Meaning – origin and history of the name Andrija

Origin and Meaning of the name Andrija

Andrija is a name with Slavic origins. It is derived from the Ancient Greek name Andreas, which means “manly” or “warrior.” The name Andreas traveled through different cultures, and the Slavs gave it a new form – Andrija. The likeness of Andrija to the Italian name Andrea likely contributed to its popularity in Croatia and Serbia.

Usage of the Name Andrija

Andrija is a popular male name in Croatia and Serbia and is often shortened to “Andro” as a nickname. In Croatia, the name is most commonly used in the Dalmatian region.

People think this name is..

Andrija is associated with strength, stability, and masculinity. Those with the name are often seen as confident and reliable.


In Croatia, the name Andrija ranks as the 8th most popular male name, with over 8,000 people having the name. In Serbia, the name ranks as the 53rd most popular male name.

Numerology of the Name Andrija

In numerology, the name Andrija has a life path number of four. This number represents stability, organization, and practicality.

Sibling Name Ideas

If you are considering naming your child Andrija and are looking for sibling name ideas, here are some options:

– Ana
– Luka
– Jana
– Filip
– Ivana

20 Names Similar to Andrija

If you like the name Andrija and are looking for similar options, here are some suggestions:

– Aleksandar
– Borislav
– Dusan
– Emil
– Goran
– Igor
– Jakov
– Kreso
– Luka
– Marko
– Niko
– Oskar
– Petar
– Roko
– Simeon
– Tadija
– Uros
– Viktor
– Zdravko
– Zoran

Famous People Named Andrija

– Andrija Ankovic, a Croatian former footballer.
– Andrija i Andjelka, a popular Serbian comedy sitcom.
– Andrija Hebrang, a Croatian politician.
– Andrija Kutaš, a Croatian footballer.
– Andrija Milosevic, a Serbian actor, and comedian.
– Andrija Pavlovic, a Serbian footballer.
– Andrija Popovic, a Serbian basketball player.

Is there the name in the Bible/Torah/Quran?

The name Andrija is not found in any of the Holy books such as the Bible, Torah, or Quran.

Is the name fit for a baby name?

If you are searching for a traditional Slavic name for your baby boy, Andrija could be a great choice. It has a long history and strong associations with masculinity and reliability.

Names in Other Languages

Similar male names in other languages include:

– Andrew (English)
– Andrey (Russian)
– Andreas (Greek)
– Andre (French)
– Andrea (Italian)


1. What is the meaning of the name Andrija?

Andrija is a Slavic name derived from the Greek name Andreas, meaning “manly” or “warrior.”

2. What is the origin of the name Andrija?

The name Andrija originated from the Greek name Andreas and was adopted and given a Slavic form by the Slavs.

3. What famous people have the name Andrija?

Famous people with the name Andrija include Andrija Ankovic, Andrija Hebrang, Andrija Kutaš, Andrija Milosevic, Andrija Pavlovic, and Andrija Popovic.

4. How popular is the name Andrija?

Andrija is a popular name in Croatia and Serbia, with over 8,000 people in Croatia having the name.

5. Is Andrija a boy or girl name?

Andrija is a male name.

6. What does the name Andrija mean in numerology?

Andrija has a life path number of four, representing stability, organization, and practicality.

7. What are some sibling names for Andrija?

Sibling names for Andrija can include Ana, Luka, Jana, Filip, and Ivana.

8. What are some similar names to Andrija?

Names similar to Andrija include Aleksandar, Borislav, Dusan, Emil, Goran, Igor, Luka, and Petar.

9. Is Andrija a popular baby name?

Andrija is a popular baby name in Croatia and Serbia.

10. Is the name Andrija traditional?

Yes, Andrija is a traditional Slavic name.

11. What is the significance of the name Andrija?

Andrija is associated with strength, stability, and masculinity.

12. What is the most common nickname for Andrija?

The most common nickname for Andrija is “Andro.”

13. Is Andrija a common name in the United States?

No, Andrija is not a common name in the United States.

14. What is the cultural significance of the name Andrija?

Andrija is significant in Croatian and Serbian cultures as a traditional and popular name.

15. What is the historical significance of the name Andrija?

The name Andrija has a long history, with its origins tracing back to Ancient Greek and its adoption and modification by the Slavs.

16. Is the name Andrija unique?

While Andrija may not be a unique name in Croatia or Serbia, it may be considered more unique in other parts of the world.

17. What is the personality of someone named Andrija?

Those with the name Andrija are often seen as confident, reliable, and stable, with strong associations with masculinity.

18. What is the spiritual meaning of the name Andrija?

There is no significant spiritual or religious meaning associated with the name Andrija.

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