What does it mean that the coming of the Son of Man will be as it was in the days of Noah (Matthew 24:37)?


In Matthew 24:37, Jesus declares that His second coming on earth will be similar to the days of Noah. This analogy has caused confusion and speculation among Christians for centuries. To understand this comparison, we must first explore the way things were in the days of Noah.

The Days of Noah

Noah was a righteous man in an exceedingly unrighteous world. People were involved in violence, corruption, and promiscuity. These sins were so rampant that it grieved the heart of God that He decided to destroy the earth with a flood. However, God revealed to Noah that he and his family would be spared by building an ark. Though Noah preached for over a century, warning the people about the flood, they refused to believe him, and God’s judgment came upon them.

Comparison with the Coming of the Son of Man

Jesus prophesied that in the same way that the people in Noah’s time were unprepared for the flood, people will also be unprepared for His second coming. He said that just as people were marrying and having children before the flood, many people would be living their daily lives as usual before His return. However, we must be alert and watchful, for no one knows the day or time of the Son of Man’s return. Jesus also warned about the deception of false messiahs and prophets that would arise, claiming to be the true one.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will the Son of Man come back?

No one knows the exact day or time of His return, as Jesus Himself stated in Matthew 24:36. It will come as a thief in the night, unexpectedly, and we must be watchful at all times.

2. Why is the warning about the days of Noah significant?

The days of Noah demonstrate how people lived in sin and were unprepared for God’s judgment, despite Noah’s warning. In the same way, people may be caught off guard when the Son of Man returns.

3. What should we do to prepare for the Second Coming?

Jesus instructs us to stay awake and be prepared at all times (Matthew 24:42-44). We should live a righteous life, following Jesus’ teachings, and sharing the gospel with others.

4. Will everyone on earth be judged by God at the same time?

Yes, the Bible states that all will face judgment (Hebrews 9:27). However, the timing and manner of judgment vary. The righteous will have eternal life, and the wicked will face eternal punishment (Matthew 25:46).

5. What is the significance of Noah’s ark in this context?

Noah’s ark was a symbol of salvation and deliverance from God’s judgment. Similarly, Jesus is our ark, and we must accept Him as our Savior to be protected from eternal judgment.

6. What is the role of false messiahs and prophets in the end times?

False messiahs and prophets will deceive many people, claiming to be the true one (Matthew 24:24). We must be vigilant and discern their false teachings, sticking to the truth of the gospel.

7. Why is the coming of the Son of Man described as being like a thief?

The reference to a thief highlights the unexpected nature of the Son of Man’s return. It is crucial to be always ready since it could happen at any time.

8. Is the Last Judgment the same as the Great Tribulation?

No, the Great Tribulation is a period of intense persecution for Christians that will happen before the Second Coming, as foretold in Matthew 24:21. The Last Judgment is the time of eternal judgment for all.

9. Does the days of Noah prophecy mean the world will become worse than it already is?

God’s judgment came upon the world during the days of Noah because of sin. Similarly, the Bible says that the end times will be characterized by an increase in wickedness and lawlessness. However, we know that Jesus has overcome the world and that we can find hope in Him.

10. What is the importance of the Son of Man’s Second Coming?

The return of the Son of Man is the climax of human history, where all will receive eternal judgment. It is essential to be prepared and follow Jesus’ teachings to avoid judgment.

11. What kind of sins characterized the days of Noah?

The Bible mentions violence, corruption, and promiscuity as sins that were prevalent in Noah’s time and led to God’s judgment.

12. Will the Second Coming be a physical event on earth?

Yes, Jesus’ Second Coming will be a physical event on earth (Acts 1:11). Jesus will come with power and great glory, and every eye will see Him (Matthew 24:30).

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