22 Meanings When You Dream About Period Blood

Most of the 22 meanings when you dream about period blood will be from a female viewpoint. However, a couple of dreams about period blood and menstruating are specific to men. It is not common, but they do exist.

Some of the meanings are obvious, though most are far from it. Hopefully, the list will therefore serve as a useful guide to clear up any confusion.

Meanings When You Dream About Period Blood

22 Meanings When You Dream About Period Blood

So, let’s jump in and see what these dreams are all about, starting with a…

1. Dream Of Period Blood Generally

This has two possible meanings.

The first meaning is that you may be involved in gossiping about someone behind their back. It could be either good or bad. If it is good, then there is no problem. However, if you are picking on someone’s faults, this will only hurt you and them.

The result will be that you are seen as untrustworthy, and you will find it harder to make friends and build strong relationships. You know what you are doing is wrong, and your subconscious is merely confirming this.

Or it’s after the fact…

The second meaning is that you have done something bad which has ended up hurting someone. You now feel remorseful and want to confess your actions because you are being eaten up with guilt. It is a good idea to do this, but you should also focus on fixing what you did in the first place. If you don’t, the guilt and menstrual dreams are liable to continue.

2. Dream Of Period Blood Running Down Your Legs

This shows that you may have recently been through a lot of trauma that involved a romantic partner, a family member, or a close friendship. The fallout from the issues you had was big, and it adversely affected your mental health at the time.

Happily, you are now in a much better place, and you have finally let go of all the negativity from the past. You are now back to your old self and ready to take on whatever comes your way, without feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

3. Dream of Sticky Period Blood

This is one of the more positive of the 22 meanings when you dream about period blood.

So, what is it all about?

It is a sign that you will be or are already prosperous in your current life. You are a good communicator and find it easy to work with other like-minded people to achieve your business objectives. Your success is solid, and any obstacles that come your way, you are more than capable of navigating.

4. Dream Of Black Period Blood

This potentially has two opposite meanings.

The first meaning is that you are holding onto a lot of negative thoughts and emotions that are beginning to take over your life. You cannot deal with what has happened to you in the past, and you also find it difficult to deal with what happens to you in the present. It is causing you to feel down, stressed and anxious.

It’s OK to ask for help…

At this point, you really need to talk to someone that you can trust to unburden yourself from how you are feeling. You might also consider talking to a qualified health professional to explore ways in which you can better deal with the past, present, and future.

The second meaning is that you have suffered from the same kind of negative energy, but you have successfully found a way to deal with it. You are in a much better place and have left all the old, painful emotions in the past, which is where they belong.

5. Dream Of Period Blood On The Floor

It can mean that you have finally tasted the joys of success after a lot of hard work and hardship. Now you now want to announce your good fortune to the world. You want to let everyone see that you have become a winner. You might buy a new house or a new car, but whatever it is, it will be bold… and expensive!

Alternatively, it can mean that a trivial yet important secret has been revealed. The consequences are serious, and you are now scrabbling around to try to limit the damage that has been done.

6. Dream Of Period Blood Pouring Out Of Your Body

It could be that the current problems in your life have reached the point where you are feeling overwhelmed. You’re feeling exhausted, and you cannot see a way through all the barriers you are facing.

It is normal to face extreme hardship at various times in our lives, and sadly this is something where the road takes us sometimes. Happily, the period blood coming out of your body dream foresees that you will get past this, and you will look back on this time as being important in helping to shape you as a person.

7. Dream Of Seeing Dripping Period Blood

This means that someone in your close group of friends has done something bad that impacts you as well as the rest of the group. Unfortunately, the person responsible has failed to take any form of responsibility. This has led to a lot of anger, and feelings are understandably running high.

But the real bad news is…

The fallout will lead to a different dynamic in the group as it will split opinions and cause friction among your friends where there was previously none. This is all very disappointing, but there is nothing you will be able to do to prevent it.

8. Dream Of Period Blood On Your Clothes

The dream is warning you that some of the new people that have come into your life are not who you think they are. These could be either friends or, alternatively, people from work. Regardless, you have to be careful because they might have bad intentions towards you, despite you having done nothing wrong to warrant any hostility.

So what can you do?

You should exercise caution with new friends and resist the temptation to share too much information that might later be used against you. Remain open to people and new experiences but take your time in building up relationships. It is a difficult balance, but all good friendships are generally built through time and with slowly increasing levels of trust.

9. Dream Of Being Soaked In Period Blood

This is another dream with two possible meanings.

The first meaning is that you feel unattractive, and it is making you anxious in social settings or at work. The feelings are probably down to you suffering from low self-esteem rather than having any basis in fact. However, it all feels real to you. Consequently, it is a good idea to share how you feel with someone so that you can try to work through it.

That’s always good practice, anyway…

However, the second meaning of being soaked in menstrual blood in a dream is that you are currently stuck in a rut. Things have become mundane, and there is nothing in your life that excites you anymore. The dream is telling you that it is time to shake things up, try some new things, and take a few risks.

10. Dream Of Period Blood On The Bed

A dream of menstrual blood on your bed is a sign that you are having difficulties with your romantic partner. It suggests that this is all down to poor communication between both of you. It does not suggest there is anyone else involved or that the problems cannot be resolved.

Make a time when you can sit down together, and you can calmly bring up your concerns about your current lack of communication. Your partner will probably be relieved that you brought up the topic and will be happy to share their thoughts.

11. Dream Of Period Clots

Dreaming of menstrual blood clotting can have several different meanings.

It might mean that you are a selfless person who constantly puts the needs of others above your own. Although having a giving and compassionate nature is a wonderful personality trait, people in your life are prone to take advantage. Consequently, you are getting to the point of feeling burnt out.

If this best describes you, you have to start thinking of your own needs. Don’t feel guilty about putting yourself first at times. Having your own time will give you the opportunity to recharge your batteries.

Trust me; it’s the best thing for everyone…

A dream about period clots can also indicate a financial loss of some kind. This could be through a too-good-to-be-true-get-rich scheme. Be wary of any kinds of investments that are not through a reputable source. Make it a rule to never invest in anything until talking it over with a trusted friend or relative.

Feeling stunted?

Lastly, the dream can mean that you are currently feeling frustrated at your lack of progress in life as a whole. You feel that you have put in a considerable amount of hard work. However, despite all your efforts, they have not been rewarded, and you are now beginning to question the point of it all.

These feelings are understandable, but you need to keep going. Life is full of obstacles, and often many of them are not easy to overcome. Believe in your abilities, and you will get there.

12. You Are A Business Person Who Dreams Of Menstruating A Lot

Things have been going badly for some time, and you have had a period of poor performance in your business. You are starting to get anxious about ever being able to get out of this mess and turn a profit. Not surprisingly, you now feel a high degree of stress.

The dream is telling you to hold on and not do anything overly rash or risky. Continue down the path, and eventually, your hard work will pay off. It could take a long time, so you have to prepare yourself for a difficult fight back to the top.

13. You Are An Investor Who Dreams of Menstruating A Lot

This is a good dream that predicts that the investments you are making today will be very successful. Any big projects that you are currently involved with could also provide a lot of jobs and the opportunity for widespread collaborations further down the line.

14. Dream of The End Of Your Period Cycle

This shows that you have had a difficult time with things recently but that you have ultimately triumphed in the face of adversity. The obstacles you had to face were severe and had taken up the thoughts of most of your waking hours. You are now relieved to have the problems out of your life, and you are happy to celebrate and move on.

A bright future…

The future makes you excited, and you have become much more independent and resourceful because of what you have had to go through. The skills you have acquired will stand you in good stead moving forward.

15. Dream Of Cleaning Period Blood

This is the most uplifting of the 22 meanings when you dream about period blood.

This is a sign that you have finally broken free, or will soon, from something that has been causing you high levels of anxiety. It could be that you have escaped from a difficult relationship. Alternatively, it could be that you have completed a complicated deal or project that was far more troublesome than you had envisaged.


Once you are free from the problems associated with your recent issues, you will be able to see your path for the future much more clearly. The experience will also have given you a better idea of the true colors of those that helped you through it.

16. Dream Of Getting Your Period Late

This can mean that you believe something that should take place will now be canceled. It could be that things have gone wrong in the planning, and this is what is threatening the event. Alternatively, it might be that the people involved have simply had a change of heart. Regardless, you are the one left with the aftermath and the feelings of disappointment.

Try not to let it worry you too much because there will be other days and other events to look forward to. Don’t let it all live in your head rent-free. Move on and think more about the future than the past.

17. Dream of Seeing Other People’s Period Blood

This is a warning to stay away from the gossips that have now entered your life. Although they might seem like fun, they will ultimately drag you down to their level. Even worse, when something goes wrong in your life, then they will be the first to share your secrets in a very public manner.

These people cannot be trusted and will think nothing of betraying your trust. Be polite but don’t tell them anything that relates to your personal life. Put as much distance between you and them as you possibly can.

18. Dream Of Period Blood When Pregnant

The dream is telling you to take things nice and easy. Slow down and listen to what your body is telling you. Take the opportunity to let other people take the strain because this is a time when people will be falling over themselves to offer assistance.

This is a strong message telling you to follow the instructions of doctors and medical professionals.

19. Dream Of Period Blood When Wearing Dirty Clothes

This has a similar message to the previous dream, but this time it is a warning you to take better care of yourself. Specifically, you should pay more attention to your diet and personal hygiene. Make sure that you are eating a balanced diet.

20. You Are A Man Dreaming Of Period Blood

This means that you do not understand women and have little experience dealing with them. Consequently, you may find it very difficult to form relationships with women in your waking life.

But there’s more…

It could mean that you are a very masculine man and aren’t in touch with your feminine side. It could also be that you have no desire to do this, and you are perfectly happy living as a masculine man with no feminine traits.

21. You Are A Man Who Dreams Of His Partner Having A Period

This has a couple of possible meanings. It can mean that the man wants to become a father.

Alternatively, it can mean that the man has strong religious beliefs. This will be the same for his wife and extended family. It also symbolizes a happy life for the man and his wife.

22. You Are Single And Dream Of Putting Period Blood On Your Bed

This shows that you are going through a tough time with your romantic partner. Things have not been good for a while, but they have got noticeably worst quite recently. You now face the prospect of splitting up and going your separate ways.

Take note…

Do not give up too easily. Make sure you sit down together and try to work out your differences. You should also try to do this in a non-accusatory manner. Plus, really listen to what the other person has to say and make the effort to understand things from their perspective.

Not Sure It Was Period Blood You Dreamt About?

You might want to check out our article on Meanings When You Dream About Blood for possible further insight.

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Ok, back to today’s topic…

22 Meanings When You Dream About Period Blood – Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. I hope your dream was included in my list of menstrual blood dream meanings. I also hope that the interpretations helped you to understand the dreams better and give you an insight into what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you.

When you are deciding on your plans for the future, it is never a bad idea to listen to the inner voice of your dreams. It could be that you choose to ignore it, but it is invariably a good thing to have that voice at the table for due consideration.

Sweet dreams.

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