25 Meanings When You Dream About Toilets

Generally, when you dream about toilets, things are not going so well for you. Consequently, most of the 25 meanings when you dream about toilets have a negative meaning. You should therefore be prepared for some bad news. However, despite this, there are still a couple of positive interpretations on my list, so hopefully, you had one of the lucky dreams.

The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Toilets

25 Meanings When You Dream About Toilets

So, let’s take a closer look at your dream and find out what it can tell us, starting with a…

1. Dream of Going to the Toilet

If you go to the toilet in your dreams means that you want to change things about yourself in your waking life. You might be dissatisfied with old habits or routines that are holding you back. To progress, you are now putting an action plan together to achieve exactly this.

If you experience any pain in your dream whilst going to the toilet, this is a bad sign. It shows that although you are serious about bettering yourself, the process is going to be painful. Therefore, prepare for some difficult times ahead as you strive to become a better version of yourself.

2. Dream of Cleaning a Toilet

This is a good sign and has one of the best of the 25 meanings when your dream about toilets. It shows a willingness not to get bogged down with possessions or old ways of doing things. It means you embrace change. You move with the times and evolve with new technologies and experiment with new ideas and philosophies.

Because of this, your life will never be dull and will continue to develop in exciting ways.

3. Dream of Not Being Able to Find the Toilet

This is a bad sign and indicates that you have high levels of anxiety. You feel unsure about yourself and lack the confidence to express yourself and your ideas. You’re now facing a series of obstacles in your waking life that you find difficult to overcome.

Anxiety is a common problem, and there are things you can do about it. Firstly, you should not allow yourself to wallow in your worrying. Set a limit of, say, five minutes for any negative thinking, and then move on. Give yourself regular breaks from any problems you are trying to solve. Get healthy with your diet and physical health. Establish a regular sleeping pattern. Share your feelings with someone.

4. Dream of a Toilet Being Open For the Public to View

The dream is an indication that you are unhappy with your current circumstances and your lack of privacy. You feel you have no private space and that wherever you go, someone is watching you.

Alternatively, it can mean that you are been controlled or dominated by someone close to you. This is most likely to be from either a spouse, romantic partner, or a parent. In every case, you need to talk with whoever is doing this and explain exactly why you are not happy.

Preferably, enter the discussion with a few suggestions to reach a compromise where all parties are satisfied. Make sure you stand up for yourself and don’t become overly emotional when fighting your corner.

5. Dream of a Bloody Toilet

This is not good and has one of the worst of the 25 meanings when you dream about toilets.

So, what is so bad about this dream?

Because it means that there is something very bad going to happen to a member of your family. It might be to do with a relative’s health, but it could also have something to do with an ill-fated financial decision.

The fallout is likely to be severe, and unfortunately, most of your family members will end up being sucked into the drama. That includes you! As much as it might be difficult, you should try not to take sides and keep your opinions to yourself at all times.

6. Dream of Worms in the Toilet

This means that there are people in your life that benefit from what you do in your working life. They hang around and pick up the scraps as a consequence of your hard work without any form of acknowledgment or thanks.

It could be that you are aware of the situation, but since this has little to no financial harm, you choose to ignore it. The dream is reminding you that, nevertheless, these people are always lurking in the background, and you need to maintain vigilance to ensure that things don’t get out of control.

7. Dream of No Toilet Paper

This means that you are not able to accept and deal with the negative emotions of your past. The errors you have made, along with all the bad experiences you have suffered, have merely been swept under the carpet. However, the mess inevitably has to be cleared up at some time, and that time has now arrived.

The dream of running out of toilet paper is your subconscious telling you that you can no longer suppress the negativity that has accumulated. You need to deal with it as it is adversely affecting you, and you are, therefore, not living the best version of your life.

Take control and seek the help of someone you can trust to confide in.

8. Dream of Flushing a Toilet

When you flush a toilet in your dream, it means that you are letting go of something in your past. It could be to do with an old relationship or maybe a job or even a place. The flushing a toilet dream is a sign that you are now ready to move forward and embrace whatever comes.

The dream also indicates that in the pursuit of this new and exciting phase of your life, you may end up spending more money than you had initially envisaged. Try not to get too hung up on this because, ultimately, you will get to where you planned… though just that little bit poorer!

9. Dream of Peeing and Pooing in the Toilet

You are well-disciplined and have good control over both your emotions and your financial position. You tend to rule with your head rather than your heart, and you are not hot to anger.

However, although you generally have a considered approach, you are not the best at fine details. For this, you have to rely on the help of friends and business associates to keep you on the right track.

10. Dream of Digging a Toilet

If you dream that you are digging a toilet, you may want to maintain a high level of discretion about how you spend your money. This is because you have come into a lot of money. Very wisely, you want to keep this to yourself to prevent people from trying to ask for loans or invite you to join them in businesses you are not interested in.

It is a sensible move, and your subconscious certainly agrees.

11. Dream of an Old Toilet

This means that you are clinging to a series of old methods of doing things in both your personal and work life. You are happy with your old methods of doing things, and despite the relentless progress of technology, you don’t want to make major changes.

It is understandable, but as technologies become increasingly sophisticated, you ultimately will have little choice. Your dream is telling you that you have to move with the times, or you will get left behind.

The best plan of action is to admit you have a problem and enlist the help of someone tech-savvy. Take on the small skills first and build your confidence up slowly before taking on bigger challenges. You will be glad you did.

12. Dream of a Clogged Toilet

The dream has two possible meanings, and sadly neither of them is good. The first is that you are becoming overrun with problems in your waking life. You are having to meet challenges and fight fires on all fronts. You are therefore starting to feel worn out and disheartened. The blocked toilet dream is telling you to keep going because there will be solutions just around the corner.

The second meaning is that you are having problems expressing how you feel. Your suppressed emotions might be down to some previous trauma or a lack of confidence, or low levels of self-esteem.

You need to open up and start trusting the people who love you.

13. Dream of Eating from a Toilet

It’s a dream that will most probably make you feel a little sick and certainly make you feel uncomfortable. Not surprisingly, the interpretations are not so sweet either.

So, what is going on?

The dream means that you will acquire a large amount of wealth in a very short space of time.

So, what is so bad about that?

It is because of the nature of how it will be acquired. The money will come from a dubious source and, at best, would be described as being ‘dirty.’ At worst, it would be described as being illegal.

Your inner voice is warning you that if you go down this path, it could define who you are for the rest of your life. Additionally, you could also be looking over your shoulder forever, and you might even face legal consequences. So, think very carefully before you potentially do something that you will regret.

14. Dream of a Phone in the Toilet

If you dream that your phone is in the toilet, it means that you are a glass-half-full kind of person. You tend to view the world negatively, and you mirror these feelings in conversations with family, friends, and work colleagues.

Unfortunately, your pessimistic outlook is not well received by the people close to you. They find you difficult to be around and consequently increasingly ignore your calls. Additionally, invitations from other people have all but dried up.

It could be that you have some underlying depression or you are suffering from stress and anxiety. If this were the case, it would explain your negative behavior. If this best describes you, then consider a trip to your family doctor to get to the bottom of this.

15. Dream of a Missing Toilet

When you dream that there is a toilet missing, it means that you are overly dependent on someone in your life for emotional support. The dream foresees that you will shortly lose the help that they afford you. This will subsequently leave you in a very vulnerable position in terms of your mental health.

It could be that the person will withdraw their support because they feel that they are being taken for granted. If you think that they might have reason to believe that this is true, you need to start showing some gratitude and appreciation.

Additionally, you should also begin to explore other avenues to vent your emotions. It might be that you are burdening one person way too much for comfort. Find another sympathetic ear to help you, and make sure you show your thanks to them too.

16. Dream of a Toothbrush in the Toilet

If you dream that your toilet has a toothbrush in it, then you are possibly suffering from low self-esteem and lacking confidence. This can happen to all of us from time to time, and generally, most of us find our way out of it too.

So, what should you do?

Sharing your problem with a friend or family member is a good starting place. Next, you should pledge that you will not allow any negative self-talking. You could also begin to compliment yourself when you do things right. Additionally, you should write five things you are good at on a piece of paper and read them out aloud ten times a day.

Finally, seek out whatever additional help you think you need as appropriate.

17. Dream of a Snake in the Toilet

Next, on my rundown of the 25 Meanings When You Dream About Toilets, this one means that you need to be careful about what information you divulge about yourself. If you have some secrets that could potentially be used against you, then keep them to yourself. Keep sensitive information for old and trusted friends or relatives only.

Be wary of new friends or work colleagues and what you tell them. If you are too open, in the spirit of being friendly, the information may be used against you. This might lead to reputational and even financial loss.

18. Dream of Water in the Toilet

The dream’s interpretation will very much depend on the quality of the water in the bowl. In the first instance, where the water is clear, it indicates strong mental health and that you are very much in touch with your emotions. You have good mental stability, and you are well-positioned to take on any challenges that come your way.

Conversely, where the water is cloudy and smells bad, you are not in a good place emotionally. You still have a lot of previous traumas to work through, and you are in a bad position to face any issues that might crop up in your life. Additionally, you are in a poor mental state to be in or commence a relationship.

19. Dream of Falling into the Toilet

The dream is a warning against you being complacent. That is because it predicts a poor result on your part since you take a situation for granted and don’t do the necessary work. You are being warned that you need to properly prepare for future business and work projects.

Unexpected circumstances could easily wreck your plans and seriously impact your future otherwise.

Be careful not to be the one who snatches defeat out of the jaws of victory!

20. Dream of Installing a New Toilet

When you install a new toilet in your dreams, it means that you have some great new ideas. Unfortunately, your friends and work colleagues are not as excited about them as you are. However, despite this, you are determined with pressing on and implementing them on your own. Fortunately, you have a strong and determined view of how you want to do things, and you don’t concern yourself with people’s negativity.

Your inner self is urging you to continue on the same path and to continue believing in yourself and your abilities.

21. Dream of Breaking a Toilet

You are tired of feeling constricted. You’ve had enough and have decided to no longer be constrained by other people’s thinking or societal norms. You are going to say exactly what you think and not worry about the consequences.

It is good that you don’t want to live your life within some arbitrary set of limits. Most of this I would applaud you for. However, just be careful you don’t go too far, and try to be sensitive if there are special circumstances that warrant it.

22. Dream of Fixing a Toilet Leak

If you dream that you fix a leak in your toilet, it means that you are overstretched financially as a result of overspending and poor personal financial management. This is not about not earning enough; it is about living above your means.

You need to get this under control because if you don’t, it will follow you for the rest of your life. You will end up living in debt and from paycheck to paycheck. The only people that will benefit are the banks, lending companies, and their shareholders.

They have enough already, so don’t give them any more.

23. Dream of a Toilet Full of Poo

You would think that this would have to have a negative interpretation.


Surprisingly, no, that is not the case at all. If you dream that a toilet is full of poo, it’s all good. That is because despite you having had to recently overcome a lot of difficulties, you are now entering a golden phase.

Everything you touch will be successful, and you will receive some excellent financial rewards as a result. This period of life will nicely set you up to move all the closer to achieving your ultimate goals.

24. Dream of Cleaning The Toilet Bowl

Coming to the end of my 25 Meanings When You Dream About Toilets, a dream when you clean the toilet bowl has kind of a positive meaning. I say this because although you are now in a good place, this sadly was not the case not so long ago. Unfortunately, you were involved in a toxic relationship which you have now only just started to heal from.

The good news, though, is that you are now a long way into the process of working through all the residual bad feelings and negativity caused by your ex. You are at the point of forgiveness and letting go.

Keep on going, and make sure you eventually release every scrap of negativity you still have left.

25. Dream of a Cracked Toilet

This has two possible meanings. If the toilet seat is cracked in your dream, it could mean that you have some serious problems with your career or business. These are critical, and you need to fix them, or they are in danger of causing you major damage. You need to focus on trying to put this all right as a matter of priority.

Alternatively, the cracked toilet seat dream could mean that you have a physical problem with your digestive system. Under no circumstances ignore the problem. The best course of action is undoubtedly to go and get it checked out.

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25 Meanings When You Dream About Toilets – Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. I hope that my 25 interpretations of what it means when you dream about toilets have given you a better idea of what your subconscious is trying to tell you. However, unfortunately, as far as these kinds of dreams are concerned, most of them have negative interpretations. Consequently, you may need to consider making a few changes in your waking life going forward.

Finally, remember that your dreams are the way for your inner voice to be heard. So, listen carefully to what it is saying and trust your intuition.

Sweet dreams.

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Dreams About Toilets: What Do They Mean?

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