Why is abortion wrong when God sometimes commanded the death of people in the Bible?


Abortion is one of the most sensitive topics that people talk about today. With religion being one of the most common influences in people’s lives, it is often asked why abortion is considered wrong when God Himself commanded the death of people in the Bible. This article aims to explore the reasons behind this conundrum and provide clarity on the topic.

The Sanctity of Life

One of the fundamental reasons why abortion is considered wrong is because of the sanctity of life. As a fundamental principle in most religions, the value of life is considered inviolable. In essence, it is believed that human life is sacred, and taking it is morally wrong. The Bible affirms this belief in Genesis 1:27, where it states that “God created mankind in his own image”. Therefore, terminating a pregnancy, which involves the destruction of a life that has already begun, is seen as a violation of the sanctity of life principle.

God’s Commands in the Bible

Another common question that arises when discussing abortion is why it is wrong when, in the Bible, God commanded the killing of people. It is essential to note that these commands were given in specific contexts, usually in response to the disobedience of the people at the time. Also, the law that God gave to the Israelites was specific to that time and place. Therefore, it is not appropriate to compare commands from the Old Testament and apply them to modern-day circumstances.


Why do people get abortions?

Women choose to have abortions for numerous reasons, including financial or social reasons, unwanted pregnancies, health reasons, or after rape or incest. Every situation is unique, and often, a woman’s decision is informed by complex personal, family, and medical factors.

Is abortion a sin?

Most religious groups consider abortion a sin since it involves the destruction of a life that has already begun. However, some religious views recognize that abortion may be necessary in extreme circumstances, such as saving the life of the mother.

Why don’t people adopt instead of choosing abortion?

Adoption is an option, but it is not an easy process. Many couples face financial, legal, and emotional barriers to adoption. Also, pregnancy and childbirth may be challenging for some women, resulting in health complications.

Are there health risks associated with abortion?

Like all medical procedures, abortion carries a certain degree of risk. However, most abortions are safe, and the risks associated with carrying a pregnancy to term are often greater.

What is the difference between a medical abortion and a surgical abortion?

A medical abortion involves taking medication to end a pregnancy. On the other hand, a surgical abortion involves a minor procedure to remove the pregnancy. The method chosen depends on the stage of the pregnancy and the preference of the woman.

How late can a woman have an abortion?

The answer to this question depends on the laws of the specific country or state. In some places, abortions are legal up until the fetus becomes viable, which is usually around 24 weeks. In other places, abortions are illegal after a certain number of weeks.

Do women regret having abortions?

Some women experience a multitude of emotions after having an abortion, including relief, guilt, and sadness. Every woman’s experience is unique, and some do regret their decision, while others do not.

Can an abortion cause infertility?

Abortion is usually safe and does not cause infertility. However, like all medical procedures, there are some risks involved. The risk of infertility is generally low, and it is essential to consult a medical professional before making any decisions.

Does having an abortion affect a woman’s mental health?

Research has shown that having an abortion does not increase the risk of mental health problems. However, every woman’s experience is unique, and some may experience a range of emotions after the procedure.

What type of counseling is available to women considering abortion?

Counseling services are generally available to women who are considering abortions. The counseling may include discussing the woman’s options, the procedure itself, and potential emotional or physical consequences of the decision.

What are the costs associated with having an abortion?

The cost of an abortion varies depending on the type of procedure, the location, and the stage of the pregnancy. In some cases, health insurance may cover the cost of the procedure, but this varies depending on the specific provider.

What is the rate of abortions in the United States?

The rate of abortions in the United States has been slowly declining over the years. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2018, there were 619,591 abortions in the United States. This represents a 2% decrease from the previous year.


Abortion is a contentious issue that has raised numerous debates in various religious and social contexts. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution that can address all concerns, this article has shown that the sanctity of life and contextual interpretation of religious commands play an essential role in shaping the general perception of abortion. It is therefore up to individuals to examine their own beliefs and come to a conclusion that is in line with their conscience.

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