Meanings When You Dream About Hair Falling Out

Dreams are like promises from unreliable friends. They are not meant to be taken literally, but they do have some real intentions. Joking aside, dreams are like complicated metaphors that you need to figure out for yourself alongside your current life circumstances. However, certain dream patterns are common for most people, where your subconscious is trying to tell you something about yourself.

For instance, have you ever dreamed about your hair falling out? If you have, don’t worry too much about your lovely locks because the dream isn’t about losing hair per se. There could be a number of meanings when you dream about hair falling out. So, it’s important not to jump to the wrong conclusion. If this has happened to you, let’s find the answers to your hair loss dreams questions.

What Do Dreams About Losing Your Hair Mean?

Understanding Hair Loss Dreams

Some of the most common dreams that people have are their hair or teeth falling out, and the moment you awake from one, it can be pretty harrowing. It might seem strange and even scary, but believe me, there are scarier dreams, like drowning or having a loved one die. But no matter how strange our hair loss dreams are, we still want to know what it means.

These types of dreams usually come in different forms. For example, the most common hair loss dreams include one where clumps of your hair are falling out. In some cases, it could be strands of hair falling out. In other cases, it can be dreams where you imagine that you are already bald.

So what’s it all about?

There are usually deeper underlying issues at play that are contributing to you dreaming these things that are essentially your subconscious trying to send you a subliminal message. Let’s take a look at the most common meanings.

Common Meanings for Hair Falling Out Dreams

There are a bunch of common meanings when you dream about hair falling out. Here is an overview before we go more in-depth so you can get an idea of the main themes:

  • Fear of getting older
  • Fear of dying
  • Ideas that you’ve abandoned
  • Losing your creativity
  • Feeling helpless
  • Fear of losing control or power
  • Losing energy
  • Fear of losing your sexual prowess
  • Worried about becoming less attractive

These are just the basic meanings of hair loss dreams. However, there are also different types of dreams about losing your hair that mean a number of specific things that I will get into below. However, they all basically play into our own fears and insecurities and are essentially about our vulnerabilities.

Are Dreams About Hair Loss the Same as Teeth Falling Out Dreams?

I often get asked if dreams about hair falling out are the same as those where our teeth fall out, and the answer is yes and no. Both are linked to our concerns and fears of aging, a deterioration in our appearance, or even death in some cases. But generally speaking, dreams about our teeth falling out are more linked to our deterioration due to an unhealthy diet or even due to the stresses of financial woes.

Or it could even signify that you are worried about saying the wrong thing.

What if I’m having both dreams?

If you are having reoccurring dreams about both these things, you might want to take it in a more positive light to understand that everyone gets older and ages, and that’s just the way it is. Unless you think it’s about your diet, in which case, you can actually do something about it.

What you Need to Know about Hair Falling Out Dreams

It signifies a confidence issue in your life in regard to your appearance, age, and/or health. Losing authority or fearing losing a loved one is also at the top of the list. Other hair loss dream interpretations include stress and anxiety, or even feeling betrayed and let down by a loved one. Feelings of transformation or change in your life could also be why you are having hair loss dreams.

The author of “The Wisdom of Dream,” psychiatrist Greg Mahr MD, said, “Hair, because it comes out of your head, can represent ideas or attitudes, or change. And because hair keeps growing after death, it can have a sacred, spiritual quality of eternity”.

That doesn’t sound totally bad…

These dreams don’t necessarily have to be a negative thing. In some cases, it represents that you are accepting that you are aging, and that’s a good thing: to come to terms with life and eternity.

In other situations, it could be a representation of you being overwhelmed by stress and responsibilities. Moreover, it points to your insecurities and weaknesses about it.

It’s important to look at the specifics of your dream because that can make all the difference in what it means.

1. What Does It Mean to Dream About Stands of Hair Falling Out?

If you are dreaming about your hair falling out in strands, it usually signifies a current issue that you have with your career failing. It could also mean that danger is imminent, you have some financial issues, or even that you have romantic feelings for someone that are not being reciprocated.

Let’s talk colors…

If this type of dream is happening to you, make sure you check the color of the hair because that can change the meaning. Red hair color usually means that there’s a deep-rooted secret that is about to be revealed or that some trouble is just around the corner. If the hair is light colored, you could be currently associating with people who are not good for you or whom you don’t like.

But if the hair is dark, it’s usually something to do with some upcoming issues with your career.

2. What Does It Mean if I Dream About Hair Falling Out in Clumps?

Dreaming about your hair falling out in clumps is usually related to a big change or transformation in regard to some things you are passionate about. This could be a dream that is trying to point you in the right direction toward something good that is going to happen in your near future. You need to trust your instincts and the direction of these types of dreams.

Take a look at your relationships too…

Seriously consider all of your relationships. It could also be about a current romantic relationship that you are in and how you do not want your own personal goals to jeopardize it.

3. A Dream About Someone Else’s Hair Falling Out

You might be surprised to know that dreaming about someone else’s hair falling out is also about you and not another person. It’s an indicator that you need to relax and take a break from your hectic lifestyle to have a bit of fun and downtime. So in that respect, it’s not a bad thing, but more of a warning to slow down and chill for a while.

There are also some negative connotations to this type of dream. It can be an indication of poor health, and that could be in a spiritual or physical sense. There’s a chance that this could be related to the current poor health of a friend or something about their mental health, so keep an eye out for that.

4. What Does It Mean When I Dream About Having No Hair?

If you’re dreaming about having no hair on your body at all, it’s probably about the stresses of life that you are currently experiencing. These could be professional or personal issues, so it could be a warning to wake up from your slumber and ask for help. You’ll have to figure out what is currently going on with your life to find out if this is a work or relationship issue, or something completely different.

5. Dreaming About Pulling Your Own Hair Out

This should not be taken literally, so no need to get too alarmed at the moment. It’s a dream type that is usually related to stress in some way. It can be a metaphor for frustration in your life, according to Dr. Mahr. Everyone gets frustrated with life at some point, but it’s the way you handle these issues that is of the most importance.

And frustration is usually linked to control…

You might currently be in a situation where you are losing power or control over certain areas of your life in a personal or professional manner. This dream is a warning that you might have to hatch a plan to take your power back to get in control of the issues. Taking the appropriate steps and using this dream to show you the error of your ways in order to rectify the problem is essential here.

6. What About Dreams where I Gradually Lose Hair?

Dreaming about losing hair gradually, whether it’s in strands or clumps, signifies that you are possibly working towards something that is going to be fruitless. This could mean that you are trying to hit some targets or goals that you are not really feeling or invested in. And this, in itself, can slowly lead you to stress without even realizing it.

Finances come into it too…

It could be that you are being too money-orientated in a certain project instead of doing it for the right reason. You might need to realign your thinking on this one, so your targets are more in line with what you want to do instead of momentary gain. Make it more about self-accomplishment than how you can financially benefit from said project.

7. Dreams where Brushing Your Hair Makes It Fall Out

In real life, if hair falls out when you are brushing it, that is not a good sign at all, and neither is it when you dream the same thing. In this case, it’s usually related to stress and is not a good or positive thing. It usually represents that there is currently someone in your life that is making you lose control of situations. They are also not taking your needs and desires into account when doing so.

Again, you might need to get proactive to fix this issue. You might need to think about who you have let into your life that is currently doing more harm than good for you. A bit of soul-searching to pick out the weeds might be in order. These dreams are about the loss of control. So, take the steps needed to get your power and control back. Otherwise, it’s going to spell trouble in the near future.

8. What Does It Mean When I Dream About Going Bald?

Dreaming about going bald is related to your lack of confidence. Sometimes we don’t even realize when we have confidence issues. In most cases, it’s a very internal thing that comes out in our subconscious. Going bald in dreams somehow relates to how you think other people see you, or it can be about you lacking the composure to achieve what you’ve set out to do.

Look to your relationships again, too…

If you are currently in a romantic relationship and are having baldness dreams, it could be a sign of possible betrayal. It might also be that you feel let down by a close friend or confidant.

If a man is having this type of dream, it’s a sign that he will receive abundance as he gets older. However, if this is a woman having a baldness dream, it’s probably more about the lack of confidence in getting older. It could even be indicative of the betrayal of a partner. In some cases, depending on the context of the dream, the baldness can represent some kind of aggression that you need to keep in check.

9. Dreaming About Losing Hair as it Catches on Fire

This one might seem a bit extreme, but that’s your subconscious for you! Don’t worry, your hair is not literally going to catch fire.

Well, I hope not, anyway!

Anytime you have fire in a dream, it symbolizes passion or cleansing, or it could be a warning sign of impending danger or doom. There could be difficulties and challenges ahead that you might need to take a proactive approach to fix.

But please remember that this is just a warning, so if you see the sign and take action, it can be a very positive thing. If you ignore it and let it fester, it will manifest into a major issue. This dream is a reminder that you need to overcome something sooner rather than later, so work on turning this seemingly negative message into a positive outcome.

10. Dreaming About Losing Grey Hair

Having or getting grey hair has never been perceived to be a good thing, quite the contrary. Dreaming about losing grey hair is also not a positive sign, unfortunately.

It’s usually an indication that you are facing some kind of anxiety or stress in your personal or professional life. But again, this is something that could be a real positive. If you are dreaming of losing grey hair if you don’t have any yet, it sometimes means that you have come to terms with something in your life. You are now prepared to overcome and tackle these sorts of things head-on.

11. What Does It Mean Getting a Haircut in Your Dream?

Some meanings when you dream about hair falling out can also be applied to simple haircuts. Getting your hair cut in your dreams can symbolize a few different things, positive and negative, depending on what’s currently going on in your life. You could be losing strength in real life because you are in the process of losing something. Or you could be taking criticism from all angles, and because of these things, you are possibly in for some new changes.

This is not necessarily a bad thing and could simply represent a fresh start in your life. Trying to find a new path in life can be scary, exciting, and daunting in equal amounts, and this is your subconscious’s way of processing it. Haircuts represent changes or a change of attitude or ideas, so you might want to embrace that instead of being scared by it.

12. What About Getting Your Head Shaved in a Dream?

Having your head shaved in a dream is a warning sign that you seriously need to take heed of. These types of dreams are subliminally warning you of certain people in your life who praise you to your face but talk badly about you behind your back. It might also mean that they have bad intentions too. They could be hatching a plan to take advantage of you in some way. So you better watch your back and your front!

There’s more…

If someone in your dream is shaving your head against your will, it’s a sign that someone is trying to force their ideals and beliefs upon you. In this scenario, they are all about themselves. They’re only interested in what they can get from the situation, and they have no regard for your feelings, desires, or wants. Be careful of the people you currently have around you.

13. I’m Dreaming About Getting Bald Patches

It’s more common than you think to have dreams about getting bald patches on your head. If these patches are happening on the top or back of your head, you need to take heed of the warning. It means that you are currently or about to undergo some financial issues that pertain to debt.

And on top?

If you are getting bald patches on the top of your head, it means that someone close to you who you trust is saying bad things about you to others behind your back. Bald patches on the left side of your head mean that your partner might soon be facing their own mortality. So, you might need to help them in some way. Bald patches on the right side of your head are more of a sign of serious anxiety that you might need to keep in check.

Having a Lot of Upsetting Dreams Lately?

If you find yourself often having disturbing dreams, it’s well worth exploring each, one by one.

Look for common threads. Fear is an obvious theme that has so many manifestations. Check out our thoughts on Meanings When You Dream About Your Partner Cheating, Meanings When You Dream of a Dog Attacking You, Meanings When Dreaming About Murder, Meanings of House on Fire in Dream, and Meanings When You Dream About An Earthquake in 2023.

Alternatively, use our search facility to search for a specific fearful dream you’ve had.

Ok, back to today’s discussion…

Meanings When You Dream About Hair Falling Out – Final Thoughts

There are several meanings when you dream about hair loss that can give you a clear indication of the steps you need to take to put things straight. Most of these hair-loss dreams are about your own lack of confidence and control in certain parts of your life. This can be either or both professional or personal. They should never be taken literally and should be used in a metaphorical sense to realign your spirituality and physicality.

Your subconscious is trying to tell you something in the only way it knows, using your own psyche as a springboard to warn you. Dreams are very individual to each person and are directly linked to stuff happening in your own life. I recommend using them as a positive thing to find out what you need to know in order to move forward.

Sweet Dreams.

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Meanings When You Dream About Hair Falling Out

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