24 Meanings When You Dream of Talking to Your Dead Mother

Dreams about your dead mother can be very disturbing, but you should be reassured that many of the 24 meanings when you dream of talking to your dead mother are positive. However, the interpretations are not always obvious, so hopefully, this list will help to clarify exactly what they mean.

Hopefully, things will also seem much less scary once you have a better understanding of the dreams. So, let’s get straight to it and take a look at the first dream, a…

Dreaming of Deceased Mother Meaning


24 Meanings When You Dream of Talking to Your Dead Mother

1. Dream of Talking to and Killing Your Dead Mother

This can understandably be a worrying dream but try your best to not feel upset by it, as it has nothing to do with killing or wanting to harm your mother. It means that you have moved on from some old aspect of your life, and you are now ready to begin a new chapter of your waking life.

So, therefore, contrary to what you might have initially thought, it is a positive sign. As part of this new beginning, you can expect some happy events and the formation of good friendships. It is a period where you will also begin to unlock your true potential at home and work.

2. Dream of Talking to Your Dead Mother Who Died More Than a Year Ago

If your mother died more than a year previously and you dream of still talking to her, it is a sign of grief. It means that despite the passing of time, you still find it hard to come to terms with her passing. It could be that you have not properly worked through the normal stages of grief, and you might need some professional help to move on.

In this instance, it might therefore be appropriate to seek the help and advice of a qualified counselor or appropriate health professional.

The dream of taking to your long dead mother may be occurring when you feel there is little love or affection in your waking life, and so your subconscious is digging deep to find it when you are sleeping. You are running over in your mind all the happy and loving moments when your mother was alive.

3. When You Dream of Talking with Your Dead Mother Stretching Her Hands to You

This is a warning that there is someone close to you who wants to do you harm. They are jealous of either what you have or of your standing in the community, and they want to see you fail. These sorts of people are very dangerous, so it is important to quickly get to the bottom of who could be behind the threat.

Think about who might have any information that could hurt you, and try to make sure that you cut off the opportunity for them to use it against you. In the future, you should also be very careful what you share with people whose intentions you are not completely sure of.

4. Dream of Talking to Your Dead Mother as She Cooks

This is a very positive sign and is undoubtedly one of the most positive of all the 24 meanings when you dream of talking to your dead mother. That is because it shows you are progressing towards enlightenment as you increasingly embrace and accept your spirituality.

This is consequently leading you toward a happier and more fulfilled future. The dream is telling you that this is the right path for you and will lead to a positive outcome for you and those connected with you.

5. Dream of Your dead Mother Talking to You and Calling You Fat

This kind of name-calling and shaming is highly toxic and not a good look. If your mother exposed you to this kind of criticism when she was alive, it is bound to have caused trauma. It is hard to live with someone close who criticizes you unnecessarily and may therefore have left you feeling insecure and lacking in confidence.

You may now be constantly criticizing yourself and be involved in regular negative talk whenever you do something wrong, or when things don’t go well for you. This could be associated with your mother’s criticism, but it may not necessarily be the case. It could be that you are locked into negative thinking due to something else entirely. However, the results and the way you are feeling are still likely to be the same.

So, what to do?

There are a few simple things you can start with to improve your situation. Begin by congratulating yourself whenever you do something well; if something goes wrong, do not allow yourself to begin criticizing your efforts. Additionally, stop trying to do everything perfectly and try to surround yourself with positive people. Plus, taking care of yourself physically, which includes exercise, can also help to elevate your mood and make you feel more confident.

6. Dream of Your Dead Mother Hugging and Talking to You

When your mother talks and hugs you in a dream, it means you may currently be feeling insecure about things in your waking life. You may have recently suffered a big dent in your confidence. This might be down to difficulties at work or possibly because of problems with your current romantic relationship.

These types of feelings are perfectly normal. You can and will overcome how you are presently feeling. To help you in this process, take a few simple steps, like only surrounding yourself with positive people when you can, engaging in positive self-talk, concentrating on the things you are good at, and taking more care of your physical self.

You will be surprised at how quickly things will turn around for you.

7. Dream of Your Dead Mother Calling Out Your Name and Talking to You

This is a good sign and indicates that you have a high level of intuition, and you may also have some spiritual gifts not afforded to most people. Your dead mother calling your name in a dream is encouraging you to have confidence in your feelings and emotions.

The dream also predicts a happy and prosperous future. Further, it also foresees a long, happy phase of a romantic relationship. This could either be with your current partner or with someone you are going to meet shortly.

8. Dream of Talking to Your Dead Mother Who Rises from the Dead

A dream where you talk to your dead mother, who has risen from the dead, indicates that you are struggling to overcome a series of hurdles in your waking life. Despite your best efforts, you have been besieged with problems, and you feel like you are never going to find solutions.

Life can often throw these kinds of tests our way, and it can be immensely frustrating and mentally draining to try to overcome them. Despite possibly feeling down, take comfort from the fact that these are things we all have to face.

Believe in yourself and your qualities. Ultimately you will find a way forward, and you will consequentially be one step closer to achieving your longer-term goals. You will also be mentally stronger and more resilient going forward, which will also help you.

9. Dream of Your Dead Mother Talking to You and Calling You to Her

This is probably the worst of the 24 meanings when you dream of talking to your dead mother. That is because it is a predictor of death that could be a close family member, friend, or even your own. Take it as a warning, as far as you are concerned, and do everything in your power to reduce your chances of joining your mother sooner than you would like.

Make sure that you are taking care of yourself. Start eating properly, take plenty of exercises, and pay more attention to the hours and quality of your sleep. It is all basic common-sense stuff, but it works. You should also be especially careful when you’re using ladders, driving, or engaging in anything that might be regarded as dangerous for the foreseeable future.

10. Dream of Talking with Your Mother as she Helps You Choose New Clothes

The dream is symbolic of your mother’s helpful and caring nature. It is, therefore, a reminder that you need to be more in touch with your compassionate and giving side. It means that you should never forget your moral compass, and you should not take the easy way out of situations for the sake of an easy life.

11. Dream of Talking to Your Dead Mother When Driving

There are two possible meanings to this dream. Happily, the first is one of the more positive of the 24 meanings when you dream about talking to your dead mother on the list. That is because it shows that you currently feel tranquil and contented in your waking life. Further, it is a sign that it is all due to you have gotten in touch with the spiritual side of your personality.

Alternatively, the dream can mean that you are very goal orientated and have set the bar high when it comes to what you expect out of life. To achieve these standards, you must now work quickly to grab an important opportunity that will shortly be coming your way.

12. Dream of Talking to Your Dead Mother as She Repairs Something

If your dead mother is repairing something as you are talking in your dream, it means that there is something in your waking life that is going very wrong. The act of repairing something is symbolic of needing to fix a serious problem.

The issue is most likely to be relationship-based, and for those of you currently in a relationship, will probably be associated with your romantic partner. If you have been having problems, the dream is a sign that this is the time to sit down and talk things through.

It is easy to let things slide in a relationship because we are all busy, and with a thousand other things to do, relationship issues frequently take a back seat. However, despite this, you need to make this a priority and make time to have a serious discussion with your romantic partner.

13. Dream of Your Dead Mother Talking to Warn You

This can mean that your mother is trying to contact you from the spirit world to warn you about some impending danger. It is, therefore, important that you pay close attention to the details to understand exactly the nature of the impending problem.

In the event that you cannot remember any details, it will be down to you to think about the likely sources of any future dangers sufficiently bad for your mother to make contact.

14. Dream of Seeing and Talking to Your Dead Mother Every Night

If you see and talk every night to your dead mother in your dreams, you can take this as a comforting sign. That is because it means that even after her death, your mother continues to look over and take care of you. She is there as an eternal presence and wants you to know that she will never leave your side or abandon you.

The dream may also be occurring regularly as a way of telling you that you should adopt many of the positive attributes possessed by your mother. Your inner voice is encouraging you to live a full, happy, and productive life.

15. Dream of Talking to Your Dead Mother Before 40 Days Have Passed

This is very similar to the previous dream in that it is still your mother maintaining contact with you. She is saying her final goodbyes from the spirit world and reassuring you that she is OK. Additionally, she is telling you that she loves you and will continue to love you unconditionally.

This is a dream that should provide you with comfort and reassurance. Dreams of your mother will likely diminish as time passes, but you should always remember this dream and never forget the message being passed to you.

16. Dream of Talking to Your Dead Walking Mother

If you dream of talking to your dead mother as she is walking, it could be that you are in a period of emotional distress. This could have been brought about by financial hardship or relationship difficulties, or even due to the stresses and strains of modern-day living.

Regardless of the cause, it is clear that you need help. Since your mother is not there with you in your waking life, you should consider finding a substitute to talk through your problems. Think of another relative or good friend you can trust to help with whatever you are currently going through. Alternatively, if there is not one close by to help you, consider engaging the assistance of a suitably qualified counselor.

The walking dead mother dream can also mean there will shortly be a lot of new opportunities coming your way. These are likely to be financially connected, so will be associated with your business or work. Make sure you are ready to make the most of them, as they could provide monetary stability for a long time into the future.

17. Dream of Talking to and Giving Your Dead Mother Money

This is not a good dream as it indicates you may have financial problems in the future. It could be through bad investments or getting involved in poorly thought-out business deals. The dream is a warning to be more prudent and diligent in all future financial plans.

In the meantime, it might be sensible to take a closer look at your current expenditure and cut out any unnecessary or lavish spending. Prepare yourself for the worst but hope for the best. If you do need to spend money, just make sure that you look for good value.

18. Dream of Talking to Your Dead Mother as She Gives You Food

This means that the good times are just around the corner. It might be that you have recently struggled either financially or with your relationships at work or at home. The good news is that your dream signifies wealth, prosperity, and happiness are not far away.

Although you may be feeling a little down at present, you should keep going and not be disheartened. All your hard work will pay off, and you will be much closer to attaining some of your major goals and ambitions before you know it.

19. Dream of Talking to Your Dead Mother as You Work in the Garden

A dream of working in the garden and talking to your dead mother means that there are tough times ahead. Working in the garden is symbolic of the hard work that you need to set in motion to fully prepare for the obstacles you will face.

Despite the overall negative connotations of the dream, you should be comforted by your mother still having your back. She is still there watching over you and protecting you. Listen to her advice and look carefully at where any future issues might arise, and set plans in motion to mitigate the level of impact they could potentially cause.

20. Dream of Talking to Your Happy Dead Mother

This is a good dream because firstly it is almost certain to make you good to see that your mother is happy. It may be a sign from the spirit world, so you should feel reassured that your mother is in a good place and at peace.

The dream is also a good sign because it shows that you are beginning to accept her death in your waking life. Getting over the death of your mother is not easy to process and can take years until you have properly worked through all the stages. You should therefore take comfort that you are finally coming to the end of the grieving process.

21. Dream of Talking with Your Dead Mother and Then Her Killing You

The dream shows that you are suffering from an underlying lack of confidence. Consequently, it might be holding you back in life, and you are therefore not able to progress and improve your life as you would like.

The dream can also symbolize the end of some important aspect of your waking life. It might be something like a relationship or job, or it could even be related to having given up a regular habit, good or bad.

22. Dream of Talking to Your Dead Mother in a Coffin

This means that you are having problems controlling your anger and your temper. Previously it might have been internal, but now your temper is coming to the surface. In some ways, this is a positive step, as it is unhealthy to keep everything inside. However, there is such a thing as appropriately expressing your anger, and you need to be aware of where the line is.

If you feel that your anger is getting out of control, you should speak to your partner or a friend you can trust to tell them what is going on. If your anger continues and you increasingly struggle to control it, you should consider speaking to a counselor.

23. Dream of Talking to Your Dead Sleeping Mother

If you talk to your dead mother when she is sleeping in a dream, it is a warning that you need to take better care of your health. It could be that you are very busy a lot of the time, so you have had little time to concentrate on this area of your life.

It is understandable to neglect your health because, for so many of us, life can get in the way. However, now is the time to turn this around, so without delay, you need to do something about it today.

Concentrate on simple things like starting a regular exercise program. It doesn’t have to be anything too complicated and can be something as easy as going for a regular walk. Alternatively, think about what sports you enjoyed at school and consider getting involved with one of them again.

24. Talking to Your Dead Smiling Mother

The dream is a good indicator that you enjoy a strong and happy relationship with your romantic partner or spouse. You are fully committed to each other, and you are both on the same page as far as your long-term goals are concerned.

It could be that you are thinking of recommitting to this relationship. If you are not already married, then you might be considering a marriage proposal. If you are already married, you might be planning a renewal of vows or a second honeymoon.

Good for you!

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OK, back to today’s dream discussion…

24 Meanings When You Dream of Talking to Your Dead Mother – Final Thoughts

Any dream which, even in the smallest way, relates to your dead mother can be upsetting. Getting over a parent’s death can be a long and difficult process. These kinds of dreams can, therefore, sometimes seem only to be prolonging this journey.

However, as you will now understand, many of my interpretations of what it means when your dream of talking to your dead mother are positive and may even help with your grief. I hope this is indeed the case, that the list and interpretations have been useful, and I hope that your dream was included.

Finally, let me know in the comments if there is anything you would like to add to your specific dream. Sweet dreams.

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Dream About Talking To Your Dead Mother

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