18 Meanings When You Dream Of Walking

Let’s face it. We all dream, if we like it or not. Whether it be pleasant dreams or scary, profound, or downright confusing. Sometimes we remember them vividly, while other times, we don’t have an inkling of what we dreamt about. You just know it was intense. You can wake up with no memory of the dream, just a mere feeling.

The intriguing thing isn’t whether or not we dream, or if we can remember it. But WHAT it is we actually dream about! People have been interpreting dreams forever. So, with that knowledge in hand, let’s explore these 18 meanings when you dream of walking.

Walking Dream Meaning: What does it mean to dream of walking?

Are Walking Dreams Positive Or Negative?

As dreams about walking usually reflect what’s going on in your day-to-day life, they can represent both positive and negative aspects. You’ll need to consider exactly what is going on in your life to help understand how it influences your dream state.

For example:

Are you feeling lost, having a sense of not belonging in your dream, or simply wandering with no clear purpose? This suggests that it’s the same in your life and you are feeling lost and without a strong path or purpose. A mirror reflection from dreaming to waking state.

Perhaps you tripped or fell, which might mean you’ve made a mistake somewhere along the line and might only subconsciously recognize it. Or, you might even find yourself crawling in your dream, which can suggest that you are approaching your goals with caution, or that you are facing some humiliation.

Meanings When You Dream Of Walking – 18 Specific Interpretations

Walking dreams can also have very positive meanings. It could be a sign that you are walking the correct path in life for yourself to achieve great things. Read on to find out more about dreams with different walking scenarios and how they might be interpreted by you.

1. Dreams Where You Are Walking

Dreaming about going for a walk or walking for the mere pleasure of it generally indicates good health, financial stability, and success in things that have great meaning in your life. Interestingly, the things that happen in these walking dreams represent things that are going on in direct context in your waking life.

Depending on what is happening in your dream, and most importantly, what the circumstances around the walking are, is how you can then interpret it.

For example…

  • Are you walking alone, or are you with someone?
  • Are you surrounded by family or friends or someone familiar? Or a complete stranger?
  • Are you in a familiar place? Or in nature or walking through fire?
  • Are you walking barefoot or shaking the dust from your shoes?
  • Do you feel exhilarated, alone, content, or helpless?

The symbolism of walking in a dream is directly linked with the progression of life. The landscapes that you find yourself in, the people who join you, and the objects you need to overcome or simply see all have specific meanings which you can apply to your current circumstances.

2. Dreams Where You Are Walking Backwards

If you are dreaming of walking backward, it might be a sign that you are letting past experiences hold you back in life. Something that happened to you is having direct influences on stopping you from moving forward in a certain scenario. It might also represent a loss of money coming your way because you’ve not repaid a debt from your past.

If your dream sees you walking backward, it might very well be a sign that your life is regressing. Instead of being on a steady path forward, you might actually be heading backward, unsuccessful in life, or unable to achieve any of the goals you’ve set for yourself.

The truth is…

You might not even realize that you are regressing until you take time to really assess your life, all thanks to this dream in which you find yourself walking backward. Finally, walking backward might mean you wish to reverse a decision you’ve made, but either it isn’t working out, or you regret doing so and wish to revert it.

3. Dreams Where You Are Walking In Unfamiliar Territory

If you find yourself walking through a strange place or somewhere you don’t recognize, you might be exploring new places in the near future. Anything from traveling, relocating, or even exploring the unchartered territories of a new job or relationship.

If you’re dreaming about walking through scratchy thickets of woodland, it’s possible you are having an issue in your workplace that needs to be addressed and resolved. If the path is rough or difficult to tread, this indicates distress or hardships that you will need to overcome to continue on.

4. Dreams Where You Are Walking In A Cloud

Next up on this list of the Meanings When You Dream Of Walking is walking in a cloud. When you dream of walking through big white fluffy clouds, it usually indicates that a new beginning is just on the horizon. Whether it be a fresh start in life, the onset of a new project, or even the dawning of a new friendship or relationship.

Walking on clouds in dreams might indicate that the dreamer is due to acquire some substantial wealth and prosper. It also points to the fact you are either in a calm and dreamy state, somewhere safe and comfortable, where you can be sheltered from harm’s way and stay safe. Or that you need to find this safe and comfortable haven in your life.

Find the calm…

You might be facing some emotionally hard times, and dreaming of being in a cloud indicates you need to wrap yourself in protection and find the calm and serene space you desire. However, if this cloud is dark and stormy, possibly envelops electrical currents, or cold rain is scratchy and rips at your skin rather than caresses it.

Then it’s a good indication that you are facing possible danger and you need to escape it. Are you moving toward the dark cloud or away from it? Or where you stuck right in it, unable to escape? If you are moving towards it, then stop; your subconscious is trying to tell you of an oncoming threat in your life, to heed certain situations or be extremely cautious.


If you were moving away and it was becoming less of a threat, then you’ve avoided something negative. Meanwhile, if you are already trapped within it, then you need to somehow get away before you are stuck in the storm forever.

Foreboding? Yes, but you need to reflect on these meanings in your life. You might have made a bad career move, become entangled with the wrong partner, or even started eating some type of food that your body is having a hard time ingesting, albeit unknowingly to you.

5. Dreams Where You Are Walking Down A Road

If you’re dreaming about walking down a road, it can mean that you are on the right path in life. It’s usually very positive, and when you are walking slowly and with purpose, it can indicate that you are able to consciously have better interaction with all the experiences that lay before you.

Can you see buildings along the road or other people/objects? This suggests that you have many still to meet in this journey called life, and instances to overcome. While the buildings can represent different life choices, you will have to make. Open one door and discover a new experience, choose not to enter another, and you will take a very different path.

Ask yourself…

Is the road very strong and clear in your dream? Bold and can be seen well into the distance? Then again, this indicates you are on a good path right now.

Or are you following something you can barely see due to being covered by debris or barely outlined in the earth? This could indicate you are following an uncertain path in life, nothing is very clear, and you are doing so with extreme caution.

6. Dreams Where You Are Walking Slow

If your dream sees you walking slowly, this could be an indication that you might feel like something is resisting your progress in life. If you are walking in slow motion in a dream, you might be in disbelief about an experience or thing that went wrong or even blew up in your face, and it completely caught you off guard.

It might not even have happened yet; however, when it does, you can liken your dream and the experience to watching a car crashing in slow motion.

7. Dreams Where You Are Walking With Purpose

As we’ve already discovered, walking dreams are representative of the happenings in our current lives. Walking with purpose in a dream means you have self-confidence in the knowledge that you know where you are going, and that it’s in the right direction.

Walking with purpose can also translate into confidence and the determination to get things done.

8. Dreams Where You Are Walking With Someone

When you are walking together with someone in your dream, it usually means you have a pretty deep connection with them. You are in agreement with each other and can fearlessly communicate and express your point of view. If you know the person, it signifies how powerful the kindred pull is.

However, if you don’t know them yet, then take it as a sign that someone very significant is about to enter your life in the most unassuming way. If you are walking in front of someone, it can be a way of showing that you feel confident with or in control of this person.


Is your head held high and a pleasant look on your face? Then it might be that you have resolved an issue with this person, or you are simply feeling confident in their presence. You might also harbor impatient feelings with this person and need to get away. However, if you are walking behind, then it usually denotes the opposite.

The person you are walking behind can represent feelings of submissiveness, discontent, and a lack of confidence. It is important to evaluate the relationship and see if there are any underlying issues that need to be addressed in waking life. Perhaps you need to assess if this person is trying to hold their power over you, and what action needs to be taken to correct it.

9. Dreams Where You Are Walking In Fire

If you are walking in your dream and there is fire, it can mean that there is a sense of urgency around something in life. If you are walking through it, it can represent a cleansing or a rebirth.

Being surrounded by fire and unable to escape it can also point to extreme anger and rage, feeling trapped in something, or simply being engulfed in your own emotions. Fire is symbolic of both rebirth and extreme emotional states.

10. Dreams Where You Are Walking Aimlessly

If you find yourself wandering around aimlessly in a dream, your subconscious might be trying to tell you it’s time to take some action in life. It might indicate that it’s time to get yourself organized, decide what you want at this point in time and go ahead to create some goals.

11. Dreams Where You Are Walking On Stairs

Symbolically, stairs represent a journey, and how you are proceeding through life. The direction in which you are walking on these stairs and also the amount of effort it takes has a direct impact on what it could mean. Does it feel like you are floating up each step, and there is much happiness, and your body feels almost weightless? Or is each step a struggle, and your feet so heavy that it’s hard to keep your balance?

If you are dreaming of ascending stairs, you might be on a path of spiritual growth or on your way to reaching a higher level of consciousness. It can also indicate newly found success or materialistic rewards. Going up is expressed in a positive light and means good things are happening.


If you are dreaming of going downstairs, it can be indicative of some setbacks or failure in life, or that you are no longer progressing well on this path. It can also be indicative of exploring your deeper self, at a subconscious level, and you might well find some exciting surprises lying in wait.

Dreaming of walking downstairs doesn’t always have to be negative, again, it’s about what you see and feel and the circumstances around you.

12. Dreams Where You Are Walking Barefoot

And next on this list of Meanings When You Dream Of Walking is walking barefoot. If you observe yourself walking barefoot in your dream, it can symbolize the need for grounding yourself or feeling rooted to the earth.

Are you a dreamer with crazy ideas that can run away from you? It might be time to slow down a little, take your shoes off, and get reconnected with the earth by feeling the grass underfoot. Your subconscious might also be telling you to slow down a bit if your lifestyle is hectic. There is power and grounding in your feet.


Being barefoot in a dream can also be indicative of a lack of resources to comfortably excel in life. You might be experiencing financial hardships or a lack of resources which can be an indication it’s time to rectify it.

13. Dreams Where You Are Walking Somewhere Beautiful

When you are walking in a stunning landscape, this generally indicates you are on the right path for good health, more wealth, and a greatly fulfilling life. It means that you are on the right path for success either in business or your love life (or both!) and that your waking life, along with your subconscious, is aligned.

14. Dreams Where You Are Walking In Dust

Symbolically, dust represents the earth and its bounds. So if you are walking and it’s dusty, this can indicate you are approaching older age and what constraints you have in the earthly world.

If you dream of shaking the dust from your feet, that can mean you have broken free from whatever was holding you back. Either a past relationship or that you have broken the bounds of something holding you back, and you can now freely move forwards.

15. Dreams Where You Are Walking At Night Time

If your dream is that you are walking in the dark hours of the night, then you might feel threatened in waking life, or that you are somehow discontent in your life. It can also mean you are surrounded by bad luck or taking risks that, sadly, don’t look as if they are going to pay off.

Facing problems?

You could currently be on a bit of misadventure in life, as walking in the darkness is representative of the many problems we face daily. These include frustration, despair, loneliness, stress, disappointment, regret, uneasiness, or in the form of unrequited love.

Sometimes, the culmination of these can result in overstimulation and the need to shut oneself in a darkened room to recover. However, you might be a soul that is willing to take chances, and this darkness in your dreams gives way to a perfect sunny day when you make the right move. Will it be the same in your waking life?

16. Dreams Where You Are Walking In Nature

If you are dreaming about walking through nature and it is calm and beautiful, it can mean you are quite content in life. It’s a feeling of peace and harmony, and you are very content in life, just as you are in your dream.

Meanwhile, if your dream is in the calm surroundings of nature but fills you with a sense of loneliness or nostalgia, then you might be missing someone or reminiscing about the past, albeit that you are comfortable with the situation.

17. Dreams Where You Are Walking Fast

When you walk quickly in your dreams, this denotes the speed at which you navigate your life. We live in the modern world where life is fast, cars are fast, the hours fly by fast, and we date and fall in and out of love fast.

There are so many things to see and do and get done with time constraints, and the anxiety of it all can slowly creep up and catch you unaware.

Speed walking?

This could be in the form of a heart attack, stroke, or a troublesome illness without a name and seemingly without a cause. If you dream of speed walking through life, where everything is a colorful blur outside of your peripheral vision, it might well be your subconscious telling you it’s time to slow down!

Alternatively, walking rapidly in your dream can mean you’ve got somewhere to go, a clear destination, and you need to pick up the focus in waking life to get yourself there in good time.

18. Dreams Where You Are Walking In A Cemetary

Have you ever dreamed of walking through a cemetery? A cemetery can symbolize a rebirth, yet it can also indicate an illness or handicap. Walking through cemeteries can bring about a calm and serene atmosphere, one where you are at peace, and all is well with the world.

Perhaps you seek to make contact with someone who has passed. Or you are interested in lifting the veil between the two worlds to see what you can see on the other side.

On the other hand…

If you dream of crawling over a grave or crawling out of it, it can mean you are slowly recovering from a very traumatic event or emotional hardship.

There is life after death, and you are seeking some answers. It can also represent the death of a period in your life, a relationship, or a tough time, and here comes your rebirth into something fresh and new.


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18 Meanings When You Dream Of Walking – Final Thoughts

Walking in dreams directly correlates with the journey we are on in our waking lives. Most can be interpreted in several ways, pertaining to other elements in the dream, like the landscape, what feelings emulate from it, or what we see and do.

On the whole, we will never stop dreaming, so all the better for being able to confidently interpret what our dreams might represent, and how to apply these meanings to our woke life’s journey.

May all of your dreams be helpful!

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Meanings When You Dream Of Walking

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