16 Meanings When You Dream About Elephants

Have you ever found yourself dreaming about elephants? You may be wondering what this means. It differs depending on the context of the dream, but generally speaking, elephants are a symbol of wisdom, power, and great strength.

However, this doesn’t always mean that a positive dream interpretation will be made. You do, however, already possess these same elephant qualities even if you don’t know or believe them yet. Their application will allow you to combat any battle. Just let your inner power guide you!

So, here are 16 Meanings When You Dream About Elephants that may help you to understand exactly what your elephant dream means

Meanings When You Dream About Elephant

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Elephants?

Here are some interpretations of what it means to dream about Elephants.

1. Dreaming about a Pregnant Elephant

Elephants carry their young for almost two years in pregnancy, longer than any other mammal on the planet. This dream is symbolic of your patience and perseverance, your ability to nurture and grow.

The birth of something new lies ahead. It may be challenging, but you can use your strength, confidence, and self-belief to achieve big things. Potentially, it may be a long process, and some valuable decisions will be required. Use your emotional maturity and knowledge to consider all options to ensure the best outcome.

Change is on the horizon, whether it be in your professional or personal life. Maybe a new job or promotion. Maybe a wedding, new addition to the family, or relocation. The most important thing will be taking the time to prepare with careful consideration for all that this change will entail. You need to believe in yourself to reap the rewards.

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2. Dreaming about an Elephant giving Birth

Dreams about birth have long been associated with new beginnings. They also represent the pain and determination that is required. You will need to put some of your needs and desires aside so you can advance. This is not a time to be selfish, and maybe you will need to put others first for a while so that they can adapt to the change.

Change is hard, don’t underestimate what it may take from you. It will be vital to factor in some time to recover, not just for yourself but for everyone involved. You will all need time to adjust as you embark on this next phase in your life. Lots of energy will be required, so start to think about how you can preserve this. Be more aware of who you give your energy to, and make sure to take time to rest and relax.

New beginnings are exciting but don’t lose your balance.

3. Dreaming about Baby Elephants

This is a sign of good luck and happy times await. If you have been going through any difficulties of late, rest assured these will soon be a thing of the past. The darkest hour of the day comes just before dawn, so have faith that brighter days will soon be upon you.

Try not to worry and feel anxious. Just follow your heart, and soon your dreams and aspirations will materialize. Have trust and hope because success is on the cards. Your hard work and commitment will soon pay off. Soon you will see how capable you are once you put your mind to something. Your relationships are about to strengthen through love.

If you are single, new love may be on the way. Or it could be that your life is about to take an unexpected, new direction which will bring lots of joyful moments.

4. Dreaming about a Herd of Elephants

Elephants are one of the most loyal and faithful species on earth. They feel each other’s emotions, and they grieve their loved ones just as humans do. Elephants are highly empathic but wearing their heart on their sleeve does make them vulnerable.

This dream could be a sign to learn to express yet contain your emotions so that they don’t get the better of you. It is likely that you wear your heart on your sleeve but don’t let this consume you. Remember to stay focused on the direction you are headed. It is wonderful to be regarded as a friend who has so much to give but be careful not to get weighed down by carrying other people’s problems.

Take it through…

If you have been struggling lately, now is the time to reach out. You don’t need to face life’s issues alone; strength comes in numbers, remember! Maybe you have been going through a bereavement, divorce, breakdown of a relationship, or loss of a job. Whatever the difficulty, trust in your loved ones to support you.

It is not a sign of weakness to ask for help. Trust is fundamental to loyalty, so be conscious of who you turn to. Professionals are always on hand if you don’t feel you have anyone in your personal life, but most importantly, don’t suffer in silence.

If you have been taking too much on recently, it’s time for some much-needed ‘You Time.’ Plus, if new people enter your life at this time, these will likely become permanent and enriching relationships.

This fascinating account of the social behavior of elephants may make you think about the process.

5. Dreaming about a Happy Elephant

Your happiness sits in your own hands. A happy elephant has used its intelligence to learn from experience. Now it is time for you to do the same. Don’t let things overwhelm you or dwell on the past; this will never bring you happiness.

This is a reminder to use your time to work on your social connections and strengthen your communication skills. Do you tend to isolate yourself if you’re feeling low? If so, it’s exceptionally important to prioritize seeing friends and family and engaging in activities you love. This will allow you to feel stronger and more stable, which in turn will give you more power to deal with the challenges that life will continue to present.

Don’t live in the illusion that life will always be a rose garden on a summer’s day. Hard winters will come, but your contentment comes from knowing that you are doing your best. Create and harness better social connections if you feel they are lacking. If you’re an introvert, it might be time to think about getting a pet.

Find out more with this helpful guide to the science of social connection.

6. Dreaming about an Angry Elephant

Next on my list of 16 Meanings When You Dream About Elephants, this is representative of feeling under threat. Maybe you have been under some physical or emotional strain. Action is required to remove the threat. If you have been suffering from an injury or illness, explore what may improve your situation. There are always alternative ways to overcome a problem. Seek help if you need it; being stubborn will not get you anywhere.

If you have been putting too much pressure on yourself, now is the time to stop. Life is here to enjoy, and taking responsibility for your own emotions is yours to take. Anger towards others is usually a reflection of the anger we are feeling towards ourselves. Maybe explore any anger you have been feeling to identify how you can counteract this.

7. Dreaming about getting Chased by an Elephant

Have you been escaping life’s problems recently? Maybe you have been using alcohol, drugs, or food to block and avoid. Running away, however, won’t solve the problem. It will only prolong the inevitable.

So it’s time to face the difficulties, and use your inner strength and power to become victorious. Don’t avoid the pain of challenging situations; you are more capable than you realize of achieving all that you want to in life. Face whatever is being presented as a learning opportunity; it will only rear its ugly head again if you don’t.

Take a good look at yourself…

Now would be a good time to be curious about bad habits. Poor diet, too much alcohol, and not enough sleep or exercise are recipes for disaster. So take a step back and think about how nourished you feel physically and emotionally. Life is about balance, both professionally and personally. Make sure that you have enough time to have fun, laugh, and enjoy yourself.

If you’re prone to taking everything too seriously, this is the time to chill out and gain a new perspective. Figure out what feeds your soul, then go out and find the food.

If you think you may be developing an unwanted habit, take a look at this excellent guide to mental health and substance abuse.

8. Dreaming about Killing an Elephant

Difficult times are coming up, and you will need to keep an eye on your emotions so that they don’t get the better of you. Staying calm is key, along with being creative in your problem-solving skills. If something is not working, try a different approach. You have all of the answers inside of you.

Move slowly, take a step back, observe and gather information, all of which will improve your wisdom. Now is not the time to be making quick decisions. Being mindful and tactful will give you more power. You want to use this power in the right way. Overuse or abuse of power will not end well. Karma is always watching, so think before you speak, and sometimes it’s best to say nothing at all.

9. Dreaming about a Dead Elephant

The death of an elephant can symbolize a transitional phase in your life. Let go of what no longer serves you and invite in more of what does. Don’t hold onto the past, be excited for the future and all that lies ahead.

This dream could be deemed unlucky but can also be seen as a sign to accept the things you can’t change and seek reassurance in the impermanence of life. If things seem tough at the moment, remember this won’t last forever; everything is temporary.

Exert caution as you move forwards, but don’t let fear stop you from embracing new opportunities. There is likely to be lots of uncertainty at work, but maybe this has been sent to give you the much-needed change that you deserve. It might seem daunting when doors close but remember, new ones will always open.

10. Dreaming about an Injured Elephant

If the injured elephant was in distress in your dream, this could be a sign of danger. Give your full attention to any existing or new challenges in your life. Tread carefully and move slowly. Running will mean a far greater chance of falling and acquiring an injury than if you walk cautiously. Keep your eyes open to look out for any obstacles along the path.

You are likely a very empathic person with the ability to tend to others when in need. You have lots of love to give; maybe you currently have someone in your life who is struggling. So long as you feel well-resourced at this time, give tenderly. This is a wonderful quality that you possess, and you probably have lots of healing abilities.

11. Dreaming about Elephants in Water

This is a really good omen unless the elephants were swimming. In this case, it could indicate challenges ahead. Working hard to be as strong as you are able will allow you to swim through muddy waters with ease.

Generally, it is a good sign to see elephants in water; prosperity is on the way. This will likely be a period of calm and joyful times. If you have experienced disharmony with friends or relatives lately, this may be a time to reconnect. Try to put aside your differences and cherish the love that you share.

12. Dreaming about Bathing Elephants

Elephants are very playful when they bathe, and the cartoon adaptations are pretty accurate. They love to splash around, cover themselves in mud, and squirt water out of their trunks. It is a very positive interpretation to dream about elephants bathing. Fun times are ahead.

If you have felt overly busy with work or family commitments recently, maybe it’s time to embrace your inner child and arrange more social interactions in happy environments. Make time in your life for more play and absorb the joy that this brings. We can easily forget how to do this as adults, but it is so important to live a healthy balanced life.

A detox is needed…

Elephants also love being clean, so this could be a sign that you need a detox of some sort. Think about what has been going on around you. We automatically associate detoxing with diet, but maybe you have been carrying the burdens of others for too long.

Consider the different ways that you could perhaps lighten your load. Don’t carry other’s people’s issues for them if you are struggling to manage the weight of your own. You come first, remember, and you don’t want the effort of washing too much mud off your back.

13. Dreaming about Feeding an Elephant

Coming to the end of my rundown of 16 Meanings When You Dream About Elephants, good fortune and great success are symbolic of a dream where you feed an elephant. Great abundance and money are on the way. If you have been thinking about starting a new business venture, then now is the time. Soon the rewards will be fruitful.

This could also be a sign of your personal growth and spiritual development. If this is not something you are already attuned to, then be open to new ideas and opportunities.

To dream of feeding an elephant can be representative of the need to take some time off. Maybe now is the time to think about booking a holiday. Maybe you have been overworked lately, working towards the victory that will soon be yours. In order to enjoy it when it arrives, you want to be well-rested. So if you’re feeling a little burnt out, take some time to relax and get ready for the next looming adventure.

Find out more with this guide to the seven stages of spiritual development.

14. Dreaming about Riding an Elephant

Similar to feeding an elephant, this is a real sign of good luck. All of your hard work is about to be recognized. If at work you are striving for a promotion or to be in a position of authority, don’t give up. You know which direction you are heading, and you make things happen. Everything is within your reach; just be patient.

Persistence, perseverance, and diligence are all qualities that will support you on this journey of success; however, you wish this to be measured. It’s not always about money. If you apply yourself and focus on your goals, all will soon be revealed.

Visualize the life you want to live, work hard for it, and you will succeed. Manifestations will help you to visualize if it is not something that comes naturally. Maybe writing out a manifestation list of the things you want to invite into your life. What do you want your future to look like? Ask for it, and you will attract it.

15. Dreaming about Flying Elephants

Flying elephants reiterate the need to put aside your fear of failing. Maybe people around you minimize or dismiss your dreams, but remember that they are YOUR dreams. You don’t need validation from others to follow your path. Usually, when others oppose your ideas, it is just a projection of something they are lacking in their life or too scared to accomplish.

You are likely a very driven and ambitious person but can become easily anxious and struggle with self-worth. Don’t let this hold you back any longer. Be brave and follow your heart and intuition. When you make the jump, you will see how breathtaking the flight is and how capable you are.

You are so much stronger than you already realize. Aim high, as the view is better when you take flight. The pride you will feel once you succeed will far outweigh all of those initial fears.

16. Dreaming about Elephants in Captivity

Similarly to flying elephants, dreaming about elephants living in captivity represents the fear that you are holding onto, which prevents you from following your dreams. Maybe this is linked to low self-worth and a lack of belief in yourself. Maybe this is a result of unsupportive people around you.

It would be a good time to think about who in your life may also be holding you back. Surround yourself with people who empower you and will support you in turning your dreams into your reality. Anyone who is not doing this is simply a burden, and these relationships need to be managed carefully.

You are good enough exactly as you are, but you need to believe this. Surround yourself with positivity, and you will flourish as a result. Confidence and self-esteem will grow, and you will feel free to achieve all that you want to.

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16 Meanings When You Dream About Elephants – Final Thoughts

Dreaming about elephants would seem to be a good guide for learning to exert your inner power, trust your instincts, believe in yourself, and aim high. If you stay focused and work as hard as you can, then you will receive the rewards. This may be in either your professional or personal life, but the key is patience and perseverance.

There is no need to be afraid of warning signs; these can simply be taken as initiations for change. It’s sometimes easy to be blinded by what is right in front of you but usually, just taking a step back is all that is required. A dream may indicate something that you weren’t expecting or are not happy to hear but use this as a learning experience.

Using your wisdom, power, and strength as the elephant does will lead to you knowing exactly what you need to do in every eventuality. Maybe you have more in common with the elephants than you realize.

Sweet dreams!

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