What is premillennialism (Chiliasm)?

Premillennialism (Chiliasm)

Premillennialism, also known as Chiliasm, is a theological belief regarding the second coming of Jesus Christ and the establishment of his reign on earth. Premillennialism is based on the book of Revelation, which predicts a thousand-year rule of Christ on earth before the final judgment. While the belief in the millennium itself isn’t unique to premillennialism, it’s the idea that Christ will return physically to establish a literal earthly kingdom that distinguishes it from other millenarian beliefs.

Premillennialists believe that Christ’s second coming will be literal and visible, and that before his reign on earth, there will be a period of tribulation. The tribulation will be a time of suffering, persecution, and war, and will be characterized by the rise of the Antichrist, according to premillennialism. Premillennialists believe that the rapture, or the catching away, of believers will occur before the tribulation, and that those who are saved will be taken up to be with Christ in heaven.

FAQs on Premillennialism

What is the origin of premillennialism?

Premillennialism has its roots in the early Christian church and was widespread in the first few centuries. However, it declined in popularity in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, with the rise of amillennialism. The modern premillennialism movement began in the 19th century, influenced by the teachings of John Nelson Darby and the dispensationalist school of thought.

What is dispensationalism?

Dispensationalism is a theological system that views biblical history as a series of distinct eras, or dispensations, in which God deals differently with human beings.

What is the rapture?

The term “rapture” is not explicitly mentioned in the Bible, but it refers to the belief that all Christians will be taken up to meet Christ in the air before the tribulation.

When will the rapture occur?

Premillennialists believe that the rapture will occur before the tribulation.

What is the Great Tribulation?

The Great Tribulation is a period of upheaval and suffering that is prophesied to occur after the rapture and before the start of the millennium. It is also sometimes referred to as the time of Jacob’s trouble.

What is the Antichrist?

The Antichrist is a figure that is prophesied to emerge during the Great Tribulation. He is often identified as a political leader who will deceive people and lead them away from God.

What is the millennial reign?

The millennial reign is the period of Christ’s reign on earth for a thousand years, according to premillennialism.

What will happen at the end of the millennium?

According to premillennialism, at the end of the thousand-year reign, Satan will be released from his imprisonment and will lead a rebellion against Christ, which will be crushed. Then, the final judgment will take place.

What is amillennialism?

Amillennialism is a view that points to the fact that the thousand-year reign of Christ mentioned in Revelation is symbolic of the church age, rather than a literal thousand-year reign on earth.

Is premillennialism the only view of the millennium?

No, premillennialism is one of several views of the millennium. The other two primary views are postmillennialism and amillennialism.

What is postmillennialism?

Postmillennialism believes that Christ will return at the end of a golden age of Christian influence on earth, believing that the gospel will eventually grow and expand to transform all of society during an age of peace and righteousness.

What is the historicist view?

Historicism is an approach to eschatology that interprets the prophecies of the book of Revelation as historical events that already occurred or are happening in human history.


Premillennialism is an important theological belief that looks at the second coming of Jesus Christ and his reign on earth. It’s an idea that distinguishes itself from other millenarian beliefs with its idea of Christ’s physical return and the establishment of his earthly kingdom. Knowing the beliefs and characteristics of premillennialism can help in understanding the different theological perspectives related to the second coming of Christ and what will occur afterward.

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