20 Meanings When You Dream About Eating

It is not a surprise that dreams about eating are very common. After all, it is something we do every day, so it is no wonder that it comes up so often in our subconscious mind. If you have been dreaming of food lately, my list of the 20 meanings when you dream about eating should hopefully include your dream.

Meanings When You Dream About Eating

20 Meanings When You Dream About Eating

The list includes all the most popular ones, so there is a good chance it will. So, let’s get to it and see what the first dream is all about.

1. General Meanings When You Dream About Eating

This indicates that you have a real hunger for something in your waking life. It might be related to work or some kind of business project. You could be embarking on a major home improvement project or even building a house. Alternatively, you may even be learning a musical instrument or have a passion to travel in the near future.

The greater your hunger and the more excited you are about the food in your dream, then the more excited you are likely to be about your plans in real life. Additionally, the amount of food you consume and how tasty you find it can also indicate the level of your passion to attain the goals in your life.

2. Dream Of Eating Too Much

If you are the kind of person who is always busy with multiple projects, then this could be a common dream for you. If you’ve been dreaming about eating too much, it could mean that you have a lot going on in your life. People who dream about this are likely constantly on the move are rarely have any time to themselves for family or to pursue social interests.

The dream reflects someone who is highly driven and motivated by success and status. It is possible that they push towards their goals through insecurity. Through it can just be as likely that they have an inert desire to be productive and chase their dreams.

But be warned…

The overeating dream may be warning you that sometimes you need time to relax and spend with family and friends. Maybe even take up a sport and spend more time in social settings, away from work, with friends. It is alerting you to the possibility of burnout if you continue in the same way.

3. Dream Of Not Having Enough Food

You may have already eaten in the dream, but you still feel like you want more. When you sit at the table, there is nothing left and no food on your plate. This leaves you feeling frustrated and wanting more.

It means that whatever you try to achieve doesn’t seem to satisfy you and is never as fulfilling as you expected it to be. You set yourself a series of plans and targets, and although they are realistic, yet still challenging, once you have completed them, you wonder why you ever bothered.

The thing is…

Dreaming about not having enough food is a sign that you are not living your best life. And you are possibly doing the things that are expected of you rather than the things that you want. It might be time to sit down with your partner or close friend to have a serious chat about what is really important to you.

It’s also possible that the dream has a much more basic message. It could be due to actual hunger, which is telling your unconscious mind and body that it needs to eat more food.

4. Dream About Refusing To Eat

Refusing to eat shows a high level of personal control, which you probably have in your waking life. This can be either good or bad. It is good to be able to have control of your thought, deeds, and emotions. But conversely, sometimes it is good to let things out and lose control a little. It can help to rid you of stress and reduce anxiety.

Additionally, if you are exerting undue control over other people, this is also a negative. You cannot control everybody and everything.

Be careful…

This is impossible, and though you can do so for a short while, eventually, things will come crashing down. This could ultimately cause you a lot of frustration and cause a lot of issues for those around you.

Be sensible, try to limit the control you exert to reasonable levels, and all will be well.

5. Dream of Eating Alone

This eating by yourself dream has two possible meanings. If you are regularly surrounded by people and rarely get the opportunity to be alone, it could mean that you are craving solitude. Your subconscious is telling you that you need to find time to be away from other people. The constant noise in your life may be causing you unnecessary stress and anxiety.

If you’re dreaming about eating alone, you should start to schedule a time when you can get away from people, even just for 15 minutes a day, on a regular basis. Think about going for a short walk at lunch. Alternatively, you could spend a little more time in the yard, working on the garden, when everyone else is in the house.

Another possible meaning…

You may feel lonely because there is no one in your immediate life. You might have begun to become increasingly reclusive and depressed because of it. At this point, you need to make more of an effort to meet new people and reacquaint yourself with people that you already know.

It will not be easy, but you will have to force yourself because your brain is telling you that you are not happy. Something has to change, so you have to take a big breath, take the first step, and face your anxieties.

6. Dream Of Eating A Cake

This is one of the most positive of the 20 meanings when you dream about eating. The cake eating dream is telling you that you can expect some very tasty treats in the near future. It is possible that it’s food-related though most likely, this isn’t the case.

For a clue to the probable source of the treat, you should pay attention to the place you are eating the cake and who it is with. That will give you more context and a better idea of what to expect.

For instance…

If you are eating the cake with your boss at work, you could expect a possible promotion or salary raise. Alternatively, if you were eating the cake with a realtor in a new house, then maybe you will soon upgrade to a bigger and more comfortable home.

The possibilities are endless.

7. Dream of Tasteless Food

This indicates that you might have some kind of medical issue. You may have been neglecting yourself for someone, and now you are suffering some of the consequences. If you believe that you are currently less than healthy, you should get yourself checked out by a doctor or another suitable healthcare professional.

It might also be worthwhile taking up a leisure pursuit that involves some level of activity. Eating a more healthy and balanced diet will also help.

Another meaning…

If you feel there is little chance that the dream is referring to you, it could be that you are concerned for someone in your family. In this instance, you should keep a close check on them and make sure they take similar steps if they appear to be under the weather.

8. Dreams of Eating Something That Tastes Unpleasant

This is an indication that there is something going on in your life that is causing you problems. You have tried to overcome the difficulties in your way but to no avail. It is beginning to get you down and is now coming up in your dreams as unpleasant-tasting food.

Dreaming about eating something that tastes horrible means that you need to keep working to find a solution and redouble your efforts if necessary. Unless you find some way around this, you are going to get increasingly annoyed and stressed.

9. Dream Of Eating Your Food Quickly

These days, we all lead busy lives, and this could have resulted in you resorting to rushing everything to get things done. Unfortunately, this could mean that you have cut corners just to finish jobs and tasks. This may also mean that you are not completing some of the things assigned to you at work as well as you could.

You need to slow down and focus more intently and the job at hand. When you are involved with something, don’t rush, and don’t be distracted by other people or external stimuli. Plus, stop worrying so much about the pressures people put on you and instead demand excellence of yourself regardless of the time required.

10. Dream Of Eating Snow

Snow and white are both signs of purity, and this is what you could be now looking for in your waking life. You might be trying to recapture the innocence of thoughts you had as a child.

It could be that as you have gotten older, you aren’t as trusting, as is often the case, but now want to be more open to people and be more sociable. It could also be that you have had a renewed calling to your particular faith.

11. Dream Of Eating Junk Food

This means that you may be living a fast life with not enough time to properly take care of yourself. The result is that you feel continually stressed and under pressure. This is beginning to affect your mental health, and there is no sign it is getting any better.

Like the previous dream, the place where you are eating junk food may be able to help to identify some of the places that are causing you the most stress. If you are eating at home or work, they will give you a clue about where your biggest stresses lay.

12. Dream Of Eating With Others

Dreaming about eating with others is generally, though not always, a positive sign. It indicates that you are a sociable person and you are lucky enough to enjoy a good circle of friends. You have a great rapport with your family and those you meet in social settings.

These are all good signs that you are experiencing a high level of contentment in your present life.


This social eating dream can also mean that you are actually looking for more of a social connection with people at work and with friends. You may be a little shy, or you are generally anxious or find it hard to socialize under normal circumstances.

There is no easy answer to this other than putting your fears and anxiety to the back of your mind so you can place yourself in more social situations.

13. Dream Of Eating Something That Is Poisonous

Your dream is trying to tell you that there is something in your life that is making you feel sick. It could be someone you are in a relationship with, or it could be a situation you regularly have to endure, though would rather not.

The dream can also indicate that something or someone is preventing you from achieving your goals. This is causing high levels of frustration as you have nowhere to turn and no way to overcome the obstacles. It will be difficult, but you should not give up, and you should remain steadfast in the pursuits of your long-term plans.

14. Dream Of Eating Something Inedible

This could be that you’re eating something that is not food. This could be plastic or soil, for example. Alternatively, it might be some kind of very badly cooked dish that you would have to be starving to even contemplate touching.


The dream means that you are facing impossible or extremely difficult barriers in your waking life. Although we all face problems, in this instance, the dream indicates that you are not applying the correct solutions in order to get the right results. In many cases, you lack the skill or expertise to do what needs to be done.

You need to seek help from a friend or mentor to find a way forward. Don’t feel reticent about asking for assistance because your requests will be received positively, and you will find a way to fix your problems.

15. Dream Of Eating Burnt Food

This is one of the worst of the 20 meanings when you dream about eating. So, what is it all about?

The burnt food in your dream signifies that there is a situation going on in your life that, like the food, is incredibly unpleasant. It is clearly causing you to destress, and unfortunately, you have little option but to make the best of things.

Feel like giving up?

Your position has now reached a point where, despite having very few options, you feel like giving up. However, to do so would incur horrendous consequences, which is why you are in your current bind.

If there is no way out of this for the preset time, you should find someone to talk over how you feel. Choose your partner, a close family member, or a good friend. Alternatively, if you prefer to keep things private, you could seek help from a qualified health professional.

16. Dream of Eating Fruit

Generally speaking, this gives off a positive vibe. It symbolizes that you can expect to taste sweet success in the future. You may already be close to completing a major project at work or home, so this forces its successful completion.


If you dream of eating an apple, this can have very different connotations. In this instance, the dream is warning you that temptation will shortly be coming your way or will have done so already. Be wary of doing something for short-term gain that could later serve to hurt you.

If you’ve been dreaming of eating an apple, it means you shouldn’t take the easy way out and don’t do something that is either illegal or immoral for the sake of financial gain.

17. Dream of Eating Meat

You are living the good life. Things are going well for you, and you are enjoying the benefits and rewards that come with hard work and a successful career. You are feeling physically and mentally strong, and you can handle any of life’s problems in your stride.

This is all good, and the only possible negative meaning is that there is a hint that harder times could be at your door at some point. Consequently, the dream could be a warning to make hay while the sun shines (now) but also make sure you keep some of your resources in reserve in case you need them in the future.

18. Dream Of Eating Poop

This is really disgusting, and unfortunately, the dream’s meaning doesn’t even have some kind of positivity to compensate for the gross imagery.

So, what does it mean?

The meaning relates to your outlook on life, which is mainly pessimistic. With all of life’s opportunities available to you, your natural tendency is to look at the very worst possibilities and not consider the outcomes if things go right. In life, this has led you to always choose the cautious approach and has consequently prevented you from achieving anywhere near your true potential.

All of this means that your life has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you look for the bad in things, then you will surely find it. The time is now right to start looking for the good and change your stars for the better.

19. Dream Of Eating Outside

This means that your life is unstable, and you are living under a lot of uncertainty. This may, in turn, be causing you to feel very insecure and anxious. You might be feeling worried about your current living conditions and feel that there is a possibility that you will lose your home. You may also be concerned about things happening at home or work.

Additionally, you could also be suffering from low self-esteem issues. If this is the case, you need to seek help from a trusted friend or qualified health professional to find out why you feel this way. You will then need to equip yourself with tools to begin to believe in yourself and your qualities.

20. Dream Of Being Very Picky With Food

If you dream about being picky with food, it means that you have lots of barriers currently in play that are preventing you from succeeding. It is undoubtedly a tough spot to be in. However, rather than finding the easy way out, you are determined to continue on your path and fight the obstacles regardless of their severity.

If you’re dreaming about being picky about food, you are naturally a strong person with a strong self-belief, and you are sure that you are up to the task. Your positive mindset and self-reliance will almost certainly see you through.

A Positive Mindset

Speaking of a positive mindset, that really is the key to life, isn’t it? So when you do learn the meanings of dreams, don’t take any of the negative meanings too seriously. They could just be a warning. And there may still be ways to prevent anything negative from happening.

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Now You Know the Meanings When You Dream About Eating

So, there you have it. I hope that was useful and the 20 interpretations of dreams about eating have given you a better understanding of food and its meaning in your unconscious mind. It is likely that you will continue to have dreams of food throughout your life, so it is great to all least have a basic grasp of what they are all about.

They can serve as a useful tool to remind you of what is going on in your waking life. They can also be useful for warning you about what might happen in the future.

Sweet dreams!

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Eating in the dream - what does it mean?

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