Meaning – origin and history of the name Orly

Meaning – Origin and History of the Name Orly

The name Orly is unique and has a rich history that comes from the diverse cultures that use it. It is popular all over the world and symbolizes different things to different people. In this article, we will explore the origin and meaning of the name Orly, its usage, numerology, sibling name ideas, similar names, famous people named Orly, and much more.

Origin and Meaning

The name Orly has various origins and meanings, depending on the culture and language. Orly can be of French, Hebrew or English origin. The most commonly accepted meaning of the name Orly is “light”. As Jews began migrating from Eastern Europe to Israel, the name Orly became popular in the middle east. The name Orly in Hebrew, represents the word ‘my light,’ and is also a popular girl’s name in Israel.

Usage and Popularity of the Name

The name Orly is unisex but mostly used as a girl’s name. It is popular in Israel due to its Hebrew origin and meaning of “my light”. In recent years, Orly has become a trendy name worldwide, rising in popularity due to its uniqueness and its simplicity. Its rising popularity in the United States is a testament to how versatile it can be as a name. In 2019, the name Orly was ranked as the 4,063rd most popular name for girls.

People Think this Name is

The name Orly gives off an air of positivity and happiness. It is associated with light, which symbolizes hope, optimism, and love. People view this name as elegant, radiant, and attractive. The name is also associated with creativity, intelligence, and wisdom. The name Orly is viewed as a name for someone who is successful in life due to their hard work, intelligence, and optimism.


According to Baby Center, the name Orly is most popular in Israel, the United States, and Canada. The name peaked in popularity in Israel around the 1990s, but it is still a common name in the country. In the US, the name has been gaining in popularity, and has become a popular alternative to more common names. In 2019, 85 baby girls were given the name Orly in the United States.

What is the Numerology of the Name?

The name Orly has a numerology number of 8, which represents wealth and abundance. People with this numerology number tend to be ambitious, successful, and confident. The number eight also symbolizes the power of manifesting wealth and success. People with the name Orly have a strong work ethic and enjoy seeking out new opportunities to succeed.

Sibling Name Ideas

If you are looking for sibling names for someone named Orly, some name ideas include Asher, Leora, Adina, Liora, and Noa. These names complement the name Orly beautifully, as they are all unique yet elegant and have meanings that complement the name Orly’s meaning of “light”.

20 Names Similar to Orly

If you love the name Orly, but it’s not your cup of tea, here are 20 other names that have similar characteristics. These names are unique, elegant, and end in “y” or “ie”:

1. Lilly
2. Ariel
3. Emmy
4. Ivy
5. Ruby
6. Zoey
7. Daisy
8. Lucy
9. Maisy
10. Melody
11. Kylie
12. Gracie
13. Layla
14. Molly
15. Sydney
16. Emily
17. Lila
18. Sadie
19. Rosie
20. Lily

Famous People Named Orly

There have been very few famous people named Orly, and most are notable primarily within their respective industries.

1. Orly Genger – an American artist
2. Orly Levy – an Israeli politician and former television presenter
3. Orly Taitz – a lawyer and dentist who played an active role in the Barack Obama citizenship conspiracy theories

Is the Name Mentioned in the Bible/Torah/Quran?

There is no mention of the name Orly in the Bible, Torah, or Quran. However, the name has gained popularity in Israel due to its Hebrew origin and meaning.

Is the Name Fit for a Baby Name?

The name Orly is a trendy and unique name that is suitable for your baby girl. It has a positive meaning and feels fresh and contemporary yet has a timeless quality. It is elegant and easily pronounced and is a name that will grow with your child.

Names in Other Languages

The name Orly is unique and has not been translated into other languages. However, its meaning, “light,” is universal and can be expressed in many different languages. In French, “light” translates to “lumière,” in Spanish, it is “luz,” in German, it is “licht” and in Italian, it translates to “luce.”


1. What is the origin of the name Orly?

The name Orly has French, Hebrew, and English origins.

2. What does the name Orly mean?

The name Orly means “light.”

3. Is the name Orly unisex?

Yes, it is a unisex name but is most commonly used as a girl’s name.

4. What is the numerology of the name Orly?

The numerology of the name Orly is 8.

5. What is the popularity of the name Orly?

The name Orly is not one of the most popular names in the world, but it is gaining in popularity.

6. What do people think of the name Orly?

People view the name Orly favorably, and it is associated with positive traits such as creativity, intelligence, and optimism.

7. Are there any famous people named Orly?

There are no highly famous people who are named Orly, but there are some notable individuals in specific industries.

8. Is the name Orly used in other countries besides Israel and the United States?

The name Orly is common in Israel, the United States, and Canada, but it is not as commonly used in other countries.

9. How do you pronounce the name Orly?

The name Orly is pronounced “or-lee.”

10. What are some similar names to Orly?

Similar names to Orly include Lilly, Ariel, Ivy, and Sadie.

11. Is Orly a popular name?

Orly is not a popular name but is gaining popularity due to its uniqueness.

12. What is the meaning of the name in Hebrew?

The meaning of the name Orly in Hebrew is “my light.”

13. What is the meaning of the name in French?

The meaning of the name Orly in French is uncertain.

14. How old is the name Orly?

The origin of the name Orly is uncertain, but it has been used as a name for many years, gaining popularity in Israel around the 1990s.

15. Does the name Orly have any negative connotations?

There are no negative connotations associated with the name Orly.

16. Can the name Orly be spelled differently?

The name Orly can be spelled with one “r” or with two “r’s,” but it remains the same name.

17. What famous characters have the name Orly?

There are no famous characters with the name Orly.

18. Is the name Orly suitable for a middle name?

Yes, the name Orly is suitable to be used as a middle name due to its elegant and unique nature.

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