24 Meanings When You Dream About Lizards

Dreams about lizards have a variety of diverse different meanings and interpretations. Although most of the 24 meanings when you dream about lizards are generally negative, it is not exclusively the case. There are a few on my list with plenty of positivity, so hopefully, the dream you had will be one of them.

Meanings When You Dream About Lizard

24 Meanings When You Dream About Lizards

So, let’s get to it and see what these fascinating creatures have to tell us…

1. Dream of Lizards Generally

This can have two different meanings.

The first is that you are likely to have a nomadic lifestyle with frequent moves. This is likely to be because of your job and your pursuit of promotion and a better future. While you are on track to achieve many of your personal goals, the frequent moves have made it tough for you to make friends.

The second meaning is that there is someone in your social group or at work who is going to make an attack against you. They are likely to be arriving of some sort. Maybe you are both up for the same new job at work, or you are chasing the same girl or boy. Regardless, they will be ruthless in ruining your reputation in pursuit of what they want.

2. Dream About Catching Lizards

The dream is essentially concerned with your romantic life, and the interpretation will very much depend on your dream’s details. In this respect, it can either have positive or negative energy.

If you catch the lizards in your dream, it is a sign that you are going to enjoy a happy phase with your romantic partner. It could even signify a pregnancy or marriage. If you are currently single, this is a good time to be looking on those dating apps and finding a partner. The signs are good that you will find someone suitable and form a strong bond.

Conversely, if you can’t catch any of the lizards in your dream, your present relationship may run int to serious problems. It could even lead to a parting of ways. If you are single, then this doesn’t look good for you, either. It appears that you might remain that way, for a little while at least.

3. Dream About Lizards Hatching

If you dream of hatching lizards, it means that you have been holding in a lot of emotions that need to come out, but you don’t know how to express them. You may be a natural introvert and find it difficult to talk about your feelings to others. You might even feel not worthy of being listened to or understood.

If you have some emotional trauma you need to share, then that is exactly what you should do. Find someone you trust and tell them what is troubling you, and you should also talk about your difficulty in being more outgoing. If you feel it is too difficult to talk with someone you know, your other option of to talk to a qualified counselor.

4. Dream of Many Lizards

A dream of lots of lizards is a positive sign. It means that although you are currently facing a series of obstacles and difficulties, you will get through it. That is because you have an amazing support network among your friends, family, and work colleagues.

They are always there are ready to help if the occasion demands. You are truly blessed, but make sure that you only take your good fortune for granted. Ensure that the people who help you know exactly how grateful you are for their support and assistance.

5. Dream of a Lizard in Your House

This means that your personal space is being invaded in some way. Someone is getting too close or spending too much time with you when you would rather that they didn’t. It could also be that they are collecting information about you and then passing it on indiscriminately in the form of idle gossip.

The dream about a lizard in your home is telling you that enough is enough. You must act and take back your space without delay. Put a plan into action where you minimize your contact with this person as much as possible. Also, try to be a little more direct that you need some time and space to be on your own.

6. Dream of Being Bitten by a Lizard

If you are bitten by a lizard in your dream is a warning that you’re going to face some serious financial problems in the future. Although you will navigate your way through the issues, it will be far from easy. Additionally, it will put a strain on you and your family’s finances.

Now is the time to look carefully at your financial position and make changes to better protect your position. It is also the time to not indulge in any reckless spending and keep your household budget as low as possible.

7. Dream of Transforming into a Lizard

This means that you are a naturally inquisitive individual who has been on a journey of self-discovery. This has led you down the path of your own spirituality. This has taken you to a place that you could not have expected.

You feel connected to something outside of yourself on a deep level. This has brought you a feeling of inner peace and contentment where previously there was none. The dream of becoming a lizard recognizes your transformation and is telling you that you should continue on the same path to ensure your future happiness.

8. Dream of a Baby Lizard

This has one of the more positive of the 24 meanings when you dream about lizards.

So, what is all the good stuff?

There is some good stuff, but before you get to that, you will have to deal with a series of minor difficulties first. The good news, though, is that you have all the problems you will face you have the skills to overcome them.

Happily, the process of making your way past all the hurdles placed in front of you will help to improve your skills and abilities. Further, it will also increase your reliance moving forward.

9. Dream of an Alligator Lizard

This is not good and means that you have problems expressing your feelings and emotions to others. It is not healthy to keep your feelings inside, and you almost certainly need help to learn how to do this. If you don’t, it may lead to further difficulties with relationships and might also cause an increased level of social isolation.

You need to talk to someone you can trust about how you are struggling with this. See if they can help you in the first instance. You should also consider speaking to a counselor. They will be able to assist you in dealing with any previous traumas and give you some guidance on becoming more expressive and open.

10. Dream of Being Chased by Lizards

If lizards are chasing you in your dream, it means that you may be experiencing some kind of bullying either at work or from a family member. This can be very difficult to deal with, and you may not know what to do, or you could even feel ashamed.

The first thing you must do is tell someone about it. As soon as you do this, you have taken the first vital step to put an end to it. Find someone who can help you to stand up for yourself, and if appropriate, you should not think twice about alerting a person of higher authority who can put a stop to it.

Remember that bullies work by fear and intimidation. They try to isolate you from everyone. Once you have shown that what is happening to you is no longer a secret, they lose their power over you.

11. Dream of an Injured Lizard

This is not a good sign and indicates that you are feeling threatened in some way. Even worse, you are not sure how to best protect yourself, and consequently, you are feeling much more vulnerable than the situation warrants.

Your subconscious tells you that you need to develop yourself and learn to be more independent. You know deep down that you cannot keep relying on other people to offer you protection for situations you should be able to handle yourself.

12. Dream of a Lizard on Your Bed

A dream with a lizard sitting on your bed means that you feel you are losing control of some aspect of your life. You might normally be in a position of authority, so not having control over most situations feels unnatural and causes you a feeling of anxiety.

Although it can be comforting to have control over things, it is impossible to exert this kind o influence over everything. Life is often messy and chaotic. Learn that not everything can be controlled and that the very nature of life’s randomness is something we should celebrate rather than constantly trying to fight and put into order.

13. Dream of a Beautiful Lizard

Next on my 24 Meanings When You Dream About Lizards, when you dream of a lizard that is stunningly beautiful, it means you are highly versatile. You can adapt to several different situations with ease. New jobs, people, locations, or environments do not phase you in the least.

Overall, you are a survivor who exudes confidence and success. All of these are excellent qualities and will stand you in good stead for your future. The dream indicates that you will succeed in your purpose and longer-term goals.

14. Dream of a Lizard Shedding Its Skin

This is generally a good omen and carries with it lots of positivity.

So, why is that?

Because the shedding of the lizard’s skin is symbolic of a new beginning. In your waking life, this will be in the form of a new job, business, maybe even a new house, or a baby. Generally, it will mark the start of a new and exciting phase of your life.

A host of new opportunities will also present themselves, and with them will come new and more challenging problems. However, if and when you successfully navigate these, you will move on to the next level. You will be one step closer to achieving everything you had ever dreamed of.

15. Dream of a Headless Lizard

The dream can indicate that you have frequent internal conflicts concerning your emotions and thinking. You find it hard to strike a balance when making important decisions between how you feel and what you think. You’re concerned about letting either one or the other unduly take precedence.

You should not worry because allowing both feeling and thinking to be involved in your decision-making process is a healthy thing to do. You should be more worried if you become completely ruled by either logic or emotions.

16. Dream of a Dead Lizard

If there is a dead lizard in your dream, it is likely to be a positive omen. That I because it represents the end of something in your waking life that was holding you back. It could have been a relationship, a friend, a business, or even a family member. Now you are free from the metaphorical anchor, and you are ready to take on the world unhindered.

This will all come as a huge relief, and you know that you will be up to the challenge of any new opportunities that me your way. It is likely to be a productive phase of your life. Enjoy the ride, move on, and don’t be tempted to look back.

17. Dream About a Green Lizard

Generally, a dream involving a green lizard is positive.

If the lizard is awake and active, it means that there will be new opportunities and new beginnings on the horizon. These will bring you good fortune and have the potential to significantly change the course of your life for the better.

On the other hand, if the lizard is sleeping or looks inactive, this is not as good. Although there will still be opportunities and new beginnings, you will also face a lot of obstacles. Eventually, you will overcome them, but it will be a lot less of a smooth ride.

18. Dream of a Blue Lizard

This means that you feel that your life is not progressing how you would like. Things have been stagnant for some time, and you are starting to worry that you will never move on from your current position.

Your inner voice is telling you that you need to make some changes and adjustments, or you will remain where you are forever. If you change anything, then nothing will change. Assess how you can mix things up to kick-start your waking life to make some meaningful transformations.

19. Dream About a Black Lizard

This is one of the more negative of the 24 meanings when you dream about Lizards.

So, what makes it so bad?

There are some tricky times ahead that will take a lot to navigate through. More specifically, you might experience a serious betrayal from either a friend or work colleague as part of this. It will come out of the blue because, up until this time, they were the ones you thought you could trust and rely upon.

Your inner voice is warning you about this through your dream, and you need to pay attention. In your waking life, you must think about who might gain an advantage by your failing. Look more closely at this person or people, and you will likely find the source of the betrayal.

Your next move will be to cut off their access to information to stop them from having the opportunity. You will then have to cut them out of your life or reduce the amount of time you spend with them.

20. Dream About a Pink Lizard

The dream means that you have very high standards that you expect of yourself and others. This in itself is not a bad quality, but unfortunately, your standards are unrealistically high. Not only are you able to reach them, but just about everyone else you know cannot either.

Being so critical is causing you problems with your friends and people close to you because they don’t want to be on the receiving end of your criticism. And who can blame them? You have to be much less judgemental and more accepting of people’s shortcomings.

This applies to you too!

21. Dream About a Yellow Lizard

A yellow lizard in your dream means that you have bad habits that stop you from achieving more success in your waking life. These could be things like spending too much time on social media or failing to do work assigned to you at work or school.

Generally, you tend to be easily distracted and find it difficult to complete tasks. You also begin a lot of new hobbies and pastimes but never seem to see anything through. Although this is fine when you are younger, you are now reaching the age where you have to knuckle down and complete the things that you start.

22. Dream of a Purple Lizard

A purple lizard appearing in your dream shows that you are a highly creative person. However, unfortunately, at the moment, your creativity is blocked, and you have no idea why. Whatever you do does not seem to work, and you have ended up in a black hole of empty ideas.

The dream tells you to trust your intuition and be sensitive to any negative energy you feel around you. It may be that apace or a person’s id causing you to be unable to create. If you feel what or who this might be, put some distance from the place or person, and hopefully, you will be back to your creative best in no time.

23. A Dream of Lizard on Your Food

You may be suffering from feelings of insecurity and low self-esteem. You could also find it difficult to know how to socialize with people, and this has led you to become socially isolated. Now you find yourself in this position you are not sure how to get out of it.

Your subconscious has recognized the seriousness of your situation and knows you have to act. The first thing to do is to talk over with someone you trust and how you can begin to resocialize yourself with people and make new friends.

Be strong and have the courage to take a few small steps. Consider joining some new social clubs, taking up a new sport or hobby, accepting any invitations that come your way, volunteering, and remembering to smile! It may feel hard at first, and it probably will, but stick with it and fake it till you make it.

24. Dream of Running from a Lizard

When you run away from a lizard in your dream, it shows that there is something you are scared of in your waking life. It might be fear of financial hardship or divorce, or you might even feel threatened by someone at work or home. Whatever the reason, it is creating a high level of anxiety and is consuming most of your thoughts.

The dream is telling you that the time for thinking is over, and the time for action is here. You need to make a plan to tackle whatever is bothering you so much, or you are never going to get out of this cycle of worry. Talk to a friend and share with them what is going on. Hopefully, they can also give you a few suggestions for what you need to do going forward.

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24 Meanings When You Dream About Lizards – Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. I hope that wasn’t too scary and that you now have a better idea of what is going o in your subconscious when you have a lizard dream. I also hope that my 24 interpretations of what it means when you dream about lizards have given you a few ideas of how to overcome some of your potential future challenges.

Sweet dreams.

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