some discontentment with your situation. There could well be something you want to do differently. If you wake the bear in your dream, it shows that there’s a dormant part of your personality you wish would emerge.

4. An attacking bear

Let’s hope that bear doesn’t attack! If it does, it’s not a good sign. An attack by a dream animal usually signals conflict.

Are you angry about something? Is there a situation that’s playing on your mind? An assault from a bear shows that something needs to change.

5. Did the bear bite you?

If that bear bites you in your dream, it could represent someone in your life. Do you feel like you’re under attack from a person you know? Take a look at the people surrounding you, as one of them might be up to no good.

6. A running bear

Part of that attack might involve the bear running and chasing you. If so, then beware! It’s probably because you’re running from something.

Yes, in this situation, the bear represents your troubles coming for you! And now you have a choice. You could continue to run and avoid your problems. Or you could learn from the dream and face them head-on.

7. A bear running away

Sometimes, the bear is running from you in a dream. But that’s not because it’s scared of your strength. In this case, you are the bear.

So, a bear running away has a similar meaning to a dream of being chased by a bear. Here, you are the bad situation, and the bear represents your mind.

8. An eating bear

What if you dream of feeding a bear? Feeding is a large part of nurturing something or someone. If the bear is eating something you’ve given it, it means there’s something you need to take care of.

This is often linked to personal development. It usually means there’s an aspect of your life you need to grow. It’s time to learn a new skill or expand on that project you’ve been putting off.

9. A dancing bear

In the waking world, no one wants to see a dancing bear. And in the land of slumber, it can be a bad thing too. A dancing bear means trouble is on the way.

To avoid those problems, you need to skip out of their way. And that’s where the dancing comes in. This is a sign to be alert and on your toes, ready to dance out of harm’s way.

10. A bear taking care

Sometimes, you might dream about more than one bear. It’s quite common to dream about a mother bear taking care of her cub. So, what does it mean?

Well, that depends. If you’re a parent, it could be a warning about your anxieties towards your own child. If your son or daughter is growing up, there’s a chance that this is your brain’s way of telling you you’re not ready to let go.


Even if you don’t have kids, this dream is still about taking care of people. Are you in charge of a team at work? You could be feeling over-protective towards your subordinates.

11. A bear being hunted

In most of these dream situations, the bear is in charge. But you may experience a dream where you’re a hunter. And the bear is your prey.

While it’s not good for the bear, this is an awesome dream for a sleeping person to have! This is all about achieving your goals. You know what you want, and what’s more, you know how to get it.

How does the bear feel?

Next, in my look at 22 Meanings when you Dream about Bears, the emotional and physical state of the dream bear can also affect interpretation. Usually, this is a reflection of your thoughts. The way the bear feels is linked to your own emotions.

1. A friendly bear

friendly bear in a dream is an excellent sign! But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a friendly person. It’s more to do with what you’re thinking.

This can represent a positive outcome. It means that something you’re working on is going well. It also reflects your personal relationships, showing that you’ve surrounded yourself with positive people.

2. A sick bear

This is another dream in which you and the bear are one and the same. If you’ve recently been unwell, the bear could be a representation of that. However, there’s another meaning at play here too.

How are things going at work? A sick bear often means you feel like you’re being hindered in some way. Take a look at your work environment to find where the problems lie.

3. A dead bear

Don’t worry! A dead bear isn’t a bad thing. Just as the death card in the tarot means a new beginning, a dead bear can mean something similar.

The death of a bear shows that you’re on top. You’ve got a hand on the rudder, and you’re steering the course. A dead bear means you’re in charge of things and are in control.

What color is the bear?

Finally, we need to think about the color of the bear. Colors always have a very strong meaning when it comes to dreams. They can be an important reflection of emotional state.

1. A black bear

Do you want a promotion at work? A black bear is a symbol of power. It shows that you have a yearning to be in charge.

black bear in your dream also means you’re a driven person. You have the determination to achieve your goals. This could be a signal that it is time for you to finally go for that thing you’ve always wanted.

2. A brown bear

The majority of dream bears are brown. And they have a wide range of meanings. The primary one is to do with love, whether for family, friends, or a spouse.

Depending on your culture, a brown bear has other meanings too. In Japan, the brown bear represents generosity. And Slavic customs represent the brown bear as a protector.

3. A white bear

Dreams about polar bears have two meanings. Firstly, it represents purity. Much like a bride in her wedding dress, the color white is associated with love, kindness, and pure spirit.

But there’s an alternate interpretation as well. White bears are symbolic of change. A dream like this is a sign that you’ve got a big decision to make.

What if you are the bear?

Bears are aggressive creatures. And if you dream you are a bear, it might signify conflict in your life. There’s something on your mind, and it’s clearly bothering you.

When you are the bear, it’s time for a change. There’s something that’s making you unhappy. You need to work out what it is before it drags you down any further.

And finally… a teddy bear!

Not all bears are enormous, scary beasts. It’s quite common to dream about teddy bears. And the meaning of this one is simple.

We associate teddy bears with childhood. They’re soft and comforting, and they remind us of simpler times. A dream about a teddy bear reflects warmth, satisfaction, and love.

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22 Meanings when you Dream about Bears – Final Thoughts

Bear dreams can have a huge range of different meanings. It’s not as simple as just dreaming about an animal. The meaning changes depending on the actions, location, mood, and color of the bear.

So, think about your dream carefully. Reflect on every aspect, no matter how small. It could be the key to unlocking the meaning of your dream.

Sweet dreams, folks!

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Meanings When You Dream About Bears

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