Meaning – origin and history of the name Narayana

Meaning, Origin, and History of the Name Narayana

Origin and Meaning

Narayana is a male name commonly used in India and Nepal. The name is of Hindu origin and comes from two Sanskrit words, “nara” which means human, and “ayana” which means abode. Therefore, the name Narayana means “the abode of humans.” In Hindu mythology, Narayana is one of the many names given to Lord Vishnu, who is one of the principal deities in Hinduism.

Usage of the Name

In India, the name Narayana is commonly used as a first name for boys. It is often given to baby boys who are born during the auspicious festival of Janmashtami, which celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna. The name is also used as a surname in some communities.

People Think This Name Is

People generally think that the name Narayana is a strong and dignified name that has a connection to Hindu mythology. It is a name that is associated with wisdom, power, and spirituality.


According to popular baby naming website Nameberry, the name Narayana is not ranked in the top 1000 baby names in the United States. However, it is a popular name in India and Nepal.

What is the Numerology of the Name?

According to numerology, the name Narayana has a life path number of 9. This number is associated with compassion, selflessness, and a desire to help others. People with this life path number are often creative, intuitive, and have a deep understanding of human nature.

Sibling Name Ideas

If you are looking for sibling name ideas for Narayana, you might consider other Hindu names such as Anjali, Rajan, Rishi, or Rohini.

20 Names Similar to Narayana

If you are looking for similar names to Narayana, you might consider:

1. Vishnu
2. Shiva
3. Rama
4. Krishna
5. Arjuna
6. Surya
7. Ganesha
8. Hanuman
9. Indra
10. Brahma
11. Karna
12. Yama
13. Varuna
14. Agni
15. Daksha
16. Durga
17. Mitra
18. Narada
19. Parvati
20. Rudra

Famous People Named Narayana

There are several famous people named Narayana, including Narayana Murthy, who is the founder of the IT company Infosys. Another famous Narayana is Narayana Guru, who was a spiritual leader and social reformer in India.

Is There the Name in the Bible/Torah/Quran?

The name Narayana is not found in the Bible, Torah, or Quran. It is a name that is specific to Hinduism.

Is the Name Fit for a Baby Name?

The name Narayana is a beautiful and meaningful name that is well-suited for a baby boy. It is a name that is deeply rooted in Hindu mythology and has a powerful and spiritual connotation.

Names in Other Languages

In other languages, the name Narayana may be spelled and pronounced differently. For example, in Spanish it may be spelled “Narayana” and pronounced “nah-rah-YAH-nah.” In French, it may be spelled “Narayana” and pronounced “nah-rah-YAH-nah.”

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