24 Meanings When You Dream About Your Crush

Most of us will have had a crush on someone at some point, and the majority of us will almost certainly have had dreams about them in some shape or form. Very often, the dreams we have will be directly related to our romantic feelings for our crush.

However, that is not always the case…

The 24 meanings when you dream about your crush will, therefore, hopefully, help you decipher what exactly is going on in your subconscious. They will also hopefully help you to work through your feelings, real or otherwise, related to your crush.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Crush?


24 Meanings When You Dream About Your Crush

Let’s get started and see what these dreams are all about.

1. Dream About Your Crush

It is no surprise that if you dream of your crush, generally, you want to be with them in your waking life. Moreover, the more frequently you have this dream then, the more you want to be with them.

The dream can also highlight a lot of your own insecurities about how you rate your chances of becoming their romantic partner. You may, deep down, feel that you are not good enough. Or, you may feel you don’t have the qualities that they desire and will never get the opportunity to have a relationship with them.

Take action!

This dream is telling you that enough is enough and that you have waited on the sidelines for too long. Be brave and ask your crush out. If they say yes, then all is good. If they say no, everything is still good because you can now move on and get on with your life.

You honestly have nothing to lose.

2. Dream About an Old Crush

There are a few different meanings when you dream of an old crush.

The first is that you see similar qualities in your current romantic partner as in your old crush. Although you may not be consciously comparing them, deep down, you cannot help but take notes. This is unhealthy, and you need to stop because two people are never the same. It is unfair to allow yourself to make these kinds of comparisons.

Did you feel good in the dream?

Another meaning is that things are going well in your present life. You are happy and have lots of great opportunities, and you are living your best life. This kind of interpretation is usually relevant when you dream positively about your old crush.

Finally, if the dream contains negative feelings, it can mean that you are not doing well at the moment. You may have experienced a run of bad luck and are feeling somewhat sorry for yourself. You may also be unsure of how to proceed and what to do next.

3. Dream of Your Crush Confessing Their Love for You

This is one of the more optimistic of the 24 meanings when you dream about your crush.

It shows that you are a positive person and you are transferring your thoughts and emotions onto your crush. You are confident that they feel the same as you, and you are doing everything you can to wish it to be true. Your belief is powerful enough to have even convinced your subconscious mind.

Of course…

These feelings may or may not be true. There is only one way to find out, and that is to talk to your crush and ask them out. The dream is urging you to take this step and find out if your intuition is right.

If you were wrong, then it is simply time to move on.

4. Dream of Feeling Too Shy to Approach Your Crush

This could have a literal meaning and apply to you not wanting to approach your crush. However, it can also mean that you are not very outgoing, you are shy, or have little confidence to express your wants and desires. Additionally, this can extend to keeping quiet and not expressing an opinion unless it is directly sought.

Sound like you?

If there are things you want in life, you sometimes have to ask for them. Like a raise, a business loan, a favor, or a date! It might not come easily, but it is worth practicing asking for small things first to give you a better chance of achieving your goals.

Expect knockbacks and disappointment but don’t dwell on them.

With this attitude, you will have more successes along the way than failures.

5. Dream of Your Crush Dying

This might, at first, seem like a bad dream, but it might not necessarily be the case.

Why is that?

Because the death of your crush in your dreams is symbolic of your waning and dying feelings for that person. You may have been emotionally invested in them for some time, but now you are beginning to move past your desire for them.

Therefore, the dream can be positive because it shows that you have your emotions in check and are strong enough to forget about them and move on. Your dream is telling you that this is the right path, and you should see this as a new start.

6. Dream About Being in a Relationship with Your Crush

This means that you are a positive person who is generally confident and has a strong sense of self. You find it easy to make friends and are popular with people close to you, including your family and coworkers. You have a lot of great things going on and have an essentially successful life.

Yes, there’s a ‘but’…

The big ‘but’ is that you have a weak spot when it comes to your crush. You are not willing to admit that you are afraid to speak to them for fear of rejection. However, your unconscious mind is now telling you that you need to overcome this and be direct.

7. Dream of a Crush on a Coworker

Next, in my rundown of the Meanings When You Dream About Your Crush, if you like your coworker, this could mean you want to ask them out, and there is no more to it. However, if you have no desire for your coworker, it means that you are highly competitive with them. There is a strong rivalry between you that could be driven by the need to be promoted over them.

What to do about it?

The co-worker crush dream is a sign that you should try to keep your thoughts of competition to yourself. Don’t alert them to what you are doing and how you are trying to get yourself noticed at work. In fact, don’t give them any advantage that could potentially derail your progress.

8. Dream of Having a Crush on Your Teacher

If you are currently a student and you have this kind of dream about your teacher, it might be a little disturbing. This is especially so if you have zero physical attraction to them. Your feelings are, therefore, understandable, but you can relax that the dream should not be taken literally in this instance.

You might be surprised to know…

What the dream actually means is that you are now focused on your personal development and acquisition of knowledge. The teacher is a symbol of this kind of development which is why you are having the dream. You can, therefore, continue to work on your own qualities and take this as a positive sign.

The teacher crush dream is telling you that you are on the right track and should continue on your current path.

This will ultimately help you to achieve your goals and ambitions.

9. Dream About a Crush Asking You Out

This is a great dream and a sign that you are confident about how your crush feels about you. Although you have held back, you are positive that there will be a future together. You even think that you have all the qualities that your crush wants in a partner.

Dreaming of your crush asking you out signifies that it is time to act and let your crush know how you feel.

10. Dream of Your Celebrity Crush

This is a common dream and means that you admire some of the qualities the celebrity has. You are, therefore, subconsciously looking for some of the same kinds of physical and personality traits in a future romantic partner.


There is nothing wrong with wanting to aim high, but you need to temper your desires with reality.

Celebrities tend to manipulate the media and have teams to help them in order to present the best version of themselves at all times. You need to take this on board and realize that in real life, you cannot reasonably expect anyone to achieve these unrealistic standards.

11. Dream of Having a Crush on Someone of the Same Sex

This could mean that you have romantic feelings for someone of the same sex, but it usually doesn’t.

More often, it means that you feel a strong bond with a friend or group of friends. It can also mean that you have an attraction to the person for the sake of business interests.

12. Dream of Someone Having a Crush on You

This can have two meanings, depending on the context of the dream.

If you dream about your romantic partner having a crush on you, this is not good. It indicates that you feel your current partner is not showing you enough attention. You might be jealous of the time they spend with their friends or work colleagues. Alternatively, you may have been having a series of nasty arguments.

Whatever the source of conflict, it is clear that you are not happy, and you need to sort it out. Do not let things drag on without talking through your feelings with your present partner. It could be that this is all down to miscommunication and can be easily sorted out.

And if the ‘someone’ is a new someone?

Interestingly, this is more of an indicator of how you feel about yourself and your own life. If you enjoyed the attention in the dream, you are probably just feeling excited about a new opportunity coming up for you.

On the flip side, if the attention felt unwanted or you woke up with negative feelings, there’s probably stuff about to happen in your life that you’re not too happy about.

13. Dream About Only Your Crush’s Face

This means that the person possesses the qualities you are looking for in a romantic partner. Although you have a crush on this person, they may not necessarily be the one you settle down with. You recognize that a relationship with your crush may not go anywhere but still value the kind of traits they possess.

But it says something positive about YOU…

Dreaming of only your crush’s face is a good sign that you haven’t got too carried away with your feelings. You are able to separate your emotions from likely outcomes and reality. It puts you in a good position to find the right romantic partner going forward.

And who knows? There is still an outside chance it might even be your crush!

14. Dream of Your Crush Reciprocating Your Feelings

You may have confidence issues, and despite some obvious signs, you are still unsure of how your crush feels about you. This says more about your insecurities than the way you are perceived by others.

Don’t waste time here…

The dream is telling you that your crush is interested in you. This is your inner voice overriding your natural reticence and telling you loud and clear that you have a chance. It is the perfect time to jump in and test the waters. If it is ever going to be, then the time is now.

Don’t delay, and let your crush think you are not interested.

15. Dream About a Crush That Doesn’t Like You

It will usually mean that your inner voice is telling you to stop obsessing over this person. Deep down, you know that they are not interested, and you don’t have a realistic chance of forming a partnership with them.

Don’t despair…

Sometimes things are not meant to be, and it has no reflection on your own worth or who you are. Accept that your desires for your crush are almost certainly going nowhere. However, why not at least chance your luck and ask them out?

You have nothing to lose, and once you know either way for sure, you can move on with your life again.

16. Dream of Your Crush Hugging You

This means that you may be feeling insecure and unsafe in your waking life. It might either be in the general context of your life, though it is more likely to be associated with your current romantic relationship.

For those in a relationship…

You might feel guilty for having this being hugged by your crush dream if you already have a partner, but you really should not. This has nothing to do with your feelings for your crush and everything to do with what is going on in your present relationship.

The dream indicates that you need to talk with your significant other and tell them how you are feeling. Try to stay calm and not lay the blame at their door. Be prepared to listen as much as you talk so you can understand the other person’s perspective fully.

17. Dream About Your Crush Finding Out About Your Feelings

It might mean that you are worried about your crush finding out how you feel. You may not be ready to play your hand and want more time to express yourself to them. The crush knowing your feelings dream is telling you that you are running out of time and need to reveal your feelings quickly.

Alternatively, it can also signify a new beginning in your life. This could be in your work or social life and does not have to be associated with your crush or love life. If this is the case, you can look forward to an exciting new future.

18. Dream About Making Love to Your Crush

Things have possibly got a little out of hand because you are now willing to do just about anything to get the attention of your crush. You are prepared to go to extreme lengths to feel validated and wanted by your crush in real life.

Another big warning sign to look out for…

If this goes one stage further and you dream of marrying your crush, things need to be pulled back in. You should begin to evaluate the time and effort you are putting into your crush. You should do this as a matter of urgency and begin to extricate yourself from your current situation before it sucks you in any further.

19. Dream of Arguing with Your Crush

A dream about arguing with your crush can have two possible meanings.

Firstly, it can mean that despite wanting a relationship with your crush, you know deep down that there are compatibility issues with them. If you were to actively pursue them in your waking life, and if you were successful, the subsequent relationship would almost certainly be unsuccessful.

Your subconscious is telling you through your dream that you need to forget about them and move on.

Feeling jealous lately?

Alternatively, the dream could mean that you are becoming frustrated because your crush never seems to notice you. They might also be already hooked up with someone else, or showing someone else attention, which is making you feel jealous.

20. Dream of a Crush on a Friend

This is one of the few meanings when you dream about your crush with a literal meaning. The chances are that if you are dreaming of having a crush on your friend, you have subconscious feelings for them. Consequently, the desires for your friend go past the normal boundaries of friendship.

If this is the case, but you think the feelings may be mutual, you should consider dropping a few subtle hints and see where it takes you.

21. Dream of a Crush on a Stranger

This isn’t good and has an overall negative vibe.

Pay attention to dreams of crushing on strangers…

It means that you are feeling socially isolated, and you are no longer sure of your social skills and ability to interact with a potential partner. You feel awkward, and you are filled with self-doubt. Your lack of confidence is causing you to hide away from people, which is perpetuating the cycle of spending more time alone.

You understand intuitively that this is unhealthy, and your dream is reminding you that you must take steps to connect yourself with society. Be brave and take the first steps to introduce yourself to new people and environments.

22. Dream of Kissing Your Crush

This may mean that you are lacking an intimate relationship. It can also mean that this has been the case for some time now. Consequently, you are craving intimacy and projecting your needs onto your crush through your dreams.

It can also mean that you want to kiss your crush in real life, which is a literal and easy-to-understand interpretation. In this instance, if you initiate the kiss in your dream, it can indicate you are lacking the courage to do so in real life.

23. Dream Repeatedly of Your Crush

This could mean that you literally can’t stop thinking of your crush. They take up most of your waking thoughts, and you are pretty much obsessed with them.

That can’t be a good thing…

No, this is not a good thing, and you need to do something about it. Either tell them how you feel or move on. The constant pining over your crush is preventing you from moving on in your life.

Alternatively, the dream can also mean that you are having relationship difficulties with your current partner. These problems are reaching a crisis point, but you have done nothing to directly address the problem. Deep down, you know that the time has come to seriously tackle the issues between you and your romantic partner.

Don’t delay, and do it today.

24. Dream of Being Called “Bro” by Your Crush

This is a bad sign and means that you are scared that your crush has intentionally or unintentionally put you in the friend zone. Moreover, you know that once you are in the friend zone, it will be almost impossible to get out of. You also know that this could very well mean your crush has absolutely no romantic feelings for you.

Don’t torture yourself…

If this sounds like a good description of where you are in your waking life, you need to take action. Staying in the friend zone is one hundred percent not an option for you. The next move is to ask how your crush feels about you. If their feelings are reciprocated, then all is good. If not, you end the friendship right there, stop torturing yourself, and move on.

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Did you know?

Funnily enough, animal dreams often point to details about our love interests. Can you believe that a Dream About Cockroaches, Dreams About Tigers, a Dream About Rats, a Dream About Birds, Dreams About Frogs Meaning, or seeing a White Snake in Dreams can all hold clues about what to do about that special someone?

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Ok, back to today’s topic…

Final Thoughts on the Meanings When You Dream About Your Crush

So, there you have it. I hope the list has helped clarify what is going on in your unconscious mind.

Harboring feelings for your crush over an extended period is generally unhealthy and should not be encouraged. Hopefully, exploring what it means when you have a dream about your crush will have reinforced this point and given you some useful suggestions for action.

Don’t overly invest yourself in someone who is not interested in you is the most important message to heed. But sometimes, we just need a dream to coax us into taking the first steps to initiate a potentially wonderful relationship. Listen to what the dream has to tell you and take those necessary steps with confidence.

Sweet dreams!

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Means When You Dream About Your Crush

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