18 Meanings When You Dream About Cutting Hair

Dreams are something shared universally between humankind, no matter race or orientation; if you are a baby boomer or Gen Z. The meanings of dreams can be elusive and will change depending on different scenarios within them and each person’s waking life.

If you dream of haircuts, what exactly does it mean? Getting a new hairstyle represents a new chapter, a rebirth, if you will. It might be telling you to leave your past behind. However, who cuts it and to what length all mean something different…

Meanings When You Dream About Cutting Hair

18 Meanings When You Dream About Cutting Hair

So, let’s explore 18 meanings when you dream about cutting hair, starting with what it means to…

1. Dream Of Getting Your Hair Cut

When you dream about having a hair cut, it can signify that you subconsciously feel the need for a major change in your life. Our dreams often reflect our waking world, and you might already be aware of this need for a shift, or perhaps not. Luckily our dreams have a way of bringing our subconscious to the forefront and making these inner feelings and thoughts active for our conscious brain to see.

So if you dream of going and getting your hair cut, it’s a sign that it might be time for change and to leave some aspect of your past behind. Whether it be a relationship with a friend or family member, a job, or a place of employment.

2. Dream Of Getting Your Hair Cut Short

If you dream of getting your long hair cut shorter, it can indicate you’ve been experiencing a loss in revenue or a downturn in business. It can bring about a better understanding of the more stressful aspects of yourself in that a tide is about to turn.

Are you struggling through life and keep getting hit with hardship after hardship, unable to get ahead?

When you dream of getting a super short haircut, it can signify an improvement in your bad luck and stress. Hopefully, it will all fall away in your waking life as the hair did in your dream.

3. Dream Of Cutting White Hair

Dreaming about cutting white or grey hair is usually very positive. White hair represents wisdom, prosperity, understanding, and ambition. It can mean that you are learning from someone older or who holds great power. Or to be wise and cautious when making some upcoming decisions.

Perhaps you need some wisdom and seek guidance from older, more experienced friends or family. Don’t rush to make big decisions in life, and listen to your elders, who are full of wise words.

4. Dream Of Cutting Your Hair Off

Next, in my rundown of 18 Meanings When You Dream About Cutting Hair, have you ever had a nightmare where you ended up with someone cutting all your hair off? (Ladies with long locks will know what I’m talking about!)

You can interpret this dream as a little warning that someone might come along and hurt your pride, or has already done so.

It might not be intentional, and the person might not even realize what they said or did hurt you. Usually, the person cutting the hair also did the wounding. So either steer clear from this person or try to nip it in the bud and be conscious of what might come to fruition in their presence.

5. Dream Of Cutting Someone’s Hair

If you dream about cutting someone else’s hair, it can mean you know they are in a difficult situation, and you want to help, but you just can’t! Or you need to speak to them about an important matter, but it needs to be done face to face.

A personal, in-depth chat that might be on a touchy subject that cannot be resolved over the phone, by email, or by text. This significant chat might be causing you some anxiety, and to dream of this means it might be time to resolve this little issue.

Whose hair are you cutting in your dream?

This is very important to understand the true meaning behind it. Dreams where you are cutting someone else’s hair can be interpreted as controlling them. Or that there is an underlying issue between the two of you that needs to be resolved to move on in life.

Is it someone you know or are close to, or a complete stranger?

If it’s the latter, you might feel as if you hold no authority over anyone in your waking life, yet you wish that you had someone to look up to you and who can learn from you. If it’s the former and someone you do know, perhaps you feel like you aren’t getting any respect from them, and they, in fact, walk all over you and your feelings.

6. Dream Of Having a Bad Haircut

Dreaming of having a bad haircut can be so real. The feelings of embarrassment, shame, and not wanting to face the world feel as real as they do in the waking world. You can interpret this dream to mean that you might be lacking self-worth or confidence. Did something happen to knock your confidence sideways? Things that happen in real life can permeate the fibers of our dream state as well.

Perhaps you had an important meeting or presentation that did not quite go to plan, and you were left with an egg on your face in the boardroom. (or the bedroom) Are you lacking self-esteem due to a certain situation? Did you feel self-conscious or humiliated in your dream? Did something along those lines happen to you or someone close to your recently?

It is perhaps a direct reflection of your feelings in life right now. It might be time to spend some time practicing self-care and self-love. Try to diminish these anxious feelings and learn to love every part of yourself.

7. Dream Of Someone Cutting Your Hair

If you are dreaming of having your hair cut by another person, this can indicate that someone might make an important decision for you. Even though the choice should be yours to make, ultimately, it will be in the hands of someone else, whether you like it or not.

Someone cutting your hair is symbolic of them taking away your power. It might be a snip here and there that you hardly notice; however, a full-blown chop at their hands will result in a big power shift. I can also mean that another is conspiring against you.

Do you have any enemies lying in wait for revenge or to cause you harm? Have you been experiencing any mistrust or dislike from someone in your waking life? This type of dream can be a warning to pay more attention if there’s an inkling of deception.

8. Dream Of Cutting Curly Hair

To dream about curly hair suggests that you or something in your life is unmanageable, different, or unruly. Just as curls can be! Perfect one minute, a crazy fluffy flyaway mess the next. It can also mean that you are striving for perfection, and as well all know, curls are far from perfectly perfect, as each is unique and does what it likes.

It might be time to be unrealistic in your expectations for something and learn to thrive in some chaos and disorder every known and again! Trying to cut and control these curls in your dream indicates you are trying to do the same to something untamed and crazy in your life. It could be a person, an object, or even a pet!

9. Dream Of Your Hair Falling Out

When you dream of some of your hair falling out, without it being cut, it can indicate there are some major changes coming your way. It might come as a personal sacrifice, an illness, or just a really stressful situation. Hair loss in dreams is stressful in itself and can indicate your fear of growing old and losing the essence of your youth. It can also indicate you are really insecure about your looks and fear the changes that need to come your way.

For more information, check out our in-depth look at what it means when you have a Hair Falling Out Dream.

10. Dream Of Cutting A Lover’s Hair

If you dream that you are cutting your lover’s hair, it can be representative of any flowing emotions the two of you are facing. Was it a positive dream and a great haircut? This means all is well in your relationship, and there are lots of love and care between the two of you. Touching someone is very personal and can be sensual, so cutting the hair of a loved one can add another dimension of sexiness to the relationship.

Was it uncomfortable, or was there tension or mistrust? Was the end result bad?

Then this can indicate some difficulties in the relationship that might need to be addressed, so you can continue moving forwards.

11. Dream Of Cutting Your Baby’s Hair

Dreams of cutting your baby’s hair can be seen as a wish fulfillment dream. Do you have children? Is this something you long for? It can be your subconscious recognizing your longing for a family and showing you what’s in store for your future.

It might also point to the fact that your inner child needs some attention and the baby you are dreaming of is actually you!

Do you already have a baby?

Cutting and grooming your sweet babe’s hair shows how much love you have for them. However, it can also point to how much or little time and attention you are currently giving them. It can also indicate you feel like you need to show more affection to your child. It’s a very personal and loving thing to do, and you want to take pride in taking care of your kids, but sometimes life gets in the way, and quality time is lacking.

12. Dream Of Shaving Someone’s Head Bald

If you have experienced a dream where you have shaved someone’s hair off, this can indicate that you have quite a meddlesome personality and like to get mixed up in other people’s business. However, sometimes you can go too far, and this makes things worse.

It’s like you are only trying to help because that is the kind of person you are; however, take this dreamscape as a warning to step back from other people’s affairs, and mind your own a bit more.

13. Dream Of Getting A Haircut And Feeling Amazing

For a lot of people, their hair is one of the most important and beautiful aspects of their personality. Hair can boost your confidence and make you feel amazing; you can create new looks or change it up with new colors and styles. So when you dream of getting your cut and you feel beautiful, positive, and radiating light and happiness, then this is such a good sign.

It means you are happy at this point in time, you might be transforming in the waking world as cutting hair is directly associated with this, and you are definitely on the right path. Enjoy the dream, revel in the glow, and here’s to hoping you dream many more of these positive dreams.

14. Dream Of Cutting Long Hair

Moving on with my 18 Meanings When You Dream About Cutting Hair, long hair has long is often associated with vitality, good health, femininity, and freedom. Luscious long locks are sought after by both men and women, and it’s no different in your dreams. Long hair is powerful, comfortable, and something you take care of and wear with pride.

If you dream about cutting long hair, it can indicate that you are feeling under pressure. That someone or something might be trying to take away your power or freedom. If all your long hair gets cut completely off, it can be indicative of misfortune or an unpleasant event.

15. Dream Of Not Completing A Haircut

If you don’t finish a haircut in your dream. It can indicate that you aren’t focused or driven enough and that you tend to abandon projects before completing them. You might even be intentionally neglecting to finish them, leaving others to scramble to get them finished without you.

What are the circumstances for this in your life? Why do you tend to start things with no intentions of finishing?

Perhaps your expectations were too high? It might be time to aim lower, for more reachable with more steps to achieve the ultimate, rather than biting off more than you can chew and failing each and every time. Give yourself the chance to succeed and finish a project. A bad haircut is an embarrassment to be seen with and can directly link to the ongoings in your unfinished ventures in life.

16. Dream Of Cutting Your Own Hair

If you dream about cutting your own hair, it can mean you are ready to take on a new chapter! It’s generally a dream with exciting and positive vibes, indicating you might be ready to or are already in the process of a transformation. Change is welcomed and an important part of growing in life.

Did you re-invent yourself?

This dream could also mean that you have changed in the way you view the world around you. Have you experienced something deeper and more meaningful that has made you feel as if you are a new person? This could have been due to ending a long-term relationship, a job, or even a relocation to a new city, state, or country!

Did you make an important decision in life? Or are you about to?

This dreamscape signifies it’s the right move for you at this time. The process may have taken a while, but it’s for the best. You could be feeling that you need to change something in your life in order to be happy.

It could also mean that something new and exciting has just happened in your life. This can make you sit back and admire the brave steps you took that got you there.

17. Dream Of Cutting A Dogs Hair

Have you ever been cutting a dog’s hair in a dream? If this is the case, it can indicate foul play. Someone might be planning an ambush or some sort of deception aimed at you. Is there someone annoyed at you or in direct competition with you who might wish to cause you harm? Whether indirectly or in your business affairs? Sadly revenge is something a lot of people dream of, no matter how petty. This dream is telling you to watch your back.

18. Symbolic Meanings of When You Dream Of Cutting Hair

When we have dreams of cutting hair, depending on the exact circumstances and people that might appear, it can all mean something slightly different for everyone. That being said, cutting hair dreams are very representative of the nine instances below.


You can have lots of dreams about cutting hair when you go through the process of acceptance in the walking world. You might have resisted it for a long time, always burying it in the sand, but now you have faced it, you can grow from it, put it behind you and carry on in life.


Dreams involving haircuts can also be representative of control. There are many scenarios, including lack of control in your own life, others seeking to have more control over you than you wish for, or you wishing you had more control over others. This can be related to either a positive or negative instance; it all boils down to your waking life and the circumstances of the dream.


Hair-cutting dreams can become prevalent when you are facing difficulties in your waking life. Again you might just be sweeping them under the carpet and not acknowledging them day to day. However, your subconscious is trying to get you to step up to your responsibilities and start dealing with them. It’s the only way to make them properly go away.


When you are chopping off someone’s luscious locks in a dream, it means that you probably want them to behave in a certain way in real life. You might have some hold over them, but then again, you might not, really wishing that you did.


When it comes to dreams of haircuts, it falls in line with change and growth. Plus, hair is always growing, so if it gets cut in dreams to make way for new growth, it’s important to apply that philosophy to make way for all the new growth in your waking life by getting chopping off all the dead weight.


Dreams of getting your hair cut, especially bad or unfinished cuts, can be playing on your feelings of insecurity towards yourself or someone else. Perhaps even your current living or working situation. Maybe you made a decision, and in hindsight, it turned out to be the wrong one. There isn’t much that can be done about it now. Only just to ride it out, as you would a bad cut, and let your situation, along with your hair grow.

Loss And Death

Dreams involving haircuts can predict the loss of material things and prized possessions. Often a monetary loss or trouble in your line of business. However, sometimes, it can be more than that. It can be an omen where you might be close to losing your life or someone whom you love. A Family member or friend.


The dream is a warning of imminent danger. It could be from someone trying to maliciously get their revenge for something you or a close one did, or an ambush.


If you are having a lot of dreams about getting your hair cut, it is associated with all the changes you are making in your waking life. Have you begun to transform from a caterpillar into a butterfly? This is as symbolic as how a new hairstyle can completely transform a person!

Are you having unusual dreams?

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18 Meanings When You Dream About Cutting Hair – Final Thoughts

When we dream of getting our hair cut, it is usually the representation of something directly going on in our life. Hair is symbolic of strength, vitality, and beauty, and holds a lot of power.

Whether you are guilty of trying to control someone else or have someone trying to harness your energy, it can be a warning that someone is trying to cause you harm. This is usually in the form of revenge, but it also speaks of transformation and growth. We will always dream, but hopefully, now you have a better understanding of what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

Sweet Dreams!

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Dreaming About Hair? See the Meanings

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