23 Meanings When You Dream About Fire

Dreams about fire are quite common, and they are something we will almost certainly experience at some point in our lives. Although these dreams can be scary, there is no need to feel that way because most of the meanings are not as frightening as you think. In fact, there are a few positive dreams about fire too.

My list of the 23 meanings when you dream about fire will help you distinguish the good from the bad. It should also help give you some ideas of what you can do in the event of a negative interpretation.

What Do Dreams of Fire Mean?

23 Meanings When You Dream About Fire

So, let’s get to it and look at the first dream about fire, a…

1. Dream of a House on Fire

This means that you are experiencing a lot of negativity in your life. Emotions are starting to overwhelm you, and you feel unable to cope with what is going on. These feelings could be down to either a big financial loss or a bad relationship.

Like a house fire, things are getting out of control, and you don’t know where to turn.


The first thing you need to do is take a deep breath and relax. Separate yourself from what is going on and objectively assess the extent of the damage. Then make a realistic plan to set yourself back on the right track. Finally, you should also find someone you can trust to talk to in order to help you through the process.

2. Dream of Cooking with Fire

A dream about cooking with fire means that you are a good provider and you have a strong sense of family. You sacrifice everything for them, and they are the main focus of your life. The strong bond between you all is reciprocated, and you consequently enjoy life in a happy and loving unit.

But there’s another take here…

Alternatively, the dream can mean that you are highly creative and you are always looking for ways to express this side of your personality. However, you may have lacked the opportunity to find an outlet for this recently. Consequently, you might be feeling some level of frustration because of it.

3. Dream of a Forest Fire

If you dream about a forest fire, you have a quick temper that you have little or no control over. You have come to the point where you realize that you have to get a better hold over your emotions as it is hurting yourself and the people close to you. Additionally, it is harming your career prospects and your ability to make good friends and build close relationships.

Listen to your dream’s message…

This forest fire dream is telling you that you should follow through with your intent to learn how to better control your temper. Consider getting some professional help with anger management strategies. There is no shame in this, and something like anger management lessons could make all the difference in your life going forward.

4. Dream of Fire in an Apocalypse

Unlike the previous dream, this means that you have a big problem with expressing your anger. Although it is not immediately obvious that it is causing your issues, it is still resulting in a lot of self-harm. The suppression of your feelings and emotions is making you stressed, and you are subsequently turning all the negativity in on yourself. Consequently, you feel unhappy and miserable.

Stop bottling it up…

You need to understand that it is OK to express how you feel, even if that is in the form of anger, as long as those feelings are expressed appropriately. Start talking to your partner first and tell them how you really feel inside and how you find it difficult to be more open with your emotions.

5. Dream of Being a Firefighter

This means you are a naturally compassionate and giving person. In your waking life, you frequently put the needs of others over your own. Nothing gives you more pleasure than helping other people improve their own lives and lifting themselves out and away from their difficulties.

Just like a firefighter!

Moreover, these wonderful qualities have helped you to develop a strong network of friends. You also have a supportive family, and your life is good. Dreaming about being a firefighter simply indicates that there is no need for you to change direction.

6. Dream of a Fire Escape

This most commonly is a warning about the current state of your financial position. You may have overextended yourself at home or taken too many risks in your business. The result is that you are now in a difficult position, and if things don’t go your way, it could all get a lot worse.

What to do?

You can’t bury your head in the sand. You’ll need to give the situation your full attention. If this goes wrong, it will have a significant impact on your life for some time to come. So, make a solid plan and stick to it. This should also include reigning in your domestic spending as an additional precaution.

7. Dream of Chopping Wood for a Fire

This is one of the best of the 23 meanings when you dream about fire.

It is filled with positivity and shows that you are a highly resourceful and creative person. You have the ability to make something from nothing and can happily live completely independently of people if needed.

But wait, there’s more…

You are hard-working, but the dream reminds you that you also should find time to express your creativity. Additionally, you should not neglect your friends and family despite your independent nature. Plus, if you are currently not in a long-term relationship, don’t give up on the idea of love and a life partner.

8. Dream of Putting Out a Fire

You have a good moral compass and instinctively do the right thing, even under difficult circumstances. You can always be relied upon, and people respect and look up to you because of this.

But, putting out fires in your dreams means…

In your waking life, you have been put into a position where you are forced to help a close friend or family member who has crossed the line as far as acceptable standards are concerned. You are having to sail close to the edge of your own set of morals in order to protect them. And, understandably, you feel uncomfortable because of it.

9. Dream of a City on Fire

This means that you have lacked focus for a while and have been drifting through life. You are in a bit of a funk and have little motivation to get out of it. The result is that you are even further from your long-term goals than you were years before.

Don’t despair…

We all go through periods of stagnation and inactivity. But it is unhealthy to let it go on for too long. You need to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get going again. Look again at what is most important to you and start concentrating on a few easy and achievable goals to start you back on the right path. Tap into the many online resources out there for someone lacking motivation.

10. Dream of Fire in the Distance

This is not good and means that there are people with ill intentions towards you who are concealing it whilst stabbing you in the back. This may be someone at work, but more alarmingly, it might also be one of your friends or even someone in your family.

Take note…

When you dream about a fire in the distance, you need to be wary of some kind of betrayal coming your way, and you need to take steps to minimize the potential impact. Assess who might have enough information to hurt you and start there. Additionally, from this point, be careful what you tell people and be especially on guard when meeting new people.

11. Dream of a Log Burner

You may have been through a difficult period recently, but a dream about a log burner predicts that all of these troubles will soon be behind you. You will experience an incredible period of transformation. Money worries, personal doubts, and bad old habits will vanish like smoke up a chimney.

Your life will direct you to a sort of rebirth and place you on a new path that you had previously thought impossible. Embrace all these changes and be careful not to slip back into your old ways. Your future success will depend on your new patterns of thinking and behavior. It might be a good idea to decide what well-being really means to you and go from there.

12. Dream of a Campfire

This is symbolic of looking for love. You are searching for a close connection and everything that entails. If you are single, you may have been unsuccessful in your recent past, but you should carry on and not give up hope. If you are already in a relationship, it means that you are currently experiencing difficulties, and you are trying to get closer to your partner and deepen the bond.

Where to from here?

Dreaming about a campfire should serve to encourage you to continue with your pursuit of love and not give up too easily. Be true to yourself and be honest in your dealings with your present or future prospective romantic partner. Let them see you as you truly are, and let fate do the rest.

13. Dream of Fire in the Bedroom

As many of you may not have suspected, this is actually a very good sign. It shows that there really is fire and passion in the bedroom between you and your romantic partner. Things are going well in your relationship, and you are both happy with each other.

This is a wonderful place to be in, and you should ride the wave and enjoy it for as long as it lasts. Hopefully, it will continue for some time and eventually develop into a long-term contented partnership.

14. Dream of Walking on Fire

This means that you are currently taking a big risk in your life. The rewards are high, but similarly, if things go wrong, there is a big downside. It is a stressful time, but you are confident that you will get through it and come out in a significantly better financial position.

What else to know?

This is another test of your resilient character. You meet challenges and obstacles with relish and always find a way to come through as a winner. The firewalking dream indicates that this will be no different, and you will continue to succeed in your life purpose and goals.

There is no stopping you.

15. Dream of Extinguishing a Fire

This is probably the worst of meanings when you dream about fire. However, despite the predominantly high level of negativity, there is still some hope in the message.

So, what is it all about?

It means that you are experiencing a very tough time. You have endured your current situation for a while now, and you feel like you are coming to the limit of your tolerance.

There are no easy solutions and no magic pill to get you out of your current mess. However, the putting out a fire dream foresees a resolution in the future. This is the good news, but the bad news is that it will take more grit, determination, and hard work for you to reach this point.

A dream about extinguishing a fire is telling you to believe in yourself and not to give up. Keep on going, and you will get there. Once you have, there will be better days ahead once more.

16. Dream of a Match Being Lit

This dream indicates that you have had a difficult time with things recently, and there has been little progress in fixing your problems. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel, with is illustrated by the lighting match in your dream. There is finally some hope that you are going to combat your issues and move on with your life.

The dream is cheering you on and urging you to not give up. Never give up on your goals, and continue to believe in yourself and your talents. Keep driving forward, and you will be fine.

17. Dream of a Chair or Sofa on Fire

This is an interesting one.

It means that you are currently very much living in your comfort zone. It has been something you have been hanging on to for a while but doing so has hindered your progress. Your inner voice is telling you that you have to make changes and that if you continue living in the same way, you will never meet your goals.

You’re not alone, most people find that…

It is easy to get sucked into a comfortable routine, but it is much harder to break out of. Unfortunately, doing the same things over and over, without stretching ourselves, seldom results in much personal development or success. However, fortunately, you realize that you have to shake things up if you are to be truly happy. Now it’s time to action that.

Listen to your dream and make a plan immediately.

18. Dream of Seeing Yourself Being Cremated

There is no doubt that this is a very disturbing dream and image. It is a horrible dream to have and, unfortunately, carries a lot of negative connotations with it.

This kind of cremation dream firstly points to a lack of self-esteem. Additionally, it indicates that you have high levels of anxiety based on how people see and judge you. This extends to your physical appearance as well as your actions and deeds. Consequently, you feel unhappy with the way people perceive you, and this is leaving you feeling exhausted.

Where to start…

You should work on your self-confidence, and a good place to start is by talking over your feelings with a trusted friend or family member. These kinds of feelings are not healthy, and you have to take steps to free yourself of all the stress and worry. There is much one can do to improve self-esteem issues, just start by reaching out to someone you trust.

19. Dream of a Fireman

If you dream of someone you know in the role of a fireman, it means that you can trust this person. It might be that you are entering a new business venture or a relationship, and you are questioning the person’s trustworthiness. If you have this dream about them, then you should follow your intuition that there is nothing to worry about.

It is natural to have doubts about people, and it is a good thing to be thorough in your vetting process. But there comes a time when you have to believe in people. The dream is telling you that this time has come, and you need to save your energy for worrying about other things.

20. Dream of Someone on Fire

The interpretation of this person on fire dream will depend greatly on the details and the feelings they evoke.

If you know the person on the fire and you hold little pity for them, it shows that you feel anger and hostility towards them in your waking life. Perhaps you have not expressed how you feel to anyone at this point. Consequently, all your bad feelings have become suppressed until they have finally surfaced in your dream.

Managing anger…

It can be very difficult to let this sort of anger out. It can be even harder to find an appropriate outlet. Depending on whom it concerns, you may be able to talk things over with your partner, a close family member, or a friend. However, whomever you choose, you must do so carefully. If there is no one you feel can remain impartial, you could consider talking to a trained professional who is bound by rules of confidentiality.

Alternatively, if the person on fire is known to you and it makes you upset, it means you are concerned for them in real life. It could be that they have health, relationship, or financial issues, and you feel they need more help than they are getting.

Take this as a sign that you should volunteer your assistance till they get back on their feet.

21. Dream of Sitting by the Fire

This means that things are going well in our waking life, and we feel happy and contented. Your present and future look to be relatively trouble-free, and you are basking in the glow of success.

This is all great, but there is a call from a dream about sitting by a fire to ensure you make a special effort to include your close friends and family in your good fortune. Remember that they are a big part of the equation of your life, so make sure you consider their needs as well as your own.

22. Dream of an Uncontrollable Fire

This means that you have difficulty expressing your emotions. You are used to keeping everything inside and not letting things out. However, when you finally show how you feel, it is commonly explosive as a result of all these kept-in feelings.

The uncontrollable fire dream suggests that you subconsciously know that this is not healthy and you need to change. The first thing you should do is talk to someone you trust about how you find it hard to express yourself appropriately. If you think this is all because of some deeply buried trauma in your past, it might be better to talk to a professionally qualified counselor.

23. Dream of Fireworks

This firework dream has two possible meanings, and they are both positive.

The first meaning is that you can expect some good news in the future. It will probably be related to your financial position. You might get a new paid job, a promotion, or maybe you’ll close a lucrative business deal. Alternatively, you might even get lucky on the horses or the state lottery!

Seeing someone special?

The second meaning is that you will enter a very happy phase of your current relationship. Maybe there will be a proposal or even marriage. Alternatively, you could possibly find out you are expecting a child or grandchild, or perhaps you have recently given birth.

If you are single, you have not been left out, so don’t worry. The dream also indicates that you have a good chance of finding a suitable partner soon. Who knows, they might even turn out to be the love of your life!

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Ok, back to today’s topic…

Meanings When You Dream About Fire – Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. Hopefully, this list of possible meanings of fire dreams has given you a better idea of what your subconscious is trying to tell you. Additionally, you should also have a few coping strategies in case the dream you have been experiencing carries a negative meaning.

Whatever dream you have, try not to worry too much. Even bad dreams can be helpful by opening our eyes to what’s upsetting our subconscious. That way, we can find a way forward.

Sweet dreams!

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Meanings When You Dream About Fire

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