23 Meanings When You Dream About Zombies

Dreams about zombies are pretty common, which is, in no small part, down to their seemingly endless exposure on TV and in movies. If you consequently have a dream about zombies, it can be quite disturbing, but you should try not to worry.

Although most of the 23 meanings when you dream about zombies have negative energy, there are still quite a few with a positive vibe. Hopefully, yours will be one of the ones with a happy meaning and a potentially happy outcome.

What It Means If You Dream About Zombies?

What It Means When You Dream About Zombies

So, let’s get to it and see what these shabby shuffling zombies have to tell us.

1. General Dreams About Zombies

This can mean that you have developed several bad habits over the years, and the zombie dream is signaling that it is time to bring them to an end. You could be drinking too much, smoking, not exercising, or maybe practicing a poor diet. Whatever it is, you are being called to make changes and start looking after yourself properly.

Alternatively, the dream can also signify that you need to eliminate toxic people from your life. This might be your romantic partner, an overdemanding friend, or a relative. Whomever they are, you need to free yourself from people running you down, demanding too much, and giving nothing.

2. Dream of Running from Zombies

Running from zombies is definitely a good idea. However, dreaming about running away from zombies symbolizes that you may have a tendency to run and take the easy way out in your waking life. This is rather than doing the hard yards, standing up, and attempting to defeat your problems head-on.

Alternatively, the dream can also mean that you have had a long illness that you have been battling for some time. This has taken a lot of energy from you, and you are now understandably feeling exhausted. The dream is telling you to keep going and keep fighting.

3. Dreams About Zombies in the House

You are a hard worker and also compassionate and caring. You take care of the people in your life and also show concern for strangers. Your loving personality has created a wonderful network of friends and a loving family. You have a lot going for you which includes a highly creative side.


If you’ve been dreaming of having zombies in your home, it means you seldom get the time to fully express this side of your personality as you seldom have time for yourself. This is causing some internal conflict because you don’t want to let people down or be seen as selfish.

The dream is telling you that it is OK to sometimes take a step back and find the time to pursue some of your own interests. The people close to you will be happy for you. More than this, they will rally around, encourage you, and support you in your goals.

4. Dream About Shooting Zombies

This could be good or bad, depending on the exact details of the shooting. If you managed to shoot the zombie and escape, this is a very good sign. It means that you will achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Consequently, it will leave you in a great position to set a new path and achieve more success.

If you shoot a zombie in a dream and you either fail to get away or disable it, sadly, your present goals will not be achieved. This means you will have to set new plans and a new but less desirable path. You will have to go again and trust in your abilities to be successful the next time.

5. Dreams of Zombies in Your Childhood House

This is one of the worst of the 23 meanings when you dream about zombies. So, why is that? Because it shows that there are some deep traumas and unresolved conflicts that you have still been unable to work through. These might stretch way back into your childhood and be something that you have kept as dark secret deep in your soul.

Trauma can never be suppressed forever, and it has a habit of popping up at some point. If you are now having dreams about a zombie in the house you grew up in, you have got to a phase of your life when it is time to open up about the past before finally burying it once and for all.

The Opportunities…

If you do not do this, you will never fully move on with your life and embrace all of its beauty and opportunities. Depending on the magnitude and nature of the trauma, you might be best suited to talking things over with a professional. Otherwise, turn to someone you trust, either a close friend or someone in your family.

6. Dream About Saving Your Friend From a Zombie

There is something in your waking life that is concerning you with regard to your friend. You can see that they are in a difficult fix, and they need your help. The problem is down to the malicious behavior of a third party, and the threat has not even been seen by your friend.

Dreaming of rescuing a friend from a zombie is clearly telling you that you must alert your friends to the possible danger they face. They may not like you interfering, but if you are true friends, any bad feelings will be soon forgotten. This will further cement your friendship and bond for life.

7. Dreams of a Zombie Attack

This is not good and indicates that you feel anxious and stressed in your waking life. There is someone or something causing you problems that you feel unable to overcome despite your best efforts.

If you’ve been dreaming about a zombie attack, it could be that you keep repeating the same errors because you keep trying the same fixes. Although you may feel you cannot tackle these obstacles, you have to trust in yourself and look for a potential solution previously not tried.

8. Dream You are a Zombie

It could be that you have been spending more and more time alone. As a consequence, you have slowly detached yourself from most of the people you know, and you are becoming increasingly socially isolated.

You might be suffering from a confidence crisis or depression. Regardless of the cause, you need help, and the being a zombie dream is telling you that you cannot go on as you are. A good start would be to talk about how you feel with a friend. You could also consider speaking to your doctor or an appropriately trained health professional.

9. Dream of a Zombie Apocalypse

You would have thought that this would be a bad sign, but dreams can have some strange interpretations at times. The fact is that dreaming about a zombie apocalypse has one of the better of the 23 meanings when you dream about zombies. So, why is that?

It is because the dream is all about new beginnings. It might be that you have been through a difficult time, such as the loss of a job or a divorce. However, the dream foresees a positive future coming out of devastation and chaos. You might be feeling down right now, but the dream sees you rising like a phoenix from the ashes.

10. Dreams About a Mob of Zombies

This is one of the most common zombie-related dreams and relates to people who are feeling overworked and under pressure. If this is you, it suggests that you have been juggling several problems for some time. However, rather than deal with them as they occur, you have been ignoring many of them in the hope that there will disappear.

While this can be a reasonable strategy for smaller problems that may fade away in time, it is not effective when faced with a series of major issues. This is where you find yourself right now, and you cannot keep burying your head in the sand, hoping everything will turn out OK.

Time for Action!

If you’ve been dreaming of a mob of zombies, it is time for action, and you need to come up with a plan to tackle some of the big problems first. Once you start to make progress, your stress levels will begin to decrease, and the dreams should stop.

11. Dream of Eating Zombies

This means that you mostly think about the past, and to a large extent, you are not connected to the here and now. As we get older, it is natural to look back more and more, but it is less so for younger people. In any event, if you’re dreaming that you are eating a zombie, it is indicating that you have become fixated on past events.

This is preventing you from living your best life in the present. You may be judging people based on your past experiences and limiting your social connections and opportunities as a result. This kind of mindset is very unhealthy, and you need to find ways to bring yourself increasingly into the here and now.

12. Dreams About Killing Zombies

This is a good dream because it shows you are driven, hard-working, and resourceful. You have overcome a series of difficult obstacles and remain focused on your life’s purpose. In your drive to reach your goals, you are not afraid to be decisive and make tough decisions.

In the process of achieving a successful career, you have relentlessly cut out all of the negative influences in your life. You have not shied away from the task, and it has brought you success. Dreaming of killing a zombie means that you are on the right path and should not have to accept carrying dead wood.

13. Dream of Being Dressed Like a Zombie

This means that you are dissatisfied with something in your waking life. You are involved in a situation due to an obligation to someone, but you are far from engaged or happy about it.

The result is that you are merely going through the motions, and you get absolutely nothing out of it. Dreaming about dressing up like a zombie shows that you are harboring negative feelings towards all of this, and you, therefore, need to consider ways to get yourself out of the situation, if that is possible.

14. Dreams About Being Surrounded by Zombies

Like in the dream, you may be feeling surrounded on all sides by work and family pressures. You are in a position of responsibility where you have little time other than for work and home. The cumulative threat has brought you to the point where you constantly feel under pressure, and you understandably feel stressed.

This is a common problem in modern society. It is not easy to solve, but thankfully it is also not impossible to improve your situation with a little thought and planning. It may be that you have never considered employing a few simple stress management techniques.


Dreaming of being surrounded by zombies means that you can’t continue in the same way. Something will give otherwise, so it is time to read up on some simple tricks to help you get through this, and so improve your future.

15. Dream of a Zombie Invasion

This is not a good sign and means that a high proportion of your life is spent being surrounded by overly aggressive and negative people. Unfortunately, this may well be in respect of your business and work relationships.

As a result, it is difficult to avoid, and difficult to reshape your life to minimize your contact with these people. There is no easy fix, but you should look to counter this by surrounding yourself with love from your family and friends at every opportunity when you are away from a work environment.

Don’t Worry…

Do not make the mistake of withdrawing into your shell, as this will only serve to hurt you. If you’ve been dreaming about a zombie invasion, let the people close to you know how things are and how you are feeling.

They will support you and give you the strength to carry on. Weather the storm and, at the same time, make a plan to extricate yourself from the present situation as soon as you can. Plus, make sure this doesn’t unduly affect your own goals and ambitions going forward.

16. Dreaming About Good Zombies

This type of dream can point to you being socially isolated. You may have become so due to new work arrangements, moving into a new neighborhood, due to deteriorating mental health, or other circumstances out of your control. Whatever the reason, or combination of reasons, your inner voice is telling you that you have to make changes.

Recovering from social isolation isn’t easy, but you must not be deterred. Join new social clubs, make new friends, reconnect with old friends, take up new hobbies or sports, and tackle any lingering issue you have with confidence or self-esteem. Be brave and make a start today.

17. Dream of Baby Zombies

This can have a few possible interpretations. The first meaning is that you have lost your innocence and childlike appreciation of the world. However, although it is a normal process of growing up, you feel sad at the loss of the child-like wonder with which you previously viewed the world.

The second is that you have some unfinished projects and tasks that have remained untouched for a long time. Your subconscious is prompting you to get on with it and sort some of them out.


The third meaning is that you feel you are not making any significant progress in your life. Despite your best efforts, you appear to be on a road to nowhere. So if you’ve been dreaming about zombie babies, it’s a good time to reevaluate your goals and consider an alternative direction for your life.

18. Dreams About Escaping from Zombies

The next dream in my rundown of the 23 Meanings When You Dream About Zombies is all about jealousy, which could come from you or be directed toward you. It is possible that you envy the achievements of someone close to you.

Looking at their life makes you feel inferior, and you feel envious that you cannot emulate their lifestyle despite your best efforts. This is clearly a terrible quality, and you should immediately put this person out of your mind and focus on your own life.


You might think someone is jealous of you, and you are worried that they will do something to sabotage your happiness. Be careful of people in the work environment and people you only know as acquaintances rather than close friends.

19. Dream of Cutting a Zombie’s Head Off

The dream means that you have some bad habits that are causing strains with your friends and romantic partner. If you’re dreaming about cutting off a zombie’s head, it means you need to address your behavior as a matter of priority because it is only causing tension and misunderstanding.

It is not easy to change habits that have been built up over a long period of time, but you have to make an attempt. The old bad habits are now holding you back from making progress and achieving better harmony in your domestic environment. Make a plan, enlist the help of those close to you, and get started sooner rather than later.

20. Dreams About Zombies Trying to Kill You

This signifies that you are in a very creative and changeable period of your life. You have not settled on any given career, and you are still experimenting to see what is a good fit. It may be that you will take time to settle on your true purpose and goals. The dream shows that it is a good idea to trim down on the number of your interests.

That is because your current widespread interests are beginning to leave you with too little time and you are feeling washed out. Continue to experiment, by all means, but also consider dropping one or two of your peripheral activities to allow you better focus on your core interests. That should help you to decide how to better shape your future.

21. Dreaming of Your Ex Becoming a Zombie

This can be good or bad, depending on the exact details of the dream. Let’s start with the good first.

If you see your ex as a zombie and feel happy, it indicates that you no longer have romantic feelings for them. It is clear that you have made the difficult mental transition to your new life. This is very healthy and bodes well for you in your future relationships.

Now for the bad…

If you see your ex as a zombie and you feel upset by it, then you still hold romantic feelings for them. It may be that you have only been apart for a short while, and then this would be perfectly normal.

However, if you split up a long time ago, a dream about your ex being a zombie isn’t a good sign at all. That is because you still have an emotional connection to your previous partner, and it is preventing you from moving on.

22. Dream About Flesh-Eating Zombies

There is someone in your life who is trying to undermine you and your qualities, your skills, abilities, and integrity. In short, they are a bully and are making a personal attack on you to lower your self-esteem and confidence for their own sick benefit.

The truth is…

If you’re dreaming of flesh-eating zombies, it’s a warning there are bullies in your life, and you need to protect yourself. You will sadly encounter them from all walks of life. Even if this is your first experience with this kind of horrible behavior, it undoubtedly won’t be your last.

Consequently, you have to learn how to stand up for yourself and not be pushed around. Read up on ways to improve your self-esteem and employ the help of someone you trust to give you a hand. Be sure of yourself, and don’t allow these bullies to dictate your life and interfere with your goals and dreams.

23. Dreams of a Zombie Outbreak

This means that you are going through challenging times with either a good friend or a romantic partner. You have deep feelings for this person, and you are not going to give up on them. You are going to do whatever it takes to keep things together for you both.

When you’ve been dreaming about a zombie outbreak, your inner voice is urging you to continue down your current path. Further, the dream predicts that your commitment and dedication will not go unrewarded. Ultimately, your relationship will continue but even stronger than before.

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23 Meanings When You Dream About Zombies – Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. I hope that was not too scary, and I hope your dream was one of the ones with mostly positive energy. If it wasn’t, then the remainder of 23 interpretations of dreams about zombies still contains useful pointers on how to better understand what your inner mind is trying to tell you.

Use this information and try to incorporate it into your decision-making process. Hopefully, it will give you a better insight into what you are going through and help you choose the best possible path for your future.

Sweet dreams!

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Dream about Zombies Meaning

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