Meanings When You Dream About Snakes Biting You

Snakes are pretty horrible creatures, and many of us are frightened of them. That is understandable and also a good thing because they have the potential to harm as well as kill us. Consequently, you would expect that dreams about snakes would be all a bad thing.

Surprisingly, this is very far from the truth. To find out why, take a look at my list of meanings when you dream about snakes biting you.

What Does It Mean If Youre Having Dreams About Snakes?

Meanings When You Dream About Snakes Biting You

So, let’s get on with it and see what these slippery little fellas have to tell us.

1. Dream of Being Bitten by a Snake

If it is a general dream about being bitten by a snake with no other information, it is a warning about some of the people in your life. The dream is telling you that friends, family, or work colleagues are poisonous against you. They are looking for an opportunistic moment to strike you, and you had better be aware.

Snakes in the grass…

This dream indicates that you might not currently expect this kind of threat, so you need to start to do some research to establish where it is coming from. This will put you in a position of strength, and you will be more able to fend off any coming attack.

2. Dream that you Kill a Snake that Bites You

This is a great dream because it shows that you have already been put in a difficult situation but have successfully come through the other side. Your ability to fight off your obstacles and enemies indicates a strong fighting spirit.

You are now in calmer waters, but your experience of your previous troubles will stay with you in a positive way. Now, you understand that you can overcome anything in your way. This puts you in a much better position than many others going forward.

3. Dream of a Snake Bite when Pregnant

This is a sign that you are seriously contemplating having a baby. It is an exciting time, but it is also one that is fraught with fears and anxieties. The dream is a manifestation of your concerns that something might go wrong and your baby will either die or will be born with some kind of deformity.

So normal…

These are all perfectly normal feelings that just about every parent on the planet goes through. In this respect, you can relax because you are far from being alone. You should seek the advice of your doctor and tell him of your worries. They will be able to examine you and give you a realistic perspective of the minor problems you are liable to expect. Hopefully, this will all be enough to reassure you.

Being a parent is a wonderful thing, and you shouldn’t do anything for unfounded medical reasons. Even if you suspect terrifying meanings when you dream about snakes biting you.

4. Dream of a White Snake Bite

There is someone in your life or about to enter it that is effectively a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They are masquerading as your friend but are, in actual fact, anything but. It is most likely this is a romantic partner that is using your feelings and emotions against you so that they can hurt you when the time is right for them.

Keep your wits about you…

It is a nasty betrayal to have someone offer fake love and affection in order to get what they want. This is a difficult thing to guard against, but you must try. In newer relationships, while still living in the moment, ensure you keep a part of you that is able to function objectively and look for red flags.

If you have any doubts, then you should talk it over with a trusted friend to get another perspective.

5. Dream of a Snake Bite with No Pain

This means that you have recently had to deal with a toxic individual. They had been trying to poison your mind with poor values that you did not and still do not subscribe to. Moreover, after considerable effort, you have managed to permanently cut this person out of your life.

But wait, there’s more…

Give yourself a pat on the back for getting rid of them. However, in the future, you should be much more careful about whom you let close to you. Additionally, you need to be cautious about what information you initially share so that they don’t quickly get the chance to use it against you and manipulate you.

6. Dream of a Snake Bite on the Tongue

This has a kind of bittersweet meaning. The first part shows that you have your life very much under control. You have been financially successful and have all the trappings of wealth. You also feel that you have achieved your goals and you are close to having reached your life’s purpose.

However, despite all of this, there is a part of you that feels unfulfilled, and you cannot really put your finger on what it is. It could be that you have now lost your motivation and are looking for new challenges to get you excited again.

And that is exactly what you should do!

7. Dream of a Snake Biting Your Children

This is where dreams can be very confusing because a dream where a snake bites your child has absolutely nothing to do with your children at all. Instead, it is to do with relationship problems with your romantic partner.

Who would have thought?

It could be that you have not been getting on well with your significant other. Things have got increasingly worse, to the point that the issues are taking up too much of your time and thoughts.

As hard as it will be, you have no other option than to sit down and calmly talk this through. Make sure you listen as well as talk and ensure you really try to understand the perspective of your partner.

8. Dream of a Snake Biting You with No Wound

This is a very positive sign and one of the best meanings when you dream about snakes biting you. If you have this dream, you should count yourself lucky because the future looks very good.

Why is that?

Not having a wound indicates your ability to bounce back after adversity. You face the same obstacles as most people. However, once you have overcome them, you have a great ability to learn from the experiences, and you can also leave the associated emotions very much in the past.

9. Dream of a Snake Bite in the Face

This is not good and is a sign that you are more concerned about your appearance than the substance of who you are and your actions. You take much more time and care with your physical beauty than you do with developing yourself as a decent human being.

This cannot end well…

Your obsession with your looks is very unhealthy and is preventing you from achieving anything worthwhile in your life. You need to focus on your character and learn how to develop your relationships and your own personal skills as a priority.

You also need to stop judging others by how they look and learn to judge and accept people for who they are in their souls. If you do not do this, you are likely to have a shallow, unsatisfying, and lonely life going forward.

10. Dream of a Snake Bite on The Neck

This is all linked to the telling and receiving of truths.

In your waking life, there is something that has happened, and you are finding it difficult to speak the truth. A situation may have occurred, and you are now protecting yourself or others as you feel unable to faithfully recount the events of what happened.

Or it’s after the fact…

Alternatively, you may have already spoken honestly about something in your life or a situation, but people are not willing to accept what you say. Despite your best efforts and repeated attempts, you are still not believed. This is frustrating, but you cannot always make people believe you.

Accept the situation and move on because this is their problem and not yours.

11. Dream of Multiple Snake Bites

This means that there are a number of people around who are causing you a lot of grief and stress. They could be from any part of your life, but the resulting negative feelings are the same. Despite your frequent interactions with them, they offer nothing to you and are a drain on your time and resources.

So should you cut ties?

It may not be possible to cut these individuals out of your life, especially if they are family members or people whom you regularly have to interact with at work. However, if you cannot completely dissociate yourself from them, you need to at least find ways to minimize the time you spend with them.

They are a collective group of anchors dragging you down.

12. Dream of a Snake Bite on Your Forehead

You are a well-disciplined person and have achieved everything in your life through hard work and perseverance. You are aware that to continue on your path, you must follow the same way of living. In this and all respects, you are very much in touch with your purpose.

The dream of a snake biting you on your forehead is telling you that you can afford to relax a little and explore your deeper emotions and what inspires you as a person. You do not need to deviate greatly from what you are currently doing but should find the time somewhere to feed your soul.

13. Dream of a Golden Snake Bite

This means that you have confidence issues and are plagued with self-doubt. A dream about a golden snake bite indicates that you will frequently leave decision-making to others because of your low self-esteem. You understand that you have an issue, but you have currently done nothing in your waking life to tackle it.

Break it down, step by step…

The first thing you need to do is identify the source of all your negativity. If it is because someone is regularly putting you down, then they need to be cut out of your life, or you need to reduce your contact with them at the very least.

If your low confidence is because of trauma or your upbringing, you have to train yourself to cut out all the negative self-talk. Write down five good things about yourself and read them out loud five times a day. Set yourself small achievable targets and make your own plans to get there. This will all show you that you can trust in your own abilities and that you are far more capable than you think.

14. Dream of a Green Snake Biting You

Dreaming that you have bitten by a green snake means that you have a lot of confidence in your own skills and abilities. You only see good things ahead, and you exude a positive aura wherever you go. This is all good, but sadly it can only take you so far, and on its own, it is not enough.

How come?

These qualities need to be backed up with the essential attributes of perseverance and hard work. The dream indicates that these are traits that can sometimes be lacking. At best, you can approach work inconsistently, and at worst, you can be lazy.

The dream is telling you to wake up and work diligently to reach your full potential.

15. Dream that a Snake Bites You from Behind

This is one of the more negative of all meanings when you dream about snakes biting you.

This particular dream is a bad sign because it symbolizes so-called friends in your waking life who are waiting to do you harm when you are least expecting it. They are biding their time but will think nothing of making a cowardly attack once they think your attention is elsewhere, and when they think that they can get away with it.

That doesn’t mean you’re powerless…

Protect yourself by calmly assessing who you think is posing as a friend and who might have informants that can hurt you. Be particularly wary of newer friends and people you might more accurately describe as acquaintances.

16. Dream that a Snake is Biting Your Head Off

If you dream about a snake biting off your head, it is fair to say that it would probably feel like more of a nightmare than a dream. It is a highly disturbing image, but you can, thankfully, rest easy because it has no overly negative connotations.

So, what does it mean, then?

It means that you are about to face a new beginning. This might be in the form of moving to a new house, moving to a new job, or starting a new business. The biting off of your head is, therefore, a strong indication of simply drawing a line under the old and embracing the new.

I hope you can rest a bit easier now!

17. Dream of a Snake Biting Your Friend

There are some negative influences among your friends that have not yet come to light. You have an uneasy feeling, but there has been nothing to confirm your suspicions at this point.

The dream is telling you that you are right to think something is wrong. It is urging you to look carefully at the motives of those friends closest to you. Try to mitigate against anything that might do you harm. However, you should also take to heart the fact that a dream about a snake biting your friend also foresees a new beginning that will hopefully be positive.

18. Dream of Snakes Biting Dead Bodies

You are being taken advantage of by people either at work, at home, or in your social group. It could be that you are an agreeable and easygoing person, which is no bad thing, and your good nature is being abused.

Give and take…

Relationships should never be a one-way street, and unfortunately, this is where you are at present. You are in a position of all give and no take. This imbalance is not what friendships and relationships are built on.

You need to put a stop to this. Although it may be contrary to your nature, enough is enough, and you have to stand up for yourself. You will be respected for it, and you will also find out who your true friends are. The ones that react badly to your stronger stance are probably not your friends anyway.

19. Dream of a Snake Bite on the Mouth

A dream about a snake biting you on your mouth has two possible meanings.

The first is that there has been a misunderstanding with someone over something that was said. This was in no way down to deliberate deception or ill intent. It was merely a result of a piece of poor communication on the other party’s side. You will soon learn the truth, and things will be satisfactorily resolved, with no bad feelings on either side.

Got a secret?

The second possible meaning is that you have a secret that you don’t want to come to light. Although it does not exactly put you in a favorable light, it is more than a stupid mistake that anyone could make. However, you deeply care about the opinions of others and have started to blow the consequences, of the secret being exposed, out of all proportion.

Find someone you can trust and talk through why this is troubling you so much. If you are not confident to confide in someone you know, then consider talking with a trained professional who is bound by the rules of confidentiality.

20. Dream of a Snake Bite on the Knee

The knees are used by humans to show respect, pray, and even beg for mercy. As such, the knee is a very powerful show of strength and symbolizes power in our dreams. Being bitten on the knee by a snake in a dream, therefore, shows that we have been placed in a position of authority over someone else.

This could be in the form of someone asking for forgiveness. You might even be lucky enough to shortly be on the receiving end of an old-fashioned marriage proposal. Either way, you should use your power wisely and not abuse it for your own purposes.

21. Dream of a Snake Bite on the Lips

This means that you have a series of deep-seated trust issues. These are likely to be a result of some trauma in the past caused by a betrayal from a previous romantic partner or family member. Whilst you are right to be wary of trusting people initially, your trust levels are now so low as to have a seriously negative impact on your current life.


It is already a problem as it is clearly part of your subconscious thinking, as demonstrated in your dreams. You, therefore, need to fix this before it causes any more damage. If your trust is in such a fragile state, it might be best to talk things over with a counselor or specialist.

22. Dream of Death from a Snake Bite

Dying from a snake bite in your dream means that you feel invisible and unheard in your waking life. You are one of the unsung heroes that nobody seems to pay any attention to. This is highly frustrating and can be crushing to a person’s spirit and soul. Consequently, it is hardly surprising that you feel the way you do.

Here’s what to do about it…

Concentrate on the people close to you and ensure that you foster close relationships with people who are truly important. Do not worry or pay close attention to the actions of others that you either don’t know or whom you would consider acquaintances at best.

23. Dream of a Snake Biting a Baby

This means you have finally reached a state of mental stability and enlightenment. It signifies a lot of struggle getting to this point. However, you have now fought your battles and internal demons to reach fulfillment and happiness.

Your life will be calm and glorious for the remainder of your life. That is because whatever now comes your way, you have the resilience and right mentality to face it. Nothing will bring you down, and nothing will stand in your way going forward.

Scary Dreams Aren’t Just for Kids

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OK, back to today’s topic…

Meanings When You Dream About Snakes Biting You – Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. I’m sure you will agree that it was a fascinating insight into snake dreams. I’m also confident that it will put your mind at rest that not all dreams about snakes are necessarily a bad thing.

Hopefully, your specific dream was among my meanings of dreams about being bitten by a snake. Additionally, the meaning was hopefully one of the good ones. If not, then try not to worry but take some of the suggestions on board to try to shape a better outcome for yourself.

Sweet dreams!

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Dreams About Snakes Biting You Meaning

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