23 Meanings When You Dream About Blood

Dreams about blood can be very disturbing and, unfortunately, seldom have much positivity to them. However, although most of the 23 meanings when you dream about blood are mostly negative, there are a few good dreams too.

Meanings When You Dream About Blood

23 Meanings When You Dream About Blood

So, let’s find out which is which and what they all mean, starting with…

1. Dream About Blood On Your Hands

This means that you have done something bad to someone or let people down somehow. Having “blood on your hands” is a phrase that is commonly used, and most of us know it reflects that you are guilty of some horrible act. It could be something criminal or physical though this is not generally the case.

If you are dreaming about blood on your hands and are also trying to wash the blood off your hands, it is an indication that you aren’t taking responsibility for your actions. Though you may not have currently been found out, you know deep down that you are likely to be eventually discovered, and you will have to pay the price.

2. Dream About Blood On Your Clothes

When you’re dreaming about blood on your clothes, you may have done some bad deed or wrongdoing that is now coming back to bite you. Your previous poor actions have been discovered by the people you have wronged, and they are now calling at your door for revenge or repayment in some way.

The payback could be either connected with work, your personal finances, or a close relationship. The type of clothes in the dream should give you a better idea of the person involved. For instance, if the blood is on a suit, it means that the person you have harmed is associated with work.


If they are wearing a wedding dress, it is likely to be your wife. If you are trying to wash bloody clothing in your dream, it is a sign that you are still trying to dodge responsibility and pretend that nothing ever happened.

3. Dream Of Blood From A Wound

There is a good chance that you have been hurt by a romantic partner or possibly by a very close friend. This is someone that you are understandably emotionally invested in. Consequently, the pain that has been caused is particularly difficult to move past.

When you dream about blood coming from a wound, the blood indicates that these metaphorical wounds in your waking life still need time to heal. You are doing your best to move past it, but there is part of you that still feels bitter and is yearning for the happier times of the past.

What can you do?

Try your best to leave all of this behind you and, as everyone will tell you, “time is a great healer.” There is a lot of truth in this, and if you can truly move on, you will most probably forge even stronger links with the person that has done you wrong.

4. Dream Of Vomiting Blood

You have some potential health issues that are causing you to feel weak in some way. These problems may not have fully shown themselves, which means that you have an opportunity to put things right before they become too serious.

Treat this as a warning to take better care of your health. Do all of the usual things, like eating a healthy diet, exercising, and getting enough sleep. Plus, you may also want to consider getting a general health check just to be sure.

But that’s not all…

It might also be that the dream is an indication that you have a weakened sense of self and are experiencing a fragility in your mental health. If this is how you feel, you should talk to someone close to you, whom you can trust so that you can properly air your worries and concerns.

5. Dream Of Blood Coming From Your Mouth

I am sorry to say, but this is yet another bad omen. If you have dreams about blood coming out of your mouth, it might be that there is some real danger or accident just around the corner that you will have to deal with. It can also mean you are likely to face some serious obstacles that will need to be overcome.


It is a cautionary dream and is telling you to be extra careful and not do anything too rash. Alternatively, it can mean that you have been trying to hide some kind of problem and that it has now come to the point that you have to talk about it.

The blood coming from your mouth symbolizes talking of something painful to you and those around you.

6. Dream Of Coughing Up Blood

This is the first of the 23 meanings when you dream about blood that is actually positive. However, unfortunately, it is one of very few, so hopefully, of all the dreams on my list, this is the one you have been recently experiencing.

So, what is it all about?

A dream of you coughing up blood is symbolic of you having already fixed a serious problem in your waking life. This could have been something that has been an ongoing thorn in your side for some time, but finally, you are free.

Even better, it now bodes well for the future because your ability to deal with this previous problem suggests success in your future work and projects. It appears that your longer-term life goals should be just as successful.

7. Dream About A Blood Transfusion

If you are the person donating the blood, it signifies that you are a given person. It suggests that you are compassionate and like to help others. This brings you great rewards, and you are universally liked by those around you, but it is not without its problems.

So, what is the issue?

Unfortunately, you have been left feeling exhausted by your over-commitment to helping others. You feel mentally and physically drained and have given as much of yourself as you feel you can at present. The dream means you need to take better care of yourself and, for the near future, consider your own needs first.

You need space to regain your mental and physical strength. Once you feel stronger, you will then need to find a better balance in your life to avoid future crises. Moving forward, you should continue to be compassionate to others but not forget to be compassionate to yourself too.

8. Dream Of A Bleeding Nose

If you have dreams about a bleeding nose, it means that you have probably not been taking the best care of yourself in recent times. For many of us, life can get in the way of focusing on our own needs. This is a common state of affairs, and it is, therefore, not surprisingly, a relatively common dream.

Do not be too hard on yourself if you have let things slip, as time constraints can often hurt even our best attempts for some quality self-care. However, the dream is telling you to start taking your own mental and physical health a little more seriously. Do whatever works for you and start to address the situation without excuses or delays.

9. Dream Of A Taste Of Blood

This symbolizes the aftermath of a fight when you have been punched in the face and subsequently lick your wounds and taste your own blood. It could be the other person has suffered the same fate. Regardless, it is not a good sign and is an indicator that you are having issues in your social life.

In your waking life…

You may have had a disagreement or an argument with a friend or friends that have left a bad taste in your mouth. The difference of opinions may have been down to a simple misunderstanding because you found it difficult to effectively communicate your ideas.

Face up to this failure and find your own way to deal with it but do not consider inaction as a plan.

10. Dream Of Animal Blood

Thank goodness! This is another positive dream about blood, which is great news because, quite frankly, they are very few and far between. Happily, this is also a really good one, with no downside whatsoever.

If you dream about animal blood, it is a symbol of great success. It is likely that all aspects of your life are currently going well and that you have already experienced a lot of life accomplishments.

This is all good, but it doesn’t stop here…

It also means that your current winning streak is not likely to end any time soon. You will continue to prosper and move towards your long-term goals and ambitions.

11. Dream About Blood On The Floor

This means that you have a problem in your life that may appear to be too big to deal with. The larger the amount of blood, then the more serious the problem. The dream reflects that you may already feel helpless to act because of the severity of what you are facing.

Because the pool of blood is on the floor rather than the wall, it suggests that it is something that can, for the present, be easily overlooked.


Despite being able to turn a blind eye in the interim, it isn’t something you can ignore for much longer and will soon come to dominate your life.

Rather than wait till the last minute, you need to stop burying your head in the sand and take steps to fix or at least minimize the fallout. Failure to act now will only cause more harm down the line.

12. Dream About Bloody Words

Dreaming about bloody words means you may have been working on a project and possibly on something highly creative for some time. Things have now reached a point where all the intense and prolonged dedication to the cause is going to pay off.

If you have already formulated a plan to tie your ideas together, then you should stick with it. The dream is telling you that all your hard work is about to bear fruit. The trials and difficulties you’ve endured to this point will shortly be over. Keep going!

13. Dream Of Seeing Lots Of Blood

This isn’t good and is one of the worse of the 23 meanings when you dream about blood. That is because the dream indicates that you are going to experience some significant bad luck or fortune. You are surrounded by malicious people who all have the potential to cause you harm.

This is a time to be cautious and seek the counsel of family and long-term friends that you can trust. Do not put yourself in a position where you can be manipulated. This is especially so in regards to anyone you do not know particularly well.

14. Dream Of Bloody Crime Scenes

You may be experiencing a lot of upheavals and emotional stress in your waking life. The blood at the crime shows that you are not facing up to these feelings and are trying to suppress them in the hope they will simply disappear. Sadly, life seldom works this way.

If you continue to push down these emotions, they are only going to pop up again but even stronger. If you dream about a bloody crime scene, it is time to take action because the level of anxiety and despair that might ensue could end up taking you to a very dark place indeed.

15. Dreams About A Puddle Of Blood

It could be that you are finding it uncomfortable to deal with some of the new people in your life. This is most probably in your work life though it might also extend to your social circle. Regardless of who they are, you are not finding them easy to deal with, but through circumstances, you have little choice but to deal with them.

Despite your misgivings, a puddle of blood in a dream symbolizes major changes in your waking life, and these are most likely to be positive. You could be in for a promotion or enjoy some significant success through a business deal.

16. Blood Coming Out Of Your Ears

It might not surprise you that the likely interpretation of blood coming out of your ears in a dream is that you will hear some bad news in the near future. And it could come from a variety of different sources. It might relate to the loss of a job, a serious rift with friends, a breakup with a romantic partner, or even the death of someone close.

An alternative interpretation is that you are doing your best to ignore any bad news you have already seen. You are effectively suppressing the change because they are just too hard to deal with. Obviously, this is neither healthy nor sustainable, as you will have to acknowledge what is going on at some point.

17. Dream Of Blood In Your Eyes

This is another bad omen and always carries negativity with it. Blood in your eyes in a dream shows that you are consumed by dark thoughts in your waking life. You have lost confidence in yourself, and you are likely to be experiencing high levels of doubt.

You are in a weak and vulnerable emotional state, which is leaving you in a poor position to deal with future setbacks or bad news. Sadly, the dream also predicts that more obstacles are going to be placed in your way. Although you cannot necessarily predict what it is, you can at least work on your current negative thinking. This will help you to be better equipped to deal with whatever is coming.

18. Dream About Rivers Of Blood

If you dream about rivers of blood, you are going through a lot of internal pain and conflict. This could well be something you have been carrying around with you for some time. Sadly, it is unlikely to disappear anytime soon. Because of the severity and the length of time you have experienced these emotions, you will very probably already feel physically drained.

This is really no way to live, but trying to fix it can be daunting. However, you have to start somewhere and stop carrying the stone around with you wherever you go. Start by finding someone you can trust to share your concerns. Failing this, you might also consider seeking professional help. Whatever you do, take action, hold on, and things will get better.

19. Dream About Swimming In Blood

This is rather strange because we automatically assume that this has to be bad. However, although it can have negative connotations, it just as often has a positive meaning. Regardless of which meaning applies, there will be an event that is very unexpected and triggers your emotions in a big way.

The event will be major, and it will also be something you have never experienced before. Consequently, you may feel out of your depth, though ultimately, you will deal with the new experience after some initial hesitation.

20. Dream Of Spotting Blood On A Body

This means that you have done something or said something that you now feel ashamed or guilty of. You have tried to forget and bury what has been done, but your conscience is too strong. The remorse you feel, despite your best efforts to suppress it, is now coming back to haunt you.

The guilt and remorse you feel in your dreams will do nothing to mend the damage you have caused in your relationships. The only way to do this is to take responsibility in your waking life and take appropriate steps to fix what you have broken.

21. Dream Of Bleeding To Death

This means that you may suffer or may have already suffered from a big loss of wealth. A dream about bleeding to death mirrors the common phrase, “being bled dry.” The financial loss could either be in one hit or in a number of smaller amounts extended over a long period.

All of this is an awful omen and requires you to refocus all of your efforts on your current financial position and responsibilities. Try to minimize your exposure to risky ventures and consolidate your position as best you can.

22. Dream Of Drinking Blood

This is a good sign because it means that you have identified the need to reenergize and charge your batteries. For whatever reason, you have been feeling lethargic and lacking in energy. You are now reaching out to people close to you so that you can find your own self.

If you have not already done this, then the support of others will be vital in regaining your emotional and physical health. The future, as a consequence, will put you in a place where you are able to face any new challenges or obstacles that are placed in your way.

23. Dream About Blood Dripping On The Ground

This is likely to take the form of small drops of blood dropping infrequently on the ground. It symbolizes the fight, arguments, and squabbles among your family and friends. These kinds of arguments are likely to be infrequent, and may not be of any great intensity or importance, but they are clearly leaving a mark on your emotional well-being.

You need to think carefully about the kinds of arguments that happen within your close circle. If they are what might be perceived as “normal” in most circumstances, it is possible that you find it difficult to be around conflict.

Beyond Blood

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Meanings When You Dream About Blood – Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. I hope the list of the 23 interpretations of dreams about blood has given you a better idea of what is going on deep in your subconscious. I hope that it also gives you some potential pointers on how to better conduct yourself in your waking life.

Sweet Dreams!

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